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  1. Please CLAMP DOWN ON AFK,PLEASE!!!!!!

    So annoying. Was just in a 2 CV a side game. One of our CV sat there doing nothing until game was half over - didn't respond to communication. When did do something, only launched planes and then planes went to back of map until an enemy ship came close then "it" attacked. I was DD and needed air cover - constantly spotted by enemy planes because it was 2 CV vs 1 CV effectively. I don't care WHAT the reason is, this ruins games. Really annoying.
  2. Stolen kills

    I agree with the OP's sentiment. Yes, damage counts more than the actual kill, I know. I still agree with the OP's sentiment. Oh and I would MUCH rather have "deals above average damage" on my stats than "kill steals" "often finishes enemies". Oh well lookee below - wish granted.
  3. What a difference a day makes...

    I see what you mean. I need to always have a half finished coffee beside me while I play 'ships and hold my head to one side as I enter a game to ensure beneficial matching? I'll give it a whirl.
  4. What a difference a day makes...

    ...always felt like MM was taking more into account than just tier/class/nation etc... Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me...
  5. ATAGO inigma

    I like Takao. I asked for advice on this forum a while back about whether I should buy Atago if I like Takao. Consensus was I kind of already have Atago so no point. I accept squishiness because I feel she hits hard and on one occasion I head to headed a Zao and came out in front (I won the torp war). Takao is fun, even with shrill Japanese woman screeching at me. It's part of the joy. Might still buy Atago... because... well, no reason...
  6. I have no words... that won't get me banned. I have the rage. Grrrr.....
  7. Please Dont do this in Ranked

    I disagree with you. I totally buy the idea of a slightly more exclusive game mode with even low to moderate prerequisites. The idea of ranked battles is to take the game a wee bit more serious for a moment and have a crack against other serious opponents. I find Ranked Battles exciting - for the few that I have played. I like the higher level of intensity and competition and would like people who feel the same way both on my team and playing against me. Yes - I would like to exclude people from that mode who aren't going to play it in the spirit in which it is intended. There is Random Battle Mode, Coop and Scenarios. No one is being excluded from the game. It would just be nice if there was some minimum entry level for the wee bit more serious mode. If you have a problem with the +/- 2 tiers that MM inflicts on us, that is a separate issue. I have also argued for a +/- 1 tier limit in Random Battles. But that's a DIFFERENT issue.
  8. Please Dont do this in Ranked

    It does seem reasonable to force some minimum conditions.
  9. Please Dont do this in Ranked

    I have only had a couple of ranked this season. I agree with your post.
  10. If I like ARP Takao...

    Ok. Yeah I did some research and read some posts. Hmmm. Yes that sounds effective. Well now I'm confused. Would have gone with Atago - but if Takao basically same boat, seems no point. Damn, now I'm down too... Lo Yang - for reasons above. Texas - cuz plane deletion is fun. Atlanta - cuz I'm 'lanta curious. Indianapolis - just seems cool, is heart pick, no real reason. Also plane deletion. Tirpitz - cuz brawl.
  11. These ship horns...

    ...are making me giggle!
  12. If I like ARP Takao...

    I've seen my share of deadly Atlantas. I was just chased down by one with Radio Location in my Kamikaze. (Maybe only time I've seen it used to good effect). Seen my share of squishy short ranged Atlantas get deleted too. Its such a niche play-style I'm not sure if I would enjoy it. But you do see a lot of them. It is tempting. They can inflict a lot of grief... err I mean play a valuable role in the team. Whats so good about Lo Yang?
  13. If I like ARP Takao...

    Hmm, well ok thanks all for input. I love German BB. I'm up to Bismark on KM BB line. Perhaps I will Tirptz myself.
  14. If I like ARP Takao...

    ...would I like Atago? I have to buy at least one premium ship while special is on and I really like the play-style of Takao (haven't got to Mogami on IJN CA yet so I can make no other comparison). It seems they are the same ship. Is this true?