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  1. Same computer, no any modification FPS 60+ in without any touch , then FPS drops severely in ver !! What happen ?
  2. MaxU

    Deck tourist POV

    These warship are so beautiful ! May we have deck POV, just like tourist walking along the deck of the ship, amazing the vessel detail created by those St. Peterburg WOW genius. POV stand for "point of view", first person view. Thank you.
  3. Support Jingle I am ASIA service player, play WoWs since 2015/4. WoWs is my one and only, daily game. I spent almost 2+hr play WOWs almost daily. I have just learned from Youtube, Mighty Jingles just leave WG. I learn many many good thing and Naval history knowledge from this brilliant British gentleman Now I have to said, --- I WILL NOT PLAY WOWs UNTIL JINGLES IS BACK !!!! WG WILL NOT GET ANY PENNY from me UNTIL JINGLES ARE BACK !! THIS IS WHAT I SAID, AND SAID TO BE DONE.
  4. suggestion 1. While ship is sinking ...don't sunk too quick.....let her on fire and heavy smoke.....some ships can use this smoke as cover.... suggest 2. let ships have a new function...able to use the fire hose to put out the friend ship's fire.....this enable ship help each other....
  5. 閣下這篇言論 讓敝人十分敬佩
  6. 這不就是充分表現民族性嗎? 亞洲地區 只有日本維新後強起來 天朝大國民族哪個時候有團結過 ? 近代不都是軍閥割據 戰禍連年? 民族性決定國族命運.... 天朝大國民族從來都是 follower....不是 leader.....