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  1. Max_Battle

    Update 0.9.7

  2. Max_Battle

    Update 0.9.7

    Ha ha, when people in Slowarado think they should go do transports or CV in Narai...
  3. *pats belly* Ahhh that's better. A little while ago I felt gyped by a perceived dearth of German ships. With Pommern tomorrow, the dessert if you will, ich bin happi. Donkey donkey!
  4. Max_Battle

    Update 0.9.7

    The issue was you could get more than 500 base XP. Now that's fixed. ... Probably.
  5. Max_Battle

    French Destroyer Gameplay

    I feel I took to the Ikean DDs better and faster than to the Baguette Lolibotes. What's your tips for playing French DDs? Hit a flank? Hide behind allied ships? Charge straight at the enemy, trusting in Chivalry and hoping the ground isn't too boggy and the English aren't brutal sons of beaches with good bows and short hafted hacking weapons so when you get dehorsed you get chopped to pieces? Wait, not that last one... Anyway... What's your advice for good French DD play?
  6. Max_Battle

    Update 0.9.7

    Cuz why not.
  7. Max_Battle

    Who's playing what in ranked?

    My ranked win rate is a few percent higher than my normal PvP battles. I normally go OK, but this time....
  8. Max_Battle

    Who's playing what in ranked?

    Yeah I guess YMMV is universal in so many aspects of this game. For example I think HIPPER is best ever for anything at any time and always and never question the Hipper. Or else HIPPER.
  9. Max_Battle

    Who's playing what in ranked?

    People don't seem to take it seriously as one step up in competitive play from normal PvP randoms. I was confused and delighted to see two bare stock BBs on the enemy team in one battle. But, how can you do that? Seriously. How?
  10. Max_Battle

    Who's playing what in ranked?

    Well that was horrible. I only went to rank 15. Fail fail and more fail. I really just wanted the ranked reward flag cuz its gonna look sweet as a second flag on my German boats. I tried many different ships but really only had success in Massachssuettettes when I led or supported the hard push. My worst ranked season experience ever.
  11. Max_Battle

    Amazon / Twitch Prime

    Yeah I reckon you get a fair bit for only a few bucks.
  12. Max_Battle

    What the hell is this collab?

    Wait didn't one of the Transformer movies have a big-ass Rail Gun? WHERE'S MY BIG ASS RAIL GUN COLAB!?
  13. Max_Battle

    TCoH (The Cult of Hipper)

    Who doesn't!?
  14. Max_Battle


    Sorry. I'm under an NDA. (When you get citadelled - Fran: <shrieking, indignant> "MISTER SHEFFIELD!!!")