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  1. Max_Battle

    BLUF - Episode 18 - Fiji

    Yep, good BLUF. I couldn't get her cranking when I first played her but now it would be crazy to hear anything bad about her. And of course, along with Shiny Horse - Narai master. (Unless @BoredOne has come with his Weimar then we can all kiss our collective scores goodbye 😛 )
  2. Max_Battle

    BLUF - Episode 18 - Fiji

    Watching now.
  3. Max_Battle

    Right Flags for Ships of Respective Nations

    Really? Ya gonna make me do this again!? REALLY? Das sigh. Ok. Here is my waifu Admiral Hippper on my Admiral Hipper with her Admiral Hipper flag in German camo - IN HAMBURG. This better be the last time anyone makes me pull out my Hipper and wave it in peoples' faces.
  4. Max_Battle

    Izmail a keeper?

    If Tier >=5 then keep=true.
  5. Max_Battle

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    LOL! Literally TWO SC in a row! (OK OK OK... so the first one was from daily login rewards... but the second one was first roll of the day!)
  6. Max_Battle

    Tier 3 Vampire is RARE ?

    Nazi Propganda: LOL Scrap Iron pieces of trash! Aussies: Thanks for the name! You don't mind if we tear the Italians a new one in the Mediterranean do you?
  7. Max_Battle

    Thank you Prime Gaming!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Amazon Prime feels like great value to me. Streaming, gaming, fast Amazon deliveries. Just make sense if you are into all these things.
  8. It's nice that Wargaming removed Missouri so it didn't interfere with my plans.
  9. Max_Battle

    Publish ideas of WG for new ships

    Muddled but hopeful. Thanks for asking.
  10. Max_Battle

    All things considered...

    So I have had a good hard reflection on spending money on this game lately. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to stop. I just removed my payment details from my account. This has nothing to do with claims of rigged loot boxes (I see no proof in anything anyone has said). This has nothing to do with my enjoyment of the game (even though my recent ranked games have been woeful, I still enjoy sailing the pixel seas and shooting pixel boats). This has nothing to do with being able to afford to spend money on my gaming (I live alone and no one depends on me for anything - all my money is my own). Mind you, the recent claims about the Dutch Early Access "containers" and feeling I needed to point out ridiculous claims based on a very small sample size was catalytic - it has caused me to reflect upon entertainment value for dollars spent. I know. I know. Many of you got there before me. I never said you were wrong, I was just prepared to continue buying stuff and that's totally my (and anyone else's) prerogative. But, all things considered, I have been caused in the last day or so to really consider what I have spent and how much enjoyment I have bought for that money. Again, yes. I know. Some of you got there before me. This isn't a Manifesto or a Call to Arms - it's just what I have come too in my own time and by my own experience. I rolled Johan De Witt on the 21st roll and was excited... for 5 minutes. I rolled the dice. I paid the dealer. It's on me. But this has happened before. Many times. Early access... early pay... excited for 5 minutes... then like a lonely gust of wind that just for a moment blows through brown and orange autumn leaves... it is gone. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm not suggesting that I was manipulated or forced to gamble. I did it willingly, knowingly and if I am to be completely honest, brazenly. But now, I have so many ships, tech tree and premium and literal years of premium time up my sleeve - I wonder how much extra enjoyment I can purchase in this game? Just today, just now, it became enough money, enough spent, enough gambled. My enjoyment comes from learning better tactics and the people I play with - you can't buy that - you can only understand it. I don't have any statistics or facts but I feel like there is less and less value for dollar spent on this game than there has been in the past. Gamble Boxes seem to have had better "consolation" prizes in the past - camos and flags you couldn't easily get any other way. So it kind of didn't matter to me if I gambled on a few loot crates and ended up with the peripherals - it kind of seemed like it still had some value. Recently I gambled for Agincourt and Konig Albert - one of the consolation prizes was 1.2 million credits - in game silver that you can earn in a handful of half reasonable PvP games. I tried not to be insulted. I read the loot table - I could see the options, it was on me. But that was a wake up call - I became conscious that I was actively suppressing my dissappointment and it began to manifest as a schism in my gaming psyche. I don't like schisms anywhere let alone my gaming psyche so I have to resolve it. Wallet closed. I'm not going to stop playing but Max_Whale has left the building.
  11. Of course I am in favour of any favourable discusion favouring a favourable outcome for operations.