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  1. Zeredical_43

    Critical Error Occurred

    This error doesn't happen before update 6.13 hit the server. I can still open the game and play, but crashes anytime this update. Then after the micropatch this morning 6.13.1. I am completely unable to play the game showing this message below same error i'm experiencing on 6.13... hoping for fix soon....
  2. Trying out the new anime series Haifuri Harukaze to my Hatsuharu :>
  3. I've been experiencing this error in my new laptop the ship is leaving me and the screen stuck though the ship is still responding in my controls i can still chat to my teammembers the only way to fix it is restart the client but after i get back to the game after a few second it will happen again others give me CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE but its not working please help me!! Intel Core i5 5200u 2.7ghz 4gbddr3Nvdia GeForce 920m Win 8.1