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  1. how about having a mine-field instead of a blue border line and if anyone trespasses gets blown up to pieces???
  2. use course plotter. aka autopilot
  3. First Impressions CBT

    tnx for help i've applied. hope for best.
  4. First Impressions CBT

    feeling full of yourself ain't ya??
  5. First Impressions CBT

    i don't have facebook or twitter. what is this a promotion of twitter and face book?? i am asking for a code ON THE OFFICIAL forum for chr. sake. i know there are not a lot of people testing and they have codes. why can't i just get one??? i hope i get one. hopefully i will not be the victim of toxicity.
  6. First Impressions CBT

    i'm not buying anything. testing is what we do for the company. its they who should pay the testers. not us pay them. what kind of scam is this??? i want my invite and want to test this game out. as far as I know this WoWs will be as messed up as WoT...
  7. First Impressions CBT

  8. First Impressions CBT

    hook me up with some invite codes plz. )))