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  1. Of late my response has been "(random curse word) Lag"
  2. They still turn like a mollusc and more then half the time I set the Auto pilot and keep an eye on my planes and there targets instant tunnel vision
  3. Carriers are slow to move and I've often found myself with my squadrons halfway across the map going after some target only to hear the beeping of torps as some one Destroyer/Cruiser/Carrier has started an attack on me after popping up whilst my planes were away only once have I managed to avoid being sunk and that was because I happened to be about to make a course change when I spotted the planes inbound and was able to put my bow to them otherwise my normal response is a mild curse word or three then watch the rest of the match from the sidelines. if I fall under Cruiser or Battleship guns I tend to be sunk faster. really the carriers I've used are alike glass cannons do great damage (if they hit) but sink easily. and I'm fine with that I've also been on the other end see the bomber incoming cut speed from full ahead to 3/4 and put your bow to them
  4. _Zephyre

    First Impressions CBT

    I really like how easy the controls are to grasp the first time you play that really gets a big thumbs up from me
  5. Ok can access now. Now all I need is to wait for the download to finish
  6. So will I be on the Asia server or do I need to look at the NA or EU servers?
  7. _Zephyre

    Is the battle timer too short?

    the extra time would probly help especially if you needed to travel half the map to re-engage ships from where you were.
  8. This is in the: World of Warships Pre-Order Packages Now Available message down the bottom ***** Pre-order packages can be purchased by the player for their account. Closed Beta testers will have access to their purchased packages immediately. When the Open Beta commences, the packages will be credited to players once again. Please note that buying a pre-order package does not grant a player access to the Closed Beta. All the packages are available at the Premium shop and will be available for a limited time from 9-11 April. *****
  9. Voted: Not Sure. but don't think so however haven't played the game. From vid's I've seen though I think weather conditions could interfere with the game play enjoyment