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  1. Max_Battle

    This Spud

    Well done. But I think the average age of the World of Warships player is 163. It would be higher but there are many teen weebs attracted by the smell of Takao (and who can blame them?). You are on the younger side.
  2. Max_Battle

    What is the trick to lighting fires

    It might not be what you are asking, but if a ship you are shooting at already has a fire in its bow, try shooting its stern. Mmmm hot sternal.
  3. Max_Battle

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    LOL! You reckon everyone will play allies and so will always be vs bots?
  4. Max_Battle

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    What does "Closed Test" mean and how do I beg, borrow, murder or steal to get into such a thing?
  5. Max_Battle

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    This is a great idea and a fantastic start. Hats off to anyone in WG who came up, supported and developed a mode based on actual early 20th centurt naval warfare. It doesn't need to be perfect - just in theme. This is great.
  6. Max_Battle

    "Naval Battles"

    Rerailed with a mighty... HUZZAH!
  7. Max_Battle

    Fantasy Ships Should Be Their Own Nation...

    Didn't read fully. Imma noob.
  8. But NOT INB4 MAX also mentions @dejiko_nyo and prepares to upvote any suggestion of skill based MM... 🙂
  9. Max_Battle

    Upcoming New RN Cruiser Tiger '59 Size comparison

    And full of seamen.
  10. Max_Battle

    Would you pull the trigger?

    Is this: (a) A question of the effectiveness of a given warship that you can afford or (b) A philosophical question? If it is (b), why should or shouldn't you buy an effective ship? Is it because there are negative moral and/or ethical considerations when it comes to buying this CV? What are the arguments against buying from a philosophical point of view? Monks? What did Luke Skywalker do when faced with this decision? When he faced The Emperor at the end of Episode VI, for all he knew, The Emperor was right. For all Luke knew, all his friends were dead or captured and his entire cause was defeated. For all Luke knew, the very Empire who had left his Aunt and Uncle's skeletons dripping burnt flesh in the desert of Tatooine had always been stronger, better and destined to win. For all Luke knew at that moment, his entire life's fight was over and he was utterly and completely defeated by The Dark Side. He was alone and standing before two of the most powerful Dark Side servants in all the galaxy. And what did Luke do? Luke decided that he was a Jedi and that it didn't matter what anyone else did, whether they failed or succeeded, rose or fell - what mattered was who HE was and what HE did as an individual. He decided to win or lose based entirely on his own internal assessment of Good and Bad, Light and Dark and he decided Goodnes, Light and Personal Responsibility. Captain America had to make a similar call. How did HE react? Did he throw in with the consensus? Did he bend to the many and give up what he thought was right in himself? Or, you could run with... Make your own call based on your internal values or cast aside all concepts of right and wrong and personally profit.
  11. Max_Battle

    On this Auspicious Occasion...

    I couldn't find a decent "Please Help" gif from Leeloo. Please accept this consolation gif.
  12. ...I would like to pause and reflect upon the Gudness of Makra. Having just reached the heavenly heights of 100 MAKRA, I have to say I have really noticed a difference to my game. My secondaries have become even better with the MAKRA BOOSTED ACCURACY and my rudder shift has been reduced by an average of 0.9 seconds across all my ships. My AA has been improved by up to 0.5km on some ships and the flak bursts have become so much more effective. My DDs accelerate harder, my Cruisers dodge better and my Battleships all heal for an extra 10% when I use repair party. It's not just that. My ships have this sort of golden glow about them now and everyone in game is so nice to me. They all support me when I cap and push with me when I push. They just all seem to want to be close to me. It's just wonderful what a difference MAKRA makes. I used to think MAKRA GUD and I was right. But upon this milestone of awesomeness I am starting to think MAKRA is TRULY great. Best inclusion in the game. CV problems? Don't care, MAKRA GREAT. Concerned about Submarines coming? Don't worry, MAKRA GREAT. Matchmaker seems like it's against you time and again? Don't worry MAKRA GREAT. MAKRA - best and most valuable and worthwhile thing in the whole game, nay WHOLE WORLD. Makra gud.
  13. Max_Battle

    "Naval Battles"

    Yes the number of particles per unit of volume is quite high. Oh wait. That's density. Never mind.
  14. Max_Battle

    "Naval Battles"

    When other people derail a Max thread.