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  1. Doubloon "cash back" offer.

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/cashback-doubloon-offer-20180920/ Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...
  2. Steam vs Wargaming Game Centre

    I'm spread out over a few platforms. Though I do use Steam a bit.
  3. I've always used Wargaming's loader. I have many Steam games too. Is there any reason to use or not to use Steam to play Warships?
  4. I only ended up with two of them. Dasha and the Brit guy. Both with tokens. Just got a feeling I might need some more Brit captains soon... just a hunch...
  5. Submarines Are Coming

    Submarines in WoWs are like flying cars. They would be great if we could learn to drive GROUND cars properly first.
  6. Islands shouldn't absorb ship

    Submarines in WoWs are like manbuns, sure you can do it but why would you?
  7. Yeah. It's a thing.
  8. K. But I don't mind if Dasha speaks Russian cuz Russian. It helps the immersion. Except when I get sunk and am actually immersed. I don't like that.
  9. I bought Russian Dasha because Russian and though I don't speak Russian, if I'm on fire and she screams at me, I have some idea what she is talking about... But I can buy another now. Which ones speak English and have the best "style"? Some of the ARP girls are a little shrill for my taste, though if you are into screaming Japanese schoolgirls, I get it, I do. I'm not judging, just saying it's not for me, so I'm cautious about how I spend 150 tokens on someone who will talk to me all battle. Does Pete Earthling speak English? Does Cybermedes have an annoying voice?
  10. Colorado Captain

    Oh my main USN BB Captain is long gone. I have T9 USN BB researched but can't afford to buy it yet, so my main Captain is waiting on NC to be promoted again when I can gather enough money to buy him a new ship. This is my Captain "born" on Colorado (ie he has only ever served on Colorado) that I'm considering now. Thing is, as much as I have played a lot, I think most of my higher Captains have had their skills redistributed at one time or another as I learnt more, took advice and tweaked what worked for me. Also there's been changes to how Captain skills have worked over the years so many of my existing Captains have changed as the game changed. But as I "backfill" my Captains on ships that have been "superseded" (not really, many ships remain fun to play at their Tier, but you know what I mean) I am finding that I have to make priority choices that I have to live with for a while instead of just redistributing 16 or so points in one big hit. But you are right about Colorado AA. It isn't fearsome and if that's a comment on my secondary module choice then sure, I probably agree and will probably do the sensible thing and go back to AA module... I think I was broke when remaking Colorado and maybe I had a spare secondary module but couldn't afford to buy an AA one. EDIT: Oh wait, that module discussion was in another thread. NVM.
  11. Colorado Captain

    Why would I want to stop The Three Stooges? Those guys are classic!
  12. Colorado Captain

    Yeah I get them first. Rarely use all repairs. Really thinking CE is the way to go next pick.