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    I'd have to agree with you their, because of all the changes they have made with the nerfs and the like, the Mutsuki has become what the tier 5 Minekaze was in the Beta, so if they don't fix the Minekaze they need to buff the Mutsuki to make the ship feel like an upgrade. But honestly I still don't see any reason why 10km torps are considered O.P. at tier 5 :3 There was a video where the two different torp types were compaired by the Mighty Jingles back in Beta, and he found that the 7km torps were better for his style of play. In my opinion the 10km slower torps were equal in quality to the faster 7km torps, as you were more guaranteed a kill with the 7km variant. Long story short, I guess I wish I'd never gotten to use the 10km torps in the beta because now for me the Minekaze feels lacking, but the players who preferred the 7km torpedoes are still having excellent games in it. I just want to promote variety in DD's, having options for all ships like say different gun types on a tank in World of Tanks. In this same way I'd like to be able to fiddle with my plane formations more then I currently can. I don't think I can be convinced that limiting options is a good way to go, and being that the 10km torpedoes still exist and the Minekaze can still theoretically equip them (In real life scenarios) I don't see why they are gone :'( (Cry more >.< haha)
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    I do play American DD's, but the thing is you play them for their fabulous guns, not their terrible torpedoes :3 This is how I feel also, it's a whole tier up from the Isokaze and what I want people to realize about what I'm trying to say is it really needs something to make it stand out lol Lol i plan on doing this xD But I feel like if they can put them on the furataka in tier 5, why not on a DD where they belong? :S Ummmm... that's just how you use DD's? XD Plus the next tier up does exactly what the minekaze used to, meaning tiers 6-10 in Japs can fire farther then they get spotted, I don't see how thats any different lol. I believe you need to understand that this is...well was... supposed to be moreso a tactic used by the American destroyers, being their guns were their fortay, and Torpedoes were for Japs, now the Minekaze is not great at either. I really don't get this gameplay choice by wargamming, you use the furataka for those wonderful 203mm guns, why does it even have torps that fire that far, they never hit anything because you are always spotted XD All in all I would just like you guys to know that the minekaze is still a GOOD ship, and i still play it, but what I'm annoyed about is they removed a valid and useable option for Minekazes to swap between that doesn't seem to be a sound gameplay move. I would like toactually be able to hit the big slow Battleships that are camping their spawn and have my torpedoes not fissle out before they hit :3 And yea it was used as an area denial weapon, but why shouldn't it have been? and they were slow torpedos, any ship with 30knots + speed could avoid them easily. I just want them to add more choice and variety instead of removing choices because people complain about them. Instead of nerfing ships that were nicely balanced and niched, why not fix border humpers and other bigger issues :3 Dem troll devs tho haha
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    I don't know about most players, but the re-balancing that went live in the last big patch actually made a lot of really nice changes that the game much more balanced, so why did you break the Minekaze! I'm aware people bitched and moaned about its torpedo range and this would be one of the big factors for the 'rebalance' but getting rid of the 10km torpedoes was a very bad game design choice, and I won't just say it but I'll explain why. The Minekaze before the big patch was a bit slower, had 5.9km detecion range, 7km fast torpedoes, and 10km SLOW torpedoes. This was a very good way to upgrade from the Isokaze with her 7km torps, and introduced the facet of the whole 'Jap destroyers have good torps/ Bad guns' mechanic. Sure you couldn't really duke it out with destroyers, but any Minekaze captain that decided to do this was a BAD Minekaze captain. The 10km torpedos were a brilliant addition to the ship as they were OPTIONAL, slower, easier to avoid but longer reaching, meaning a minekaze could keep a flank held at bay for bigger guns to lay into an enemy position, while itself stay at arms length from the front lines. The 10km torps rarely hit the target you were aiming at if at all, but meant that if ships at the front lines were stupid enough to stay going in a straight line for longer than 2 minutes (I exaggerate but it was a SERIOUSLY long time) then they ate a torpedo or two. I believe that the reason these were removed was because people couldnt see the minekaze that was shooting at them, BUT thats the idea of Destroyers in general, especially Japanese destroyers. And seriously, you deserved to eat one if you were that slow to turn lol. I don't disagree that the rebalance fixed the Minekazes TERRIBLE guns, but they are still terrible, just a tiny bit better, but by removing the Minekazes best asset you have made it extremely ineffective. 7km is just not enough, and with a detection range of 6.1km now, it extremely difficult to torp anything unless you charge to suicidal ranges to shoot your torps, at which point they spot you and turn if they have half a brain, making the Minekaze a Kamikaze vessel :3 Please war gaming add back the 10km torps, it was a very good idea for players to choose their favorite loadout, and at tier 5 it was a good time to get some variation. I know from various test that I personally can not play with the 7km torpedoes, and with that detection range its disgusting :3 Yours Humbly, Leopardts