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  1. The threat of a triple upgraded (Edited) div is balanced because the enemy get free consumables. Really. Upgrades won't give any advantage. Really. I'm selling legit real estate on Mars. Really. Inappropriate Medical Term - Post Edited, User warned ~lengxv6
  2. Id like a refund for ALL my prem ships that will now be sub par to the new 3 upgrades tech tree ships. They no longer perform as advertised. Or do you want us to throw real dollars to upgrade the prem ships? Anyone who has a life outside of botes is now nerfed completely from being competitive.
  3. Tagnbag

    Single player senario idea

    Im saying if it was an actual xp earning or maybe reward (like personal missions) then people might do it and learn. Say if you had to run a DD from A to B and on the way torpedoes were fired that you had to dodge.., or A BB through a course while dodging torps or angling against shells. Not as obviously complex as senario's are for some people ... Lets face it, some people do it well, some have issues and some can never learn, but worth a try
  4. If WOWS introduced single player senario for training purposes would it help improve gameplay in general? Such as dodging torps in dd/bb/ca/cc with levels (like a mini game) giving just enough XP to entice players, with or without credits (so it doesn't hurt anyhow) A mini game where you have to drive a BB through an area but keep it angled to avoid citadels? maybe a minigame that makes you practice changing the AA aura's while constantly attacked by planes? Be nice to be able to train commanders when the toxicity has got you pulling hair out in randoms and also help teach people some decent basics, a bit of fun, some bragging rights if you get to the highest level and less broadsiding BBs? Other ideas, thoughts?
  5. Tagnbag

    plane bug back?

    Also there is the "planes won't launch" bug... everyone hates CV's, even Cv's right now.
  6. Tagnbag

    Cannot launch planes bug

    Just had same issue in senario battle, full load of planes nothing would launch .. lucky it was close to the end. Again you can see im in ship view, minimap shows active squadron?
  7. Tagnbag

    WTH is with the constant disconnects?

    Ive had this on two seperate days, inbetween everything is fine. Internet is fine, everything else fine.. just WOWS disconnects, also was at the same time the forums were not working .... its def a WOWS issue
  8. 2 pens, 2 incapacitation's and a fire, yet 0 damage am I drunk
  9. Tagnbag

    plane bug back?

    Confirmed bug today, approaching Jean Bart at 6-7 km from behind a mountain suddenly before even crossing mountain I lost all but 2 planes from a full squadron, JB was last ship alive so it wasn"t anyone else's AA. This should have been fixed before the Prem Cv push. Very disappointing WG.
  10. Tagnbag

    plane bug back?

    Is the bug where all your planes die in a second back or was it never fixed? Two games in a row lost all planes instantly (and not by flying into a blob of aa ships) .. fun and engaging
  11. Tagnbag

    AI question

    I have had bbs that dodge torps fired at 1.4 km, never seen a human do that but who knows? My main concern was friendly bots suddenly turning into my torps for no reason whatsoever (they will completely change direction and speed) even tho they should "see" the friendly torps ... (not to mention the friendly bots randomly torping in any direction for no reason) .. Ive fired torps, been killed seconds later and watched a friendly bot suddenly change course to enter a cap and speed up, running into my torps and I get naughty pink. Contrast that with enemy dodging torps at 1.4 km and you see the issue. Enemy bots = quicker than human Friendly bots = dumber than cabbage
  12. Tagnbag

    Random in-game crashes

    Suddenly today I am getting constantly kicked off, then it says cannot connect to server, then it connects..kicks me off in port, in prem shop and in game. Everything else on internet is fine, it seems to be WOWS only.
  13. Tagnbag

    AI question

    So when you fire torps your team can see them instantly, while the enemy don't see them until they hit the detection zone of that particular torp (Normal game mechanic). Why, in co-op when I fire torps the enemy AI "see" them instantly and avoid them (seriously even at 1.4 km they can dodge), whereas i can fire torps, get killed and then watch a friendly AI suddenly turn for no reason into my torps, even though they were spotted by the enemy AI, let alone instant team spot? Also why is it if you are playing in a quiet period and both teams are AI, all the friendly bots die and leave you with 6 enemy's? Nice if you are in a ship you can carry and get lots of damage, sucks when you are in a ship that struggles. It seems they have very different AI programs. Any info/data mining been done on the AI?
  14. Tagnbag

    This seems stupid

    Prem ship, prem account, flags and good damage. losing credits with all that and 15 minutes of your time when you can easy make credits in a random win or lose in that situation? Im asking why would we want to do senario like this? maybe if you potato and die in first few minutes, but with decent damage and prem everything .. pfft If I had potato'd in a tech tree ship with no flags, no prem account and no damage done what kind of loss then? Would I ever want to take that risk again.. nope. I'm not saying get a reward for turning up. Just balance to the people who do well vs the AFK cabbage. Also having only 1 BB in a team in that particular senario is very hard, perhaps a MM tweak?
  15. Tagnbag

    This seems stupid

    So senario battle "Defense of Naval Station Newport" .... Ok it's a loss, but that much damage, a ton of flags, a premium account and a premium ship and LOSE credits? Seriously. I don't expect a loss to net me a huge profit , but prem ship and account and a good amount of damage and time ... cmon WG why would I want spend time doing this (imagine a tech tree ship non prem account). It's team reliant so if you don't have your own guys you have to trust in MM (this game I was the only BB which in itself is dumb)