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  1. 對的 沒有激活碼 是直接升級成會員
  2. EcoGamer

    WoWs Fanart drawing collection

    ...SO HOT
  3. EcoGamer

    Mr DD whiner tries a Battleship on for size.

    i think u r right that it's a historical fact
  4. EcoGamer

    Game too lag after update

    Maybe maybe the problem of server?
  5. EcoGamer

    求銼掉Des Moines的AP殺傷力!

    慢慢來 測試在進行中 有人說克利夫蘭很IBMA是嗎?
  6. 是的 節奏不快 CD縮短太少 技能點耗費多 沒必要 不似暗黑三減CD好重要
  7. EcoGamer

    WoWs X Kancolle Voice

    Funnny,but can not understand Japanese
  8. EcoGamer

    WoWs funny moment: Ram destroyer with tier 10 CV Essex

    Poor destroyer,The engine is broken?
  9. EcoGamer

    they need to fix the cleveland ,

    what?so imba