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  1. India Delta clarification

    Under exterior tabs in port, India Delta flags says "Plus 20% HP recovery", when i was looking at flags under Arsenal it says India Delta, plus 20 percent HP per second recovery ... so is it 20 % more HP recovered as per the flags tab, or is it the same amount as normal but 20% faster as per arsenal? Cheers detectives
  2. Anyone have favourite cc's from the Asia/Pacific server? Are we missing out on all the code giveaways? (plenty of NA/EU giveaways), and Asia/pacific server meta counter plays?
  3. So the prem shop hasn't changed in a month? Every friday i get online hoping to see a new ship but nothing. Even the older prems cant be bought off the tech tree now, so what gives? An empty shelf is a lost sale where I come from. Anshan to train the Pan Asian line? nope ... German DDs still not available ...
  4. the question has been raised (at least in the EU community) about match making taking into consideration radar, as at the moment 1 team may get several radars while the other team gets none. Awaiting developments there (anyone have further info?) Ive also noticed more dubious divs (such as Midway + fletcher + fletcher) in game of late, and certainly that makes it a lot harder for the opposing team, im unsure if this will be addressed ? Its certainly an advantage but obviously not breaking rules. At the higher tiers where bad games hit you in the wallet it can be trying to enter several games in a row where the enemy has such divs. The odds of being on the winning side should be 50/50 but we all know what a fickle monster chance is. One day I had a 65% plus win rate(for the day), the next three days I barely got a win. Remember, some days you are the windshield, some days the bug.
  5. Save USS Texas with Project VALOR

    lets done this SEA .. a worthy cause.
  6. How to improve the karma system.

    I did an experiment, myself and team mate went into battle to spread goodness and love (and AP shells), we thanked everyone, we hit the "well done" every time an enemy was sunk, we had a good battle and won. Back in port .. ive lost 4 karma points. GG
  7. team damage confusion

    So im in a battle pushing a cap when a guy behind me a few km shoots me and then types "dont camp" in chat ... nothing happens to him and without a replay (just screenshots that prove damage and intent) my ticket is useless. Today I clip the back of friendly and instantly TK status even tho theres no kill and I havent had even a secondary shell hit a friendly in many months ... hows this balanced? Its also worthy to point out that the karma points are a terrible system, people take points when you kill them, Ive lost karma in games where ive been at or near the top with no chatting/team damage nothing .. so no matter how carefully you play you can lose karma ..
  8. Mid October Discounts

    Exactly ! Actually having already paid for all those ships and considering the terrible let down of not being able to participate in the much awaited clan wars due to having a life er job that wont let me play games from 1 am to 4 am, how about WG do us a solid, a thankyou/apology of sorts and a nice deal on the Dragon ....
  9. The problem here is if the statistics show there's very few Aus/NZ/Japanese clans in clan battles because they cant be on at 4 am do WG read this as "oh Aus/NZ/Japan are not interested so we wont bother changing anything", or do they realise its because its 4 am (or insert other ghastly time) and they CANT be on? Also mentioned above was if you don't condense the time people will get stuck and not progress ... well I would point out that if other people CANT do clan wars its the exact same thing for them. And lets not start on all the nice xp/challenges and rewards that are impossible for many on the server .. not much different to offering a new ship to part of the server but not others. Sorry Aus/NZ/Japan you cant have this ship? There are many clans that want to fight in clan wars and cant because of this time constraint, if its not equal across the entire server then it needs urgent fixing. 1 am - 4 am for any player with a life is just crazy. ... I guess we could quit our jobs but then how do we buy shiny premium toys?
  10. deliberate torp blocking

    it clearly says there's no issue and the other guy is being more proactive .. how can I read that as its not ok? hes more proactive .. if it was NOT ok I would expect an answer like "blocking someones torps is NOT OK, send in a replay and we will deal with it. There' s obviously some bad communication on these forums. So is it ok to block peoples torps on purpose, following them about to repeat it? Or is it not ok to deliberately block torps? Its a simple question. I say its not ok .. You actually quoted the part that says "I'm not seeing an issue ... " then ask me where Syanda says it ok?
  11. deliberate torp blocking

    sigh/ please take the time to read posts ... I set up ambush from behind island, as I turn to fire torps guy runs beside me so I have to turn or I ram him (hence there is no ram but would be if I didn't change course) he then proceeds to block my torps (If I fired I would be a TKr) and fires his own at target. 3x in one game is not an accident. The guy waits till I'm set up then pushes in front. Imagine your in a ship or CV dropping torps, someone sees your planes/ship making run on enemy, deliberately turns into your path/torps so you will get TK status if you launch and then proceeds to attack the target. Its not rocket science ... DELIBERATELY BLOCKING to cause you to become TKr .. its NOT alright. Its harassment. Completely different from you torping from 10km and not caring if someone is sailing across your path. I'm not an idiot, please don't reply to posts assuming the poster is stupid. Read them carefully.
  12. deliberate torp blocking

    So I'm reading from a moderator that its ok to push someone aside, block their path and take their target? is that an official answer because if I start doing the same I don't want repercussions? How is he more proactive.. I set up the torp run close to target and he pretty much rams me aside to get in front at last second? If that's an official answer I'm disappointed. Any any normal environment its called harassment. Continued deliberate blocking ...
  13. this is for the sooks in the game

    So if you get reported for bad behaviour in chat, WG decides to punish your entire team for the next 4-5 matches? I'm not saying its aliens .. but its aliens I would be surprised if there were many games without someone getting reported, eventually no teams can win ...
  14. deliberate torp blocking

    ill be more specific, I was a bit vague and I know what you mean about torping from behind, that's a no-no. In this case (and it has happened before, just not 3 times in one game) I was ambushing from behind an island at close range (1-3 km) using a cruiser. Guy runs up beside me then turns in so I have to turn out or collide. He then sails in front between myself and the enemy (already I cant torp) and he torps the target himself. Each time I move to a new target he turns up and does it again. Ive seen this in a few games lately happening to other people as well as myself, it has evidently become a new trend .. or a more popular old one. Time to record games me thinks.... I hope WG are aware of the issue and treat it accordingly, maybe after a few bans (or an official thread?) this stupidity will stop.
  15. deliberate torp blocking

    3x in my last battle the same guy ran right between me and the target that I was obviously going to torp and torped it himself .. this had to be deliberate. So whats the deal here .. if I fire my torps I get tk status .. the system doesn't recognise this play and its been creeping into game more and more. So what do you people do in this situation? On the third time I was tempted to launch anyway as it was so blatantly obvious. This selfish gameplay ruins the game and needs to be addressed. Thoughts?