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    have someone else's profile help!

    Thanks everyone, I have been off for some time now. work sucks! so does the wipe but it is good to know that I'm not broke. Again appreciate the help. keep your powder dry and your rounds on target. Fair winds and following seas!
  2. ChiefGunner77

    have someone else's profile help!

    I just logged on and got the update. went to play game and noticed I had twice as much exchange credits and XP. looked a little closer and saw American cruisers (When I run with Japanese Battleships) no trophies, settings different, no battle record at all etc. Looked up at my name and it is the only thing that is right. I logged out and logged back in and got the same results. Anyone seen this before or know any fixes. It sucks as that is a lot of time lost. totally weird. Thanks in advance for the help.