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  1. Same here. I'm also from Perth. Before the cable broke i was on 30ms and now around 100ms!
  2. Death1981

    I thought this was fixed

    I didn't think that was supposed to happen anymore. I haven't had a game yet where one team has a higher tier CV since they made the changes to the MM, your screen shot is the first i have seen it. Is it the first time that has happend to you?
  3. Death1981

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Hi guys i will join your crew for some games. I'll see if i can reach someone on your chat channel.
  4. Death1981

    USN DD's "Bad"?

    Here is a link to a game i had in one recently. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501918709
  5. Death1981

    So Mikasa....

    Don't buy it based on what i have said if you can't spare the $ I have only had a few games in it i just like it from what i played so far. Wait and see what other ppl think of it. Quote Updated. ~dead_man_walking
  6. Death1981

    So Mikasa....

    Just had a few games in it and i kinda like it, it does pretty well up close against all types of ships. I didn't find it to much trouble to take out enemy DD at close to mid range, I destroyed 3 DD in one match. I didn't find the AP shell that effective so i just used HE all the way. I have had 2 loss and 4 wins in it so far being matched up with nothing higher than tier 3 and when i did lose i was in the top 3 for my team so i don't think its to bad.
  7. Death1981

    How to play US DD ?

    Not sure about higher tiers but you can do well in a lower tier US DD. Here is the result of one of the games i had in a Nicholas.
  8. Nope never seen that before but i do feel hes frustration as 2 CV vs 1 CV is **** and totaly unfair and unless your team are full of good players and the enemy team not so good you will loose. However i think WG in the next patch will address this issue. This is the News and announcements from the WOWs launcher. Matchmaker: on the Way to Balance Now, the aircraft carriers will be distributed by teams strictly symmetrically, both by quantity and by tiers. Thus, it will become impossible for one of the teams to have the only aircraft carrier in the battle or a more powerful air group.
  9. Death1981

    Upgrade: Main Battery Modification 2

    It increases reload time but +15% to main battery traverse speed makes your main battery turn quicker right? so i guess its a trade off. Unless +15% to main battery traverse speed means turning slower? if so its a useless upgrade as all it does is make you reload slow and main battery turn slower.
  10. Death1981

    Premium Ship choices.

    I think the Aurora is pretty good for its tier! Like Lupis said its like a Russian St Louis. I wasn't disappointed by it at all and i find it fun to play as well. You just need to know when to fall back and not go to far ahead of your team mates as it is a bit slower and weaker than a St Louis but not by much, its guns also have a bit more range.
  11. Death1981

    Why Can't WoW Support SLI or CF?

    Empire Earth. That game was awsome!
  12. Death1981

    Question about commanders on premium ships

    Okay thanks for the quick replies.
  13. I did a search but could not find the answer to my question. I know that you can transfer a commander from one ship to a premium ship without retraining but can you transfer that commander from the premium ship back to the previous ship that they were on without retraining aswell?
  14. Death1981

    Reduce exp gain if game draw? maybe :3

    Yes something like that, so at least if u do well and your team lost you would be rewarded with extra xp for your efforts. I think thats fair becouse in WoWS even if you do realy well, you most of the time can't win no matter what class of ship your in if your team plays realy bad.
  15. Death1981

    Reduce exp gain if game draw? maybe :3

    If that could be done that would be great. A bit of topic but... I'm sick of being on the team that lost the battle and getting less xp than what u would get if the team wins when i'm at the top of the ladder and doing well while the rest of my team are terrible. Individuals shouldn't be punished because the rest of the team suck. Correct me if I'm wrong but you do get more xp if your team wins right? At least that's what i have noticed.