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  1. Max_Battle

    But I have VISION problems

    Sick of this crass and boring try-hard overly sexualised bullshit with quasi attractive females attempting to manipulate male gamers' libidos. Not all gamers are uncontrollably horny 13 year olds who just discovered the internet. I'd rather listen to a pale overweight coder explain where the SOUND OPTIONS* are rather than this crap. Give me back my torpedo sploosh. Rubbish video. * There are none. That's my point.
  2. Max_Battle

    We have Railguns Now!

    Dude sounds so excited to explore this bug. Sounds like someone who is so happy because they just found out an ex who dumped him is now having relationship problems with their current partner. He sounds like a jilted lover who is delightfully and shamelessly indulging in the experience of schadenfreude - or if you don't speak German, epicaricacy. But that can't be right can it? I mean Wargaming can't "break up" with people can they? ...oh wait...
  3. Max_Battle

    People you've encountered in-game

    @Jayde2405 GG
  4. Max_Battle

    Discord New Ship (Dutch) - 0.11.8

    I got the alert for this announcement. Felt like it should have been in a Twitch Stream. New way of doing it I guess? They gave away 20 Supercontainers in a short space of time.
  5. The CUOH (Centre for Unreasonably Optimistic Hope in Max's brain): "OoooOOOOoohhhhhHHh! Captain skill change! Will we get a full free commander respec!?" LOL. Adorable.
  6. Max_Battle

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    I don't, and neither do you, be honest! "Oh boo hoo, they released an Australian Special commander called "Bazza Mackenzie" with +1 to deck BBQs and who makes airstrikes invisible (turns them into "Whispering Death" Beaufighters) and now I have to train him up!" You'd Love It 😛
  7. ...and your guns start doing the Terminator drum cadence...
  8. Max_Battle


    Like my faith in humanity, that code is all used up.
  9. Max_Battle

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts On Special

    *Walks into a Pepsi shop* "Hey man, have you tried Coca Cola? It's great! It's on special too!"
  10. Max_Battle

    Auction Win

    I can.
  11. Max_Battle

    Auction Win

    Took mine a couple of clicks to update/refund me.
  12. Max_Battle

    Auction Win

    Wasn't Dutch Auction on those ships?
  13. Max_Battle

    Auction Win

    I won coal. Gambled 100mill. Actual cost 64mill.