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  1. Cudddles

    Doubloons gone missing

    pretty sure I worked it out, when selling ship it defaults to use doubloons to get back upgrades, which is really dumb, default shouldn't be to spend doubloons. So when I sold a ship it spent the 50 doubloons, I just sold a ship and almost did it again, had to look twice at it as I couldn't believe default was to spend doubloons. Did I mention default is to spend doubloons?
  2. Cudddles

    Purchase History

    all the ships have camo and flags set as disabled on auto resupply, I also only used cammo or flags that I had many of and never ran out, so can't be that. On topic though a record of used doubloons would be nice to have though so you can see where they vanished off to, a history.
  3. Cudddles

    Doubloons gone missing

    I sold old lower Tier ships but I didn't dismount anything off it. Flags and such aren't set to auto reapply. Still says 75 so I am just going to assume they are gone somehow =(
  4. Cudddles

    Doubloons gone missing

    I started playing today and I had 125 Doubloons and now I only have 75, I didn't spend them on anything. No emails about them being spent. So yeah is it some glitch and tomorrow it will say 125 again or have I just been ripped off somehow?
  5. Cudddles

    Purchase History

    I would also like a way to track doubloons, I had 125 when I started playing today and now it says I have 75, I didn't spend them on anything so yeah I want to know where they went. I checked emails and nothing there.
  6. Cudddles

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Ok so the pic might explain better than I can with words. Currently the Research price doesn't indicate you need to upgrade the current ships Hull. In this example the Tatsuta says 2000 experience to research but if you haven't upgraded the hull for the Chikuma then it actually costs you 2200 experience. The image on right has 2000 + 200 to tell people what it will actually cost. Just a suggestion.
  7. Cudddles

    Minimum requirements too high?

    Ok been playing for the last 2 days and thought I might post some stuff. On my oldish laptop with video settings at "medium" it runs at 35-50 FPS and looks just fine. System specs in Spoiler box
  8. see you in game skell Mine still says 29 days premium.
  9. Is it just me or did the NA pre-purchase packages include gold but the Asia server didn't ? I definitely don't have any gold when I log in but I am sure when I was looking at buying a ship in NA it included gold.
  10. Yeah I also caved in and got the Yubari prepaid, been waiting to get into CBT for soooooo long, I don't mind paying a little to support the game, all the youtubes I've seen of the game look really good. I will thoroughly enjoy testing the game out myself