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    That feeling when you got reported for doing well

    Well of course, if you are complaining it means you need to git gud, RIGHT GUYS HEY HEY GUYS COME LOOK I DID THE MEMES
  2. I was conciliatory once I received some tips and admitted they may have some points. But then the swarm arrived with their darnk maymays trying to get those sweet forum purple points, and between that and the people too busy trying to tell me just how tricky it is to click a couple of times there's little point to do anything but respond in kind. Most of my shitposts where ironic retreads of things you guys said but you were too busy circlejerking to notice. Shouldn't have expected more though, I read through the supertest ship FAQ thread in the meantime and all I can say is wow.
  3. kek, git gud and over 9000. Man, you guys are really on the cutting edge!
  4. I extrapolated from your frequent assertions that carriers are at risk before their teams die to reach a conclusion that being the good player that you are, you must be able to achieve this feat. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I MISJUDGED YOU
  5. No I do, it was a lovely insult. It appears you missed what I said though.
  6. It's this guy called icy_phoenix, dunno if you know him.
  7. And if you gaze long enough into a meme, the meme will gaze back into you.
  8. I dunno man, why are we even still here?
  9. Geez git gud at proof guys.
  10. a) Are we just asking rhetorical questions now? I'm fine with getting killed, just not by the long range combat class that finally gets hunted down but can then smash anything that comes after it. b) Nice psychic powers! c) Haha ok friend, show me a replay of you charging through the enemy fleet to take down an enemy carrier.
  11. Why do you people have to put your text within a quote, makes it bloody annoying to reply. The above is all I get when I quote your post. Whiiich is why I'm not going to cut and paste out all the relevant stuff in that wall o' text. Suffice it to say that a) Do you understand context? I said escape in the sense of running past your fleet until hopefully the enemy planes latch on to a new target. If they do so then yes I escape. b) You think I'm the sort to mention stats when it clearly isn't needed? Who said "Git gud"? Would you be saying that if I was a unicum? Who looked at whose stats first? Fight fire with fire friend :^) c) You said it yourself "CAs and BBs don't need camouflage if they are already within range of a CV." Hopefully the bold italic underline helps you spot your fallacy. My point was that they can't get close until everything else is dead and even then at least one of them is going down with the carrier. d) Again, "setting them on fire" requires you to be in range to do so. Meanwhile they can hit me all over the map and keep me constantly spotted. e) No risk because yes carriers face no risk until, again, everything else on their team is dead. Hope this helps friends!
  12. Oh look 2 guys trying to jump on the hate train Sadly you got here too late, we've moved on to semi-civility. Maybe next time you'll be one of the cool kids. Also I dunno whose stats you're shoving in my face like that's some kind of point. Bee tee dubs, I didn't say they were OP. help i tried to git gud:
  13. Well I mainly threw lucky in there to avoid going back to the 'carriers are hard' line of debate And I do get that they're assigning their striking power to a target which means they're not applying it elsewhere, it's just that that's little comfort when you're dead and they get to do the same thing once their planes are reloaded. And that threat of instant death makes you drop whatever you're doing to deal with it. I think someone said the planes take a minute to resupply. Assuming that time is right that's probably 2 minutes of turnaround including the flighttimes there and back for each squadron, maybe 2 and a half if you need to micromanage the drop? The time between spotting the squadron and having successfully dodged the torps is probably about 30 seconds? Which leaves a minute 30 or 2 minute gap to turn around, get back into range, get your guns on target and fire some shots before you have to start dodging again. Assuming they're not staggering their squadrons. Which is theoretically fine, but when your only means of dealing damage is chipping with 130mm HE you need to be in the fight as much as possible to get any meaningful damage. Now again I get that they are also committing their strike power for little gain but they are the ones making that choice. Whereas I, even if the carrier is crap, have to act as if they are not, and start breaking off the current fight to dodge torps once I see the squadrons heading my way. I don't know of any other ship that can produce that effect even without doing any damage. You're probably right about smoke and speed boosts though, I'll have to try to remember to try that out. It's not that I'm hellbent on killing carriers, it's that in the game I mentioned I was getting focused by 2 of them, lost most of my health to them, we killed almost the rest of their team and I wanted some revenge. So after fighting through their team and then actually managing to find the things through their cloaking devices I get a few shots off and then get erased for being so impertinent as to damage his floating palace. I'm not trying to take them out at the start of battle, but when it's over and they've had 15 minutes of attacking whatever they feel like with no risk for themselves it seems fair that it's their time to die. And yes a last man standing BB or cruiser could kill me too, but I wouldn't have to close to 10km or whatever it was to spot them in the first place, which means I have range to dodge their return fire. Yeah good points I guess, I just hate that feeling of powerlessness, the only option is to run since I can maybe shoot down 1 plane on a drop. Basically the only ships I play are Russian dds except for a bit of a dabble with German BBs, currently on the Kiev, so maybe that colours my perception too, since whenever I'm fighting something I'm spotted. And true the capitals should be taking advantage of the lack of carrier attention, impossible to rely on them actually doing so though. Riiight, but how in the world does that apply to a good player? I'm talking about the people who get a 0.5 damage ratio in their cruisers and feel bad. So then they jump in their carriers, do however much damage and take none in return because back of the map, and so many games are won by cap or time out that they probably get away with that quite often. So then they check their overall damage ratio and suddenly it doesn't look so bad. Magic!
  14. Wow you've sure got me pegged, just look at how many times I've used the term 'point-click statpadder' in this thread alone!
  15. TBH I thought I played a few more than that but it seems you're right. Not sure what bearing that has on anything though, I wasn't arguing I have some vast experience with carriers. Simply denying that I'd never played them. 1 battle was enough for me to know I never wanted to play them again, if I wanted RTS I'd, you know, play an RTS. Goddamn you people are preemptively defensive. I wasn't the one who was trying to make it about my carrier skills or lack thereof, in fact I never even said in the original post that it was easy to drop on dds. What I said and stand by is that carriers can spot and kill dds at will. It may take a certain time investment but the carrier will get them eventually, whether it's whittled down by bombers or a lucky torp hit. So if it's not safe to hunt carriers when 2 of the 3 ships left are carriers, when is it safe? Sure seems like it to me. Pop smoke, stop engines, remain spotted from the air and die. Haha well I'll keep that in mind, I'd love to know what ships you're using and/or torps you're playing against though. You might be right but I'm finding it hard to believe a couple of extra knots is enough to completely skate past an entire spread. In my experience you get hit by the torps in the middle of the spread so you're likely to eat the one on the end with speed boost. Which in a dd means most of your health. What I find interesting is that you're all going 'RAHHH carriers are hard ur noob' and intentionally not engaging with the main point, which was what is the logic in that design choice. Unless carriers are explicitly designed as the 'safe space' class, where nothing can hurt you til the battle is already won or lost, I don't see the logic. They got their AA megabuff so now carriers can't even attack each other, cruisers and battleships don't have the camo to get close, and carriers have all the tools they need to deal with dds.