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  1. DrippingCannon

    Philippine Marines Do you Experience....

    Server is in Singapore. I experience no lag, smooth gameplay, even during peak hours. using Globe LTE with an external antenna. (90ms average) Also no lag, no problems with Bayantel DSL. (35ms average) Best experience using Eastern Telecoms. (20ms average)
  2. DrippingCannon

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    As a Cheatland driver, I even smile whenever I see a BB. Slow speed, slow reload, easy to hit. With HE caused fires, I usually burn down BBs to half their HP just after their 2nd salvo. Note that I can do this at 17km+ with the proper crew skill to increase my main gun range.
  3. Thats nothing compared to the Cleveland HE exploit.
  4. DrippingCannon

    Should i go US cruisers?

    Search the Internet on people whining about the Cleveland(T6) and and the De Moines Search the Internet about people who whine about the above ships being OP. Then decide. lol. Cleveland at T6 can go against T7 and even T8.
  5. DrippingCannon

    Nearly a new record

    I really love my Cheatland. Gota make the most of it before it gets nerfed.
  6. DrippingCannon

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    As a happy, content and obviously enjoying Cleveland driver, all I can say is...
  7. DrippingCannon

    How to avoid HE spam from cruisers

    Nothing is wrong with HE right now. Nothing has to be changed by the developer. - CheatCleveland Driver.
  8. DrippingCannon

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    I am soo turned on by this.
  9. DrippingCannon

    On USN ship colours

    Since were on this topic, whats with all the damned rust on our ships? These vessels were symbols of military, economic and technological prowess during their time. No decent navy would allow rust on their decks.
  10. DrippingCannon

    To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

  11. DrippingCannon

    What is the best non premium ship to farm credit in?

    Cleveland prints credits. Make sure you have the proper crew skill to give it 20% more OP range.
  12. DrippingCannon

    Japan Tier VI are rubbish

    Same here. lol.
  13. DrippingCannon

    Ship prices

    Its just like an Omaha. With a crapload of upgrades. Its just like the bias for Russian tanks. (probably worse) 1. Higher range for guns. 14.something without captain skills. 2. 8km range torpedoes! 3. Rudder shift of a DD. Turns like a DD. 4. Cheap price. Best purchase for me so far.
  14. DrippingCannon

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    IMHO, though CV's may be annoying, they are hardly OP. Its the player that makes them OP. Just like any other class/ship/character in any other game. Though I have seen a lot of good players play CV's as it is the best platform/ship that can fully maximize the high APM.(Actions Per Minute) of good players. Another argument is the rarity of good CA drivers who know what they should be doing such as escorting CVs and BBs. This is why the murder streak of CV's is amplified. In any game with good CA drivers, the enemy CV can't hit the friendly CV's and BBs. This is further amplified by the rarity of US CA drivers thus the rarity of credible AA cover.
  15. DrippingCannon

    Japan Tier VI are rubbish

    Blasphemy. Cleveland > ALL of T6. XD