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  1. Promoting/provoking EULA violation. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. Honestly PT server should give MORE THAN high tier reasearch ships,resources(credits doubloons flags camo,etc) , MORE THAN 15 points skill for captain AND MORE THAN normal players who NEVER have it before Sorry lot if I mean all premium ships but excluded test ships(I don't need test ships just only premium ships) That's all I would like to define PT server
  3. So Zao is the best for IJN CA?
  4. I'm nuts to playing CV, you know Honestly playing DD with smoke spam can't save you forever
  5. Ugh I'm hate to waste the time to kill stealing
  6. Buff for my Cheatland please
  7. BWOAH INCORRECT LIST They are Indonesian/Thai/Taiwanese and S.Korean captian Here the rank insignia correspond on 4 captain on that pic
  8. Well I don't claim today but I will take them on weekend
  9. Those problem have been solved yet? I don't wanna lose every prize that I done 5 each for special signal flags
  10. Take that This is not Thai's ship
  11. อยู่เฉยๆ แล้วก็ จม
  12. Even res folder can't any help?
  13. Only way torp them back is use 4 Kingdoms DD (USN,IJN,KM,USSR)
  14. A.I most clever than some humans they thought they were ordinary DD use everything for killing you
  15. I want Douglas BTD torp plane back