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  1. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    HEAP:the new skill will begin a new brainless baby game

    Every game is hard game. Now days half of your team stay behind, I really don't know what to say.
  2. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    HEAP:the new skill will begin a new brainless baby game

    Yup. Better HE dmg per shell and lower chance of fire. Now medium-caliber like 6"(152mm) HE shells will do the damage much more easier than before with 130% penetration, and it still can causing fire by the high firing rate and experienced players always spam the HE rounds to the point like bow, conning tower for example. So, the new skill is not to solve to problem, it buffed HE's efficiency. For ship, this skill is good; for the game, I should have to say there is nothing good for the battle environment.
  3. I really don't understand why WG welcomes smoke and HE rounds. Will this good for game development and players? The game is becoming more and more brainless. People just stay in smoke and just clicking their mouses, waiting the fire causes the dmg. And new skill HEAP will ruin the game, especially in ASIA Server. Brainless CA and DD will keep stay behind the island and forget their jobs. Thx to the WG, you made the game much more 'easier', I can just washing the deck to get EXP and Credits.
  4. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    0.5.16 German Destroyers Feedback

    I have to say, this is the worst new ship tree I have ever seen. No advantage, nothing special, and weak. I have a T7 German DD now, and she is really hard to play. I suggest give the first ST data back to German DD. They are all good.
  5. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    NERF the Belfast

    NC have low shell speed and big shell fall angle. That's why you can punishes her easily, even in close range. I also have an Atago, but I don't like the ship, it's boring. I really missed the CBT time and people fight with AP round, skillful and excited.
  6. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    NERF the Belfast

    atago is much more overpowered with magic amour and under water small citadel. Belfast's citadel is big and easily to be destroyed when the team focus on her. But the KEY problem is not the ship. This game have no ammo limit, so fast reload ship can just wash enemy's deck with even no cost and requires less skill. WG should think about the problem and make some changes on how the conflagration cause the damage. Maybe damage by second is better than by percent as today?
  7. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    Chitose class CVL as tier 6 IJN premium CV

    What about Ryuho for Tier 5? As same as Zuiho, she was rebulit from Taigei, an IJN Submarine replenishment ship. She was alive after the hard battle with USN TF58 near Kure, a lucky CVL in IJN.
  8. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    Don't u think ship inside smoke is too OP?

    Yes, people can choose their own game play, they can play for victory or other something. But the rule of smoke caused this situation. There were no one just hide in smoke in CBT, why? I think WG should encourage people to fight for a team play, not play for their own. So I have this suggestion.
  9. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    Don't u think ship inside smoke is too OP?

    Yes we now have the solutions like u said against smoke, but do u think it is helpful? Inside smoke there won't only one DD, u know. CA even BB can hide inside, kill all the ships in their sight. I'm a CBT player, but we are talking about the balace, not the skill. Lets see, if all players have the same skill level, the one who have smoke will win the match much more easily, thats the problem. I think DD in the smoke is okay, because they are weak. But what about CA and BB? Don't u think the Cruiser in the game nowdays are too powful than what they should be? They have speed, fire power and AA defence, even the repair team. THAT'S NOT A CRUISER, THAT IS GOD. Use of Red reserved for staff/mods. Post edited, user warned ~lengxv6
  10. MiyamizuMitsuhaaa

    Don't u think ship inside smoke is too OP?

    DD and CA hide inside the smoke and keep firing the HE. It's common in every tier. People just stay in it and forget their job, doing nothing to the victory. Otherwise, this is really unbalanced. I suggest ships inside the smoke or behind smoke would lose their sight, just like in a cylone, the sight will be reduced to a very short range and no futher than the smoke boder. People behind or inside smoke can see the enemy ships icon in their maps, but not in the gunsight.