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  1. EvilJade

    Supership Question?

    Silly person. I don't play T10 , its not a fun tier. I will just build them just for the Xmas rewards 🙂
  2. EvilJade

    Supership Question?

    To Wargaming For the Christmas bonus to get free containers , do the Superships count as Tier X or will they be better?
  3. EvilJade

    Recommending the game Survey

    Follow up question are users with bot names eg 192832734 real. On our Asia server do they replace say a non English characters names with a number instead? Reason for asking is how many bots are on the server? So far we have a 2 , 5 and a high? So is that an average of a 5 ? "I don't understand people who, for fun, indulge in a given voluntary entertainment pursuit of their own volition and who then say it's bad so therefore no one else should also do that thing." Alcoholism , Gambling , Candy Crush , Sex Addiction so many others.... 🙂 (A joke just in case you don't get it) I enjoyed WOWS sometimes , a lot less from the beginning of the game but I rate it low for new players to start playing but if somebody new should start they should play for free and at lower tier for short periods. Don't invest money in the game. That means you can quit easier in the future. So if the question was changed into. "Would you recommend new players to play WowS just for free and only free" , my new answer would be 7 maybe 8. From I person who self aware enough that they suffer "sunk-cost fallacy" concerning WOWS 🙂
  4. Often we get a survey from wargaming on recommending the game to others to play out of 10 (10 being the highest) I am currently at 2. Most of the time at 3/4. I am very interested in what other people ratings are. Please post below. BTW I do not know anybody when I started the game still playing it , they have all quit!
  5. EvilJade

    Remove "Report" from the game, Please!

    No please god no. You don't see if you get reported unless if you have 2 or more people report you and it reporting does "NOTHING". You need a system where the player can have some influence on matchmaking on what side you want ex-team mates are on and them to be able to see that choice made by other players so you know that other people are not pleased or pleased with the way you play. Currently this system does not promote teamplay but 1 vs everybody else and fuck your teammates I'm getting points for me personally. I'm proud that most time I use up all of my reports and rarely go I go Pink just to show that very much I am personally unhappy of somebody else gameplay. I personally I want to play for the team and get the most joy from an +1 karma from another team mate and giving +1 karma to a good team mate as well. Also skill doesn't come in to it , some of the most selfish and worse team mates are the best players , our current environment encourage this worst playstyle. Rant over 🙂
  6. EvilJade

    One of the Fletcher class is sinking.

    I'm a tight ass but could Wargaming do a Fletcher camo say $10 and give all the money toward USS The Sullivans. (that is the ship that is sinking) They did it back with the Texas and even I got the special Star and Stripes camo back then. 🙂
  7. EvilJade

    Is it worth coming back?

    After a hiatus of about 3 years, I'm starting to feel the urge to come back to this game, but being out of the loop for so long, there's some things I'd like to know if anyone feels like answering; Has anything significant changed in the last 3 years? Yes a lot. What's the deal with subs? Bad. Wargaming wants to shove square peg into round hole. Currently Subs are OP with Dolphining. Are the Russian ships still op? Somewhat Has aircraft carrier gameplay improved or evolved? No. But I do not play CV just get fucked by them. Are premium ships bought years ago still competitive (Nelson, Warspite, Arizona, Belfast etc), or has there been a power creep on them? No. But Arizona, Belfast still ok. Same with other ships that have been in game for years, or have newer ships upset the balance? Newer ships do upset the balance. Is it worth coming back, or is the whole thing still a monumentally frustrating experience with brief intervals of enjoyment? Yes But " is the whole thing still a monumentally frustrating experience with brief intervals of enjoyment?" Definitely YES. This from a person who has quit 2 times. I personally find now I need to play less to avoid burnout and not chase rewards. But I would quit easily (losing out of hundred dollars of investment) if there was an alternative but there is not and I have checked a lot. If anybody makes a team based game with destroyer stealth base mechanics I'm gone. I still recommend you retry it again but play T8 or lower for a more fun experience.
  8. EvilJade

    Subs AGAIN are BROKEN (Dolphining)

    Also Why Are Submarines SO TANKY!?
  9. Dolphining, aka bobbing on the surface was something WG told us they fixed. They did not. Now you can abuse it in a Submarine to become immune to shells and air spotting, while at the same time spotting for your team and using torpedoes at point blank range.
  10. EvilJade


    I was at full speed and he side on , I was in that small gap between the main center island and that outcrop at at 6km. It was an surprise encounter. I though we were going to play ring around the rosy, just we both did go left. I didn't mind the lost , getting a bit tired of WowS and I want to play some other steam games. Once I get my 50 Med counters and then get both T6 ships I will be taking a long break.
  11. EvilJade


    No wandering down to the left to A , typing in chat not looking at map didn't see he was in A. Meet at 6km just where I was between 2 island. Dead 😞 No chance with having no torps.
  12. EvilJade


    Post here your stupid matching.
  13. EvilJade

    Dildo or Canarias ?

    Both with the aid of 2500 gold.
  14. EvilJade

    Game Crashing Frequently

    I again hope again for some compensation for all the lost flags and camo!