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  1. I was playing in my Vampire in a tier 3-4 game when I came across a St. Louis rocking the Halloween skin (I think that was Igor) and the issue here is there is no smoke from the funnels. This becomes a problem because at longer ranges you can't tell if the target is slowing down or even stopping or reversing because you can't see any telltale signs of the player controlling the throttle. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the electric arcs on the funnels are the tell but at long ranges you won't be able to see them. I think this gives a player an unfair advantage especially when compared to a standard St. Louis with its smoke clearly visible from max range. The lack of smoke made it hard to hit especially with the player on the St. Louis sort of abusing the smokeless ship (I kinda noticed after a close inspection because he kept on gaining speed and slowing down based on the electric arcs)