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  1. MangoP

    Poor Kongo...

    The BB need to coverd by the cruiser which have powerful AA
  2. MangoP

    American Battleships

    I am interesting which is the best BB among the Yamato,Montana and bismarck
  3. I think his mean is that purchase pre-order including the cbt access
  4. MangoP

    Concerning of Pre-Order packs

    Good luck for u,i am interesting in us BB
  5. MangoP

    Battleship what tech tree to pick?

    Good summary, Yamato need the AA of CA ,US BB can solo
  6. MangoP

    Someone Said the Aoba was Bad?

    guy,u r good at the game.hope i can do it like u
  7. 我是台灣人,我支持日本船恢復旭日旗。
  8. 私は台湾人で、私は旭日旗復活を賛同する