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  1. LOL... Coop matches - the race for kills - every man for himself. That's just how it is. I know. So there I was, threading in and out of a couple of battleships in my Gallant, weaving in and out, dropping single torps into them point blank, starting fires, watching their barrels, avoiding MG as much as I could... And teammates start dropping torps into close combat... Two pink folk after that game... Your torps, your responsibility. Or, to corrupt something Nick Cave said: "My funeral, your trial".
  2. Max_Battle

    HMS Cossack

    Wow. That turret traverse buff. Was thinking she needs EM after a few games. Oh, and that torp reload buff. Good.
  3. Max_Battle

    HMS Cossack

    LOL! It's only a PREMIUM ship, not a PREBUILT premium ship 😛
  4. Max_Battle

    HMS Cossack

  5. Max_Battle

    HMS Cossack

    Ha ha, first battle. All the backed up Allied Missions at once 😛
  6. Max_Battle

    HMS Cossack

    I think it end up costing me about $12 AUD.
  7. Max_Battle

    HMS Cossack

    Ha ha, the rebuy 🙂
  8. Max_Battle

    HMS Cossack

    Dammit. Sucked me in. Couldn't wait. I bought the remaining Guineas I needed! Still cheap for a T8 premium plus I can do the extra Allied missions. Now... how to Cossack!?
  9. Max_Battle


    So close.
  10. Max_Battle

    Hoping this means free Captain Skill reset!

    Computer games keep your mind young. It is known.
  11. Max_Battle

    OCD satisfied.. for now...

    I don't know how many people get the Unique Modules. I know the Gearing one took me quite a while of focused grind. My experience in T9+ is very limited, but I do know I was bullying and chasing off many DDs even with 5.9 conceal. I watch for radar botes but so far have managed to bait them into activating while I am behind island or something. Dropping smoke and spotting for team has been fruitful. But I am far from high tier expert or veteran.
  12. Max_Battle

    Hoping this means free Captain Skill reset!

    On a personal note, I have many captains with many points who have the same picks I picked for them from years ago before I ever really researched or sought advice. Many of these picks were not wise. Many of these picks were things I wanted a ship to be good at but were not necessarily true. "Faster turning turrets!? Who DOESN'T want faster turning turrets!?!?!" "Improves AA and secondary damage!? Who DOESN'T want better AA and secondary damage!?!?!?" And other such decisions based on bad or zero advice. So in short, I have many captains I want to respec with all I've learned and experienced regardless of whether or not they are on an AA bote. But yeah I think you are right about not knowing what the meta is gonna be when new CVs go live. You could probably ask everyone who is testing new CVs for their opinion and still get varied ideas...