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  1. So I should just grind cute girls? Well if you insist!
  2. I'll grind it cuz Cute Dutch girls are Cute.
  3. I'm not surprised they buffed Airstrike.
  4. Max_Battle

    Where is my KONG ????

    Transformer Captains are the same. They stand on deck doing occasional animations in port but aren't on ship in game. Actually that's a lie, they man (err robot?) a turret.
  5. Max_Battle

    IJN CA

    Oh well. Just got up to Zao as Suzukis were released - just kind of came together. My other tech tree IJN ships were good for captains and the +SE seemed a logical choice for Zao. I am a collector so even if they become port Queens - I buy and don't sell T5+ I mean I have to have Suzukis trained to SOMEthing anyway. My Spacebattleship Yamamoto is trained to Harugumo - means his Cruiser skills can be tuned to a certain spec for IJN Prem cruisers. And with a Suzuki on Zao, he can have a different spec of cruiser skills for a different IJN prem cruiser playstyle. I'll get doubloons Suzuki at some stage for (if I want) ANOTHER spec for IJN prems. I'm thinking a RL build for getting real - a survival build of some kind (I know not really a thing) and an uber YOLO build for coop.
  6. Max_Battle

    IJN CA

    <- Just got to Zao and bought a Suzuki to put on her. Oof?
  7. Max_Battle

    Makra is Gud but...

    Yeah and then someone says, "The internet is anonymous so personal insults are allowed". !!!!
  8. Maybe make a thread of established naughty-tickle terms. I'm sorry. I just can't help myself. You should know this by now. NAUTICAL Terms - The Thread.
  9. Max_Battle

    Makra is Gud but...

    There is a solution to the problem in my OP. Someone needs to code up a Humour Recognition Algorithm. This would monitor chat within a game and anytime someone said something funny, it would randomly select someone else in the game and burn one of their upvotes for the day to upvote the funny player. Then we would finally get a fair and impartial system for applying Makra in a way that everyone would agree on. Oh and no opt out function because that would defeat the purple.
  10. Max_Battle

    Makra is Gud but...

  11. 😛 All jokes aside, I'd be in favour of a list of defined terms. Don't booky thingies have a list of defined term thingies in some kind of indexy thingy?
  12. You prolly love it when I chuck bullets out my ship from the bullet tubes.
  13. Max_Battle

    Makra is Gud but...

    Global opt out plox.
  14. Max_Battle

    Makra is Gud but...

    I was just in an Ops game and the CV player was in a clan called 4077. The op went really well and at the end he said, "Well done!" and so I was all like, "Yeah, we MASHED 'em!" Cuz. You know. Yeah these guys get it. So anyway, I waited for the compliment to pop up after the game. But it didn't. No +1. I mean... Makra Gud, but how can we trust a system that doesn't instantly reward you for mild wittiness in the form of puns? If there is no consistency in how people upvote or downvote you - indeed they only do these things on a whim... in an entirely subjective, emotional and irrational basis... then how can we trust the MAKRA system? It's almost like MAKRA has no meaning... I don't want to believe it though... I must be wrong. Must be something I'm not seeing. I'll just keep believing MAKRA GUD even if it is a completely subjective, non-scientific, irrational, emotional, pointless and useless view. I mean, I have believed this for so wrong, I wouldn't want all that effort to go to waste. Sigh. Makra so gud.
  15. Max_Battle

    Best CV at tier 6?

    INB4 generalised CV hate floods this thread.