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  1. 51N0N

    Pls nerf conqueror already

    11.1km to 11.8km is hardly can be called a nerf 120s to 180s reload healing time is not really a big of a deal if a player knows when to use it
  2. Ive seen alot of montana and yamato got deleted singlehandedly by the conqueror who uses 419mm.thats not all,they got deleted by a sniping ones that sits around 23km away from the actual battle.even cruisers struggles to deal with the conqueror Feeling bad tbh seeing these battleships that tries to help their teammates capping/pushing etc just get punished easily.sometimes they did not do any big missplays and still get punished heavily. Also the healing ability is just too good on battleship, but works fine with UK CL line because of their squishy armour. Conqueror however have this untouchable citadel that cannot be punish if they give broadside.not to mention the heal after took a light damage which deals 100% heal damage. Once saw a conqueror from 1k health, then the ridiculous concealment makes him undetected, after a minute.He pops up with 15k health. Other aspect of conqueror is the underwater citadel, this is a bit too much even montana waterline citadel is not impossible to citadel.But conqueror is nearly impossible to citadel, unless the plunging fire hits it. And lastly, the concealment.im kinda confused how does the big ship like conqueror have an impressive 11.8km concealment while hindenburg have 12km and moskva have 13km.even other battleships such as yamato, grosser kurfurst and montana have around 13km with concealment setup. I find this a little bit ridiculous. What im trying to say is -either nerf the firechance of the mainguns OR delete the 419mm and keep the 457mm -a little bit nerf on the healing ability to be not a zombie type of ship (even zikasa is easier to kill) -slightly raise the underwater citadel to waterline or even raised like yamato citadel -nerf the concealment so that it will be the same as others battleship (that is average 13km with concealment setup) Thanks for listening and have a great day