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    yes all turrets r in the fire possision (green) and after i shot the turrets (double click, full broadside), only 2 projectiles came out but all turrets reloading (32s - kongo fast BB, AP shells)
  2. Satsugai

    Access FAQ

    sorry to post it here since i cant find a thread where to report bugs and all, after all, this is a beta test i has tested many full broadside firing sequences (double click) and from time to time, the full broadside only shoots from 1 turret only, yet all the turrets r reloading i think someone needs to report this to the developer team once, again, sorry to post it here, since i can't find the approriate thread to post it . . . . cheers
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    Access FAQ

    @syanda @ralph i see ..... what a shame tho.... oh well~
  4. Satsugai

    Access FAQ

    @deadmanwalking sorry if this question might sound retarded to u does the progress we made as players in Closer Beta Test or Open Beta Test be carried over to the vanilla release of the game on a later date? cheers mate
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    Introduction thread

    reporting in!