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    [공지] 친구 초대 모집 게시판

    나에게 아직도 친추가 있다~ https://playtogether.worldofwarships.asia/invite/3269eKJ
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    Battle Report Link

    I hope so too
  3. Lee_SoonShin

    Battle Report Link

    Like Wot, after you have been destroyed you can go to port and fight another battle, however, unlike wot or wowp, you only get a small square with summary and you can't click to see the detailed infornation. Suggestion : why not have a small icon on the right side like Wot or WoWp that you can click later to see the result in detail. Also in the detailed report, how about having the name of the user hit you when they are allies and applying negative credits and experience. Especially when you sink another ally by torpedoes, giving the person no chance to earn any combat experience, the person doing the ally damage by torpedoes should receive no experience. This way people will think a second time, before firing when allies are nearby.
  4. Lee_SoonShin

    First Impressions CBT

    My first impression as I did buy the pre-order package today, and been playing the asia region WoWs for few hours now. Conclusion: 1. Super Lag When Several ships are in the vicinity. The keyboard does not function at all. For Example, Binocular Vision Does not work, so i have to shoot at by calculated guessing. The Rudder key does not work and does not show at all, R for repair does not work, even the left mouse for fire does not. Basically I am just a sitting target. This happened like every 4-5 games today. I have an North American Account, and so I tried it out even today, when there were more than 2,800 players there were no lags in NA account like this. At this time there are only 1,288 players in the Asia and you still get lag. Maybe it is a bug or maybe the original server cannot handle the sudden load of CBT testers or host is another super slow internet country. 2. Wot When I play Wot even when there are more then 15,000 players online on NA. There is still no lag. 3. For success I played Navyfield 1 and 2 and there is never lags. I mean even though the graphics might be less you are talking about 128 players against 128 players to my memory, there were still no lag. All those hords of lance torpedoes, several carriers with bombers and torpedos and fighters in the sky, and rounds of guns flying accross the map. The reason Navyfield was not successful for a long time was that SD EnterNet never really listened to the customers opinion, so even though it is a great game even now. The way they handled the often downing of the server, and compensation for this which often happened, together with other problems such as balancing of the game which they never fixed correctly, even now it happens. You could litteral beat up everyone with British BB using only frontal guns with all the armor. One player will the high tier sailors and the fastest rate of fire and damage could kill people all round in one shot. To conclude, they just thought that if they had a cool game people would play it. I myself was a member of clan, had a top tier carrier and battleship have stopped playing since they get you so annoyed. I still remember shooting down 22 aircraft just using three turrets of 3 inch guns on a x-Frigate in a game, given it was so difficult to shoot down aircraft, and the only reason for 22 aircrafts was that I ran out of AA rounds later so could not kill anymore. I love this game that is why I have gone the way to actually pay for doing the CBT or getting to play this game which in many ways is still incomplete. If the game lagged badly in NA as well I would of felt that, there was a problem with my computer. However i have downloaded and played the game in different locations for the NA, and there were never real lags which made game impossible. Today even though it is weekend, I believe the server should be able to handle the extra traffic.