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  1. Max_Battle

    You have waited, Now its back!

    Good luck all. Sadly I simply cannot do this. Hope you get a good bote.
  2. Max_Battle

    The Key to Victory: A Community Halloween Challenge

    Great rewards and thanks to @mademoisail for supporting SEA with ongoing contests. Best rewards yet. I wish everyone the best of luck but I simply cannot play this game mode. Good luck to all who try and I hope you get a cool ship!
  3. Max_Battle

    Blocking players

    Keep dissing her and there will be... TROUBLE.
  4. Max_Battle

    WOWS age demographic

    Yeah nice one. Regardless of my joke I'm curious to see the results too. (Small point though - if someone is right on 30, do they tick 20-30 or 30-40?)
  5. Problem exists between chair and keyboard?
  6. Max_Battle

    Im done

    INB4 someone posts the, "BYE, HAVE A GOOD TIME!" gif.
  7. Few PvP games lately have really reinforced that for me. There's nothing like having experience of playing IN a ship that you are shooting AT. It's always been my recomendation when people get all "MUH ONE SHIP I PLAY DOESN'T DO EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!!!" How to kill an enemy? Know his tools.
  8. Max_Battle

    Where did the other reactions go?

    Nekro-Kitty. if there's NOT an anime called that there should be.
  9. Max_Battle

    WOWS age demographic

    I understand they went on a three hour tour?
  10. Max_Battle

    Where did the other reactions go?

    Oooo the snowflakes gonna love that one....
  11. Max_Battle

    WOWS age demographic

    If you were serious, you would make a poll and set it to not show who had voted where. Only "problem" is, what width would your age brackets be? 0-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30? or just decades? or list like 70 numbers for accuracy?
  12. Max_Battle

    Where did the other reactions go?

    Every time someone downvotes me, a kitten dies. Trust me on this.
  13. Max_Battle

    WOWS age demographic

    Younger than time. Older than Wisdom.
  14. Max_Battle

    Suggestion: ASW Weapons for CVs

    NO FORGIVENESS! NO MERCY! JUDGE HIM HARSHLY! EAT HIM ALIVE MY PETS! Sorry. Hi I'm Max. Other people may have reasonable responses to your suggestion but...