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  1. Awesome Nurnberg Battle!

    Hey guys, just had a great team battle using the Tier VI Nurnberg cruiser. My stats: XP = 2,740. Damage = 30,120 hp. Target hits = 124 hits. Ships Destroyed = 1 x Colorado, 1 x Fuso. Here's the best part; for most of the battle, i was slugging it out with just 4,362 HP. During this time, I supported two of my battleship teammates, and managed to finish of 2 battleships from less than 12 km away, without being sunk. The only significant hits were one which knocked out one of my turrets (soon repaired) and another that reduced my health to around 3,500 HP. And yet I did not die! This was despite being within 12-14 km of three battleships, all of them facing my way.
  2. Getting ganged up on in New Mexico!

    How am I supposed to get there when I'm gaining XP this slowly? This the most useless ship in the game! Every other BB in its tier is far better in everything. And I've also noticed the NM seems REALLY prone to citadel hits, I get at least 1 every battle, and that's NEVER happened with any other BB I've had.
  3. Getting ganged up on in New Mexico!

    The NM only has a gun range of 13.6 km, plus a 21 knot top speed. And in my last battle, the enemy ships seemed to firing way faster than they should've been able to.
  4. Getting ganged up on in New Mexico!

    No, I've been using AP shells, and primarily being attacked by battleship AP & cruiser HE shells.
  5. Something's messed up!

    That's the thing, I'm never alone when it happens! I'm always with at least two other ships! Also, it's happened six times in a row.
  6. Getting ganged up on in New Mexico!

    Hard to do that, because I'm only averaging 200-300 XP per battle.
  7. Getting ganged up on in New Mexico!

    Don't know, 'cause it keeps happening.
  8. I've had the New Mexico for about 6 or so battle now. Almost every time, I get half the enemy team ganging up on just me, and I get sunk within the first five minutes before I can do anything! How the hell am I supposed to do well i.e. get more than 100-300 XP if everyone keeps ganging up on me?! I don't want to sound like I'm whining, but it does seem unfair. Doesn't help that EVERY ship on the map outranges me massively!
  9. Something's messed up!

    WTF?! Is it just me, or does EVERY enemy ship target you when you're using the New Mexico?! 'Cause I keep getting killed within the first few minutes, because the entire enemy team goes right for me!
  10. Something's messed up!

    Just had a great battle with the New York-class: 96,485 Damage. 2 Kills (Kongo-class and Kirov-class). 200,326 credits. 4,871 XP. 244 Free XP. Had a great close-range (6 km and closer) slugging match with the Kongo. He had a lot more health than me, 60-75% (Him) vs 10-20% (Me), and I tore him apart.
  11. Something's messed up!

    Doesn't help that I'm always just left to die by the rest of the team.
  12. Something's messed up!

  13. Something's messed up!

    14000 for the first one, then 40000 for this latest one.
  14. Something's messed up!

    Just had another Nassau battle. Sank two ships this time, badly damaged others, won, only got 777 XP! Why am I getting so little?!
  15. Something's messed up!

    Just had a battle in Nassau. Sank one battleship, damaged another, won the battle, took almost no damage, yet I only get 522 XP! WTF?!