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  1. I've just claimed three drops from Official Twitch Stream while in game. They all insta popped in my port without logging out. Well, when I say "insta", it took about 10 seconds...
  2. Max_Battle

    Finally an ARP camo that works!

    I'd care but I got a whole swag of free ARP botes waaaay back in the day when they were just "mission chains"! Zero cost premiums. Imagine that happening today? I mean if you have a good imagination you probably can... But it would stay there. In your imagination. And not reality. Mmmm not reality... that's where I'm a Paladin! Erm, what were we talking about? Yes, Ralph is a Cat, Peter Griffin is a fat bastard and you swam the Derwent. Wait, had a bath on the Derwent. Wait. What?
  3. Max_Battle

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Agree on too many bot BBs. Fewer bot BBs would probbaly make players find ships other than German BBs attractive 😄
  4. Max_Battle

    Finally an ARP camo that works!

    Yeah well they work when the radiation from the water released from Fukushima mixes with the microplastics in the ocean and settle to the sand below to make a nice healthy glow! 😄
  5. Somewhere in this image is my Takao. Can you see it? It's like "Where's Wally?" but with warships!
  6. Max_Battle

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

  7. But that just looks like someone is printing mone... oh, OOHHH, I see...
  8. Max_Battle

    People you've encountered in-game

    Sorry about that. I'll be more careful about where I spawn in future 😛
  9. Max_Battle

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Red bonuses and first win of the day. Let's (keep) goooooooo(ing)!
  10. Max_Battle

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Lets goooooo!
  11. I'm not gonna lie. I am over 97.5% heterosexual. Oscar Isaac is in my "2.5%" though... ...
  12. Max_Battle

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Mmm bayyykon.... I took out some BIG sticks (with pretty paint on them). But. It seems what they say is true. It's not the size of your stick, but how you use it! (And how many you have?)
  13. Max_Battle

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Bigger sticks... but bots capped all and we lost anyway... Kinda embarressing really
  14. Max_Battle

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Bots are smarter.