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  1. Hi, have you heard about the new stats of the T10 RN destroyer Daring? It is now featuring a repair party and a special 22.5 degree auto-ricochet angle (which is the same as Des Moines). Please refer to this post. So how do you like it? Personally, I think it is OP. With the supreme concealment and overwhelming reloading speed, it is already a best defensive DD, why would it need special auto-bounce angle?! It hardly makes sense to me that RN ships seems always have some special tweaks. For example the super repair party, super-duper 15 degree auto-bounce angle on cruisers, super HE on battleships and their outstanding concealment. To me, it looks like the RN ships in WoWS are built by the Ministry of Magic and all other ships are built by Muggles. But on the other hand, the current stats of HMS Vanguard, it is... I really want to know why WG would add so many magics to RN ships. I will be grateful if you could share your opinions on the stats of RN ships with me.