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  1. I find the US DD's to be meh. The Gearing Torps are OK, her guns are OK .. but the trouble with the US line is they can't decide which way to go. Should they be a torping platform? Should they be a gunbote? -(Benham aside) its a difficult call. Gearing is out-gunned by some and out torped by others. There has definitely been power creep since she was introduced. Doesn't have best detectability/torps/guns/speed/AA but not the worst of any either. Be interesting to hear what other people build this confused little bote to?
  2. Tagnbag

    Server broke again no offence intended

    Can't send in a ticket if you can't log in ...
  3. EU get compensation for a bad server day, we have had weeks of disconnects, desyncs, lags and this .. Who do we talk to in SEA ?
  4. Tagnbag

    In Freedom Server...

    Im pretty sure having a discussion about something you want to bring up is "start a new thread" .. that's how forums work. This one is about proving the fallacy of NA is better, yours is about shitposting on forums i gather. FYI You really don't understand how a forum works.
  5. Tagnbag

    In Freedom Server...

    Wait.. so snowflakes is still a thing?
  6. Tagnbag

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    HAHA imagine if some people started screwing ranked battle to farm metal, i bet people be all crying then. OH WAIT ! Now you might understand. Co-op isnt just for farming .. the issue is for people playing it as an option, not as a farm. It is my and other's choice to play co-op as much as yours to do ranked or random. Just because you don't like co-op doesnt mean you get to decide selfishly it's ok to be dicks in their. I explained this fully. If you do something unintended as play that negatively affects others, repeatedly, on purpose thats pretty scummy at best, toxic at worst. Its a whole other skill set, same as senario. While there is obvious cross over i would like to point out the many many times myself and friends have watched even unicums fail at co-op, or senario. And again, its mine and others choice to play co-op etc and theres still no reason to wreck it because "who cares". Oh no then its not in any way toxic, infuriating or selfish to ruin ranked to get steel..right? Because thats the same damn thing. But oh -no other people getting mightily angry at Ranked over it. (And I agree with them). Once again, just funny when it doesn't affect you personally that I can not even express an OPINION. Happy New Year, think of others.
  7. Tagnbag

    Server Broken - Compensation Please

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/eu-compensation-december-22/ Oh wait, only compensation if you are on EU server. /Feigns surprise
  8. Tagnbag

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    let me try with my not so fantastic English to word it better. If you race in and ram ONLY (so not playing a normal way) so that you can get snowflakes faster (yes it works, i did not say it didnt) and doing this ruins other peoples enjoyment (because they want to play normally) and you do this repeatedly (every game not once in awhile) without caring about others, knowing it lessens their enjoyment, then you are playing in a toxic manner (to them). And because it was a clan div not 1 person, with them all doing it. I was not talking about ramming in general. Is that easier?
  9. Tagnbag

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    Dude? seriously? Its not how the game (normally) is played. I cant make the Arizona for example go 40 kts so if im on a flank that gets a bad hand or the serial rammers ram everything its not much fun. If my torps take 1 min 20 to load and the targets get rammed at 1 minute 15 ... I understand its snowflakes and its the fast way to do it. Im merely saying its not enjoyable for the people (and there are many) who like to win without dying and using some skill. How fun would wows (after 10 minutes) be if we took guns off and it was just a childish race to ram another ship? Great if you are about 3 years old. I know you are a good player but this is strange comment. Im whinning because im too slow? NO Im stating a fact that the enjoyment is gone if people serial ram. Not once in a while, I mean heaps of games. Some people enjoy Senario, or co-op, or ranked etc, some like many variants. Ruining enjoyment of one area of the game because you want to rush snowflakes to the detriment of other players is selfish and toxic to the wider community. Ramming itself is not the issue, constantly doing it every game without any thought of other players is. So putting blame on me for being slow (again I cannot change ship speeds or torp reloads etc) is itself an odd way to dismiss an actual issue. I merely pointed out in my post "hey this is not fun to have happen continuously" and it turns into a ridiculous thread. Merry xmas and think of other people inside and outside game.
  10. Tagnbag

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    Im not saying that. Im saying for people wanting to enjoy the game that this behavior is ruining that enjoyment. I made it clear? I know you can do it, i know its the best way to just get your coal and run. But its crap for people who want to play, not the ones trying to get coal.
  11. Tagnbag

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    oh is there a way to make a slow BB super fast? Im just saying its not how the game is meant to be played, mechanics allow it but its a crappy thing to do. Choice if you want to be toxic to the community is yours to make.
  12. Tagnbag

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    Only an issue if you are trying to enjoy a game. If you are in a DD that hasn't loaded torps yet, or a slow BB that gets off a single volley. Everything in your reach is rammed, not enjoyable. If it prevents your coal drop more so. I understand its min-maxing, but detrimental to actual gameplay. (yes WG fault for their mechanics).
  13. Tagnbag

    Strasbourg. Tier 7.

    Incase you look in the prem shop the add for the Strasbourg is borderline misleading. (Surely another "accident"). The giant IX is not the ship tier even though the add kinda puts the IX over the ship. Don't rush to buy a cheap tier 9 and then realise its a 7. You have been warned !
  14. Tagnbag

    Whatcha goon git from y'all 'flakes?

    Nm fake news. Tens get crates.