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  1. Arcova

    The hunt for Bismarck

    I wondered that myself - apparently it's for air recognition. Anyway I'm not complaining - they could paint the entire ship yellow but I'd still take it for the +50% exp! By the way is anyone in the same boat as me, with only a 7 or 8 point captain? I pretty much don't have enough skill points for a proper secondary build - I'm almost playing it like a normal battleship using the stealth mod, prioritising cruisers, and trying to get close if an opportunity arises. Unusually, despite having no idea what I'm doing (and having a lot of my shells do minimal damage) my damage from my first 6 or so games is 80-90% as good as my Tier 7 battleships (which I'm fairly used to now) - just random dumb luck I suppose.
  2. Arcova

    The hunt for Bismarck

    Good tips from the Admiral_Neptulussus. For the most part I did 1x modified exp, 2x base exp, and 1-2 other tasks, although some of those other tasks could be quite time consuming. For maximum speed, the modified exp tasks can be done (and repeated) quickly with premium, exp camo and signals for stars. I wouldn't worry too much about the badges - I found them all by Mission 3 or 4 (with favourable RNG - and note the warning above regarding not exchanging until you have enough for all), and there were plenty more boxes to go.
  3. Arcova

    Hunt for Bismarck for new players

    Difficult but not impossible...they really should have kept this event open for longer. It took me all of the weekend and Friday evening to complete, cycling 2 Tier 6 battleships on a premium account. Both are now Tier 7, which gives you an indication of a) how tedious this is, and b) how much time you'd save compared to actually levelling up a Bismarck the proper way. If you decide to go for broke the following would help: Premium (definitely - let's you do 3 missions at once, earn modified experience faster, and generally reward you for the grind) Exp camo/signals. If you have a few of them you can do/redo the modified experience mission for stars At least one more Tier 5 ship to cycle between battles (Note that Tier 6s get uptiered into matches with Tier 8s - if the Bismarck is your absolute highest priority you may want to stay at Tier 5 when the inevitable happens and you unlock the Tier 6). Some tactic which allows you to do as much damage/gain as much experience as possible Or as previous posters have mentioned you can buy the Hood which has easier missions (but insane price tag). Most important decision is probably whether you want to put yourself through this grind - good luck with whatever you choose to do