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  1. Max_Battle

    Random thoughts, leave your AA off on DD

    Sometimes. I don't know about "most often", though I haven't been keeping count. Have you? I had a battle the other night in my Gearing where I was heading for B with AA off but of course as soon as the planes got spotted by me - the CV player knew. No shots had been fired but he hunted me aggressively. I could either start shooting while he was too close to immediately attack me (considered it), smoke up and hope he went away (considered it - bad choice) or hold my nerve and head towards friendlies. I had no idea how good he was. He may have so crippled me that I would be of limited use to my team. So I chose discretion. Other times I have watched as the CV seeks me for a while and eventually gives up. Or seems to, then turns back on me and resumes searching. I don't think there is a "most often". You have to remain fluid. Yes, that's the TL:DR of my OP I guess. Thanks for repeating. No they don't. Not always. I have on many occasions gone beside a friendly while being hunted, especially if I am low on health with AA off only to sector it as the CV attacked the larger ship while looking for me... again, ESPECIALLY if I am wounded and the CV player knows it. They get kill lust. Some CV players will do this, some won't. Again, I simply don't see what you said as universal.
  2. Max_Battle

    Random thoughts, leave your AA off on DD

    Which is why I qualified it. If you are being aggressively hunted, you may have no choice.
  3. Max_Battle

    Too much to carry... with 7 achievements

    Dude, nice score. Well done.
  4. Max_Battle

    Random thoughts, leave your AA off on DD

    Maybe us enlightened folk on the forums 😛
  5. Max_Battle

    Random thoughts, leave your AA off on DD

    Yeah, nah. I'm not claiming its new. I was only commenting because I have used it a lot lately and I just wanted to (re)put it out there. Not new. Agree. Which is why I specified that I have often been in DDs with "good" AA lately. Although, the Scoreboard I posted of a recent Z23 game in the joke thread "DDs are no good" did have 2 CVs in it. I got 3 caps in that game and would not have if I had let the CVs spot and attack em as much as they wanted too. I did this by fastidiously turning my AA off after every plane encounter. Although one CV did sometimes leave fighters over me if I had to smoke... which is just food really...
  6. Max_Battle

    Random thoughts, leave your AA off on DD

    It seems to work. But you need nerves of steel sometimes. And patience.
  7. I've been playing a bit of T8+ DDs lately. Missions and campaign stuff needed caps or whatever, or just straight had to be done in T9+ DD. Admitedly, I do like my American DDs and I am usually not detered at all when I see a CV in the lineup when I am in Benson, Fletcher or Gearing. But I have really been making a point of turning off AA - not claiming this as my idea, I read other people's advice and I try it when it seems to make sense. If you hold your nerve, the enemy CV can often spend time looking for you - time spent not AP bombing your BBs or torping your cruisers. I really noticed this. If you can, or have to, stay near a friendly ship. Sure some people will rage at you, but you are useless if dead. I have been focused horribly when spotted lately and most of the time, spotted means dead. If you can get the enemy planes in your AA zone and they go to attack a friendly, pop sector focus as they go in. Have you played a CV? I don't care how good you are, when a DD with decent AA suddenly opens up on you form out of the blue, its gonna rattle you, or at least make you question what you are doing for a moment. Even if you are about to be spotted, hold your nerve, try not to sector them until they are on top of you. Play CV - see how hard it is to instantly attack a DD that suddenly appears only 1-2km away. You have to turn or abort and in that time, you WILL take plane damage. It has taken some nerve and hasn't always been a game winner but staying hidden and spotting for your team can be very helpful. Just a random thought. Take it on board if you want, your call.
  8. Max_Battle

    CVs made DDs extinct they said

    Especially German DDs, those things are useless. Too much all rounder, not specific enough to do anything good. (Please don't show this to WG, they may rage nerfhammer my Germans).
  9. Max_Battle

    Shortly after KOTS, they leaked one message.

    I would much rather see Mimimissile doing the patch notes videos than Dasha. No I'm not joking. I would rather get the facts from someone actually working on the game than some quasi attractive ring-in intended to use visual stimuli to activate my male glands.
  10. Max_Battle

    Shortly after KOTS, they leaked one message.

    <Insert crying_German.gif>
  11. Max_Battle

    Why i will never spend a cent on this game

    Watch your target for a moment - if the situation allows. Do this all the time, not just with the hard shots. Give your brain a moment to absorb all the information. If you don't need to rush your shooting - don't rush your shooting. There are many CC whom I have watched who seem to have a clear shot but they take a moment. If they have torps, they switch to torps whether in range or not - the torp lead path can telll you if your target is moving. When firing at a target in the open, watch where you have to aim to hit the ship with relation to the "Target Selected" information. Try to remember this relationship so that when all you have is the "Target Selected" icon, you can estimate where to hit the ship. Use your "Shells Will Hit Terrain" indicator. Of course certain gun types have an advantage others when firing over islands. I have always loved American Gun DDs so I may have slightly more comfort with this kind of shooting as a result. I'll be honest though, the vid I posted was shooting at a large, slow moving target that wasn't turning, that also makes it easier to do this kind of non Line of Sight shooting. And luck 😛 Oh and one more thing: If you see someone else doing a thing, then you know that thing can be done. When you know a thing can be done, believe that you too can do that thing and allow that focus to determine your reality.
  12. Max_Battle

    Why i will never spend a cent on this game

    I use an aim hack all the time. It's called, MY BRAIN! I'm sure some people get an evil, wicked and dark thrill out of using underhanded and pathetic means to win online games against strangers... and will eventually have their soul swallowed by Satan, regurgitated into a slime bucket, allowed to set into a hard sort of soul goop jelly and then fed to other demons... But me, I enjoy learning how to shoot. Pew pew... ...and PEW! MAX HAX!
  13. Max_Battle

    Welcome back Gearing

    I would normally not perservere against RNGesus like that. But I have some missions to finish before 9 April...
  14. What to even say. List of things being changed. German thing nerfed.