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  1. WR102ka

    i am about to loose my mind over this stealth crap

    Oh god bye and remember to use PUNCTUATION next time you write anything
  2. WR102ka

    British cruisers are garbage

    If OP can't make grem works, of course RN CL is garbage. LoL The fact is RN CL line start to be playable from tier 6.
  3. WR102ka

    Daily Struggles of a Tier 10 Battleship

    I think when someone is in the situation of the pic, mostly, all of his teammates died while he was fishing and sniping at 20+km. Then he got raped by enemy team and complain on the forum about how dds and cruisers "abandoned" him and battleships needs a buff
  4. I subbed his streaming for a while now. In today's streaming, he got deleted many times to a point he said maybe the ship is not so overpowered after all(maybe he was sarcastic but I don't think so). Sometimes Flamuu changes his verdict. He said Midway and Lex was not that bad, but later in streaming he changed his mind and claimed he will never play midway again. The ship only shines when competent captain fully utilizes the tools it has, however for most of the player base it's impossible, just like Kutuzov.
  5. WR102ka

    Belfast... overpowered?

    Those dds saw a CL pushes up to 6km and kept sailing straight line, very impressive. if future rank season is tier 7, at high rank it will be OP broken. For random people, just have a look at Kutuzov statistics. 37k average damage 47% winrate. OP on paper, but majority of player base won't "skill enough" to handle it.
  6. WR102ka

    and people wonder why?

    Because this is a free to play game, so you can not expect the quality of the player base. For many players, learn how to read minimap and tactically plan their move is not something achievable. Best advice, play with your friends, join discord group to play in division. Most of the time I play myself, I understand the frustration.
  7. WR102ka

    5.12 PT updates: RIP Yamato, Montana Even more buff

    lol I can't believe people still think in game economy causes passive meta. Tell me why we have so many brilliant sniping Fuso and Tirptiz? lol Because repair cost is so high? Apparently many "average" players still don't understand angling, armor and overmatch. If people angle bb belt armor around 160% thickness, no shell can overmatch belt armor. Some bbs such as scharnhorst never should bow in(25mm bow armor can be overmatch by 16-inch guns) to same tier bbs, but "average" player still dogmatic do this bow in reverse tactics and get absolutely nuked.
  8. WR102ka

    Remove it Already

    "Fun and engaging" , but not for the receiving end
  9. WR102ka

    Royal Australian Navy

    As a kiwi, I'm happy to see HMNZS leander is coming. That's enough for now.
  10. WR102ka

    MM is a joke(rant)

    A tier V game, idk how mm can give me something like this while 30+ people queuing. "Improved MM" facepalm
  11. Oh man I saw him a lot. The worst performance he had was failed to finish a 3k mogami in 7km with 3 salvo. Apparently he is not as skilled as he thinks, but he tend to blame teammates for his incompetence.
  12. WR102ka

    I want to rant about the MM of rank battles

    If you are a top tier player and don't play with friends in division, then it always feel frustrated whatever you do, you can't carry a team full of noobs. Just like this round about 20mins ago. The whole team overstacking on the east side and did nothing but ate toprs, ran into islands. What-else can I do? http://postimg.org/gallery/2r9c7rhg0/ If anyone of you want to play with me just message me, I really really looking forwards to play with experienced player in 5.3 team battle.