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    PC Gaming,Photo Editing,Recording Gameplays for my Youtube Channel,Writing stories,Making small games. ^^

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  1. Sukasaa

    Can't login.

    Are Asia servers down for some reason I can't login. =o Never mind fixed.
  2. Sukasaa

    need help inspect my potato laptop

    I notice things about Laptop well least mine gets slower and slower as year passes I own 2 Laptops and same thing happened to them but while my Desktops works as it was in the first day Not sure why.. .-. Guess they do something to make Laptops go slower? =o! And to fix that I believe you could clear some temp stuff Press Windows Key + R than type in this %temp% and clean the folder I think it helps somehow (Not a PC guy lol.)
  3. Sukasaa

    [Contest!] Reticle Design Contest

    I know how you feel we're waiting for 3 months now? .-.
  4. Sukasaa

    Need friends!

    Yeah sure why not =)
  5. Sukasaa

    Russian DD Captain Skills.

    Used Udabi and Khabarovak skill set on my Kiev and got a good gameplay video! best I've done in Kiev Thanks. =) Also thank you everyone for helping! ^_^
  6. SO I wanted to go this path but waited to get some expert advice 1.BFT 2.Either Marksmen or Last Stand 3.Vigilance or Superintended 4.AFT (For that range.) or DE 5. well .-. (Probably won't get there.)
  7. Sukasaa

    Help with Aircraft carriers

    It's Strafing and you can perform this by holding CTRL just like Manual Torpedo bombers. =)
  8. Sukasaa

    Unbelievable useless non premium ships.

    No ship is weak, Only the Captain. =)
  9. Sukasaa

    0.5.9 Discussion

    Wish they could give that point stead of giving Survivabily So when will this update possibly hit live servers? =) Got a new Captain today hehe don't wanna use point on SA only to get that useless skill for DD. :o
  10. Thanks guys I'll change Skill set now. =)
  11. I've worked on USN Destroyers and now at Tier 5 Nicholas my Captain skills are as follow. 1.Situational Awareness 2.Expert Marskman 3.SuperIntended And Planning to get 4.Advanced Firing Training and 5. Concealment Expert Am I using correct and most suitable skill set for USN Destroyers or I can change them to work more efficient? =) Would like to hear Opinions from you guys about this. ^_^
  12. Sukasaa

    Question about USN Cruiser :)

    Ahh Thank you guys. =) I will roll with DE hehe ^_^ It's true even now most Carriers avoid my Cleveland. ^_^
  13. Sukasaa

    Spotter Aircrafts/Catapult Fighters with Bombs

    Well it's just one plane so I don't see why not to give it least one weapon I mean It wouldn't even hit most of the time lol.. :o But their Range is very short too. .-.
  14. Sukasaa

    Question about USN Cruiser :)

    Well getting DE makes any Difference? :o I though USN ships had low chance to cause fire. =)
  15. Soon I am getting last point to unlock one of the skills in fourth row of the Skill tree so far my skills are like this 1.Expert Loader (I know I was a Noob back than or else I'd get Situational Awareness.. But by defult with update I'll get it.) =) 2.Expert Marskman 3.SuperIntendent So I was thinking which skill to unlock on fourth row Any suggestions? =)