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  1. i want to install Direct x ( dxwebsetup.exe ), but i get error to check my connection I check in dxdiag, my PC using DirectX 11
  2. Using Compatiliby mode, but still cannot play this game http://puu.sh/ilK3s/3d08028565.jpg
  3. Already Install VC++ x64 and still cannot Play this game,,
  4. Hello, Today, Im Play this game in new PC ( Windows 8 pro 64 bit ) But i get this error "The application was unableto start correctly (0xc000007b)" Before, i play this game in windows 7 and dont get this error How to fix this error ? What no one can run this game in Windows 8 Thanks Nb : Sorry for my bad english
  5. CrystaID

    How to Buy / Open New Ship ?

    I Dont Know, IM Beta , Or Alpha , But Im Buy Package
  6. CrystaID

    How to Buy / Open New Ship ?

    How To Research Ship ? I Think I Have 3112 XP
  7. CrystaID

    How to Buy / Open New Ship ?

    Ship Needed To researched in game I Have 3 Ship ( Erie, Katori, Yudachi)
  8. Im Joining This game 2 Day ago I Want to Ask, How To Open New Ship / But New Ship ? Thanks ,,
  9. Realy want to Play This Game :3

  10. CrystaID

    Off-topic posts

    Whare are you get Invite Code ?
  11. CrystaID

    need help message me

    This game Size is 4GB ? '-'
  12. CrystaID

    Cannot enter WoWs Asia facebook page

    Im open this and no problen i see https://www.facebook.com/WorldofWarshipsID
  13. CrystaID

    Off-topic posts

    Alpha has 5 letters and beta has 4 letters. [2]