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  1. Max_Battle

    Reflections after a break

    I can hear her singing that now...
  2. Max_Battle

    Because I'm lazy...

    But I thought... ...and the... ...because if... ...wait what are we doing?
  3. Max_Battle

    Reflections after a break

    So I didn't play for almost 3 weeks. Needed a break. The respec inspired me to reinstall. And what have I learned from stepping back and taking a breath? Well I think life is like a carton of eggs - it's not the temperature that you store them at that increases their shelf like, it's how much the temperature changes that affects their freshness. ie keep them in the fridge or in the cupboard, but don't mix where you store them. To quote that large breasted songstress who is frustrated with some bipolar dude, "You're hot then you're cold You're yes then you're no You're in then you're out You're up then you're down". In other words, be like Hulk...
  4. Max_Battle

    Because I'm lazy...

    Activate respec? Done. Research what skills to change...? Erm. Someone please tell me what ships to drop IFHE on. I don't feel like researching right now. Start with Perth please.
  5. Max_Battle

    French Collection

    Oh you were serious? Though maybe Wargaming paid you to make me spend money But... I still have AL collection up and it's my only unfinished collection. I mean I could complete it now with duplicates but until French Collection is active, I don't want to as any crates I open now will only RNG me some weird and unsettling neko loli.
  6. Max_Battle

    French Collection

  7. Max_Battle

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.7

    At first glance my port carousel looks clearer and better.
  8. Max_Battle

    French Collection

    Is it meant to be activated and available already? I can't see it in my collections tab yet. Can anyone else?
  9. Max_Battle

    Coop Battles needed more love.

    I like the cut of your jib sir.
  10. Max_Battle

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    Well in that case, I already have a submarine in my fleet. Waaaaait a sec, she won't go down... SHE WON'T GO DOWN! If there is one thing I won't stand for it's a pretty blue haired anime girl who won't go down when I tell her too.
  11. Max_Battle

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    I stand corrected. This is obviously a historically accurate source and we know how important historical accuracy is to Wargaming. I feel a bit silly now. Well played sir.
  12. Max_Battle

    Coop Battles needed more love.

    How about making coop games mini scenarios? Make them random but give the bots some extra dimension. Something like they get a respawn every 5 minutes or similar. Or a mini turkey shoot where the bots are in an eternal convoy that must cross the map to an exit zone. Not as a weekly operation, just as a random chance in coop. But nothing that requires too much thought or game knowledge as it is a "learning mode" after all.
  13. Max_Battle

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    But in all seriousness... At first glance my suggestion is - Reduce submarine submerged speed and increase their submerged time.
  14. Max_Battle

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    To (mis)quote John Wayne: "Well Pilgrim, if you saw it, it ain't an Apache".
  15. Max_Battle

    Port slots 50% off

    It is mentioned in the notes for Research Bureau thing. Along with discounts to some higher tier perma camos and so forth. But yeah, it's welcome, I guess. Because I need to spend more money on pixels. Mmm, pixels.