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  1. Tagnbag

    when you get TKed...

    I have more than once been in a situation where a friendly is clearly going in a direction angling to a target but is on low health, then for no reason charges at my torps in a different direction with me pinging and yelling, they even increase speed to ensure they get hit and end the battle. It is usually the DO NOT torp behind friendlies rule, but when they are leaving the battle and suddenly change course and increase speed while warned and the torps are visible to them for a really long time.. I have also had players deliberately keep turning to be beside me to prevent me launching torps so they can get the kill by launching their own torps. Only a replay (if you have it) will clear you. Also by the time you get a response you will in all likely hood not be pink anymore.
  2. Tagnbag


    There was much excitement around the torpedo's ... 6 km at tier 8 ...
  3. Tagnbag


  4. Tagnbag

    XP in Aegis screwed up.

    Oh the xp spreadsheet was upside down when they programmed the numbers ! Unless the results are to encourage the lesser player and balans the better player? Like RNG .. you know, when you angle and get destroyed by the guy who is sailing full broadside but somehow avoids citadels. Or you shoot above the waterline and watch your shells fall short of the target. Balans...
  5. woah dude, I got a warning for using that word in a post about certain divs. Good luck
  6. Tagnbag

    when you get TKed...

    TK system? you mean the automatic detection/action taken when shot by a friendly? The same as BOT detection/action ? You make funny joke, I like. Now Gulag this way ---> In all fairness it would be very hard to distinguish between accidental damage and deliberate aside from replays. Also there are times when people accidentally drive in front of you just as you fire at a longer range target. And then it's not always accidental either. Same with torpedis, sometimes people swerve into the path for no reason, sometimes on purpose, other times you fired without paying enough attention. Replays and hope ...
  7. I bet you forgot to train torp reload, a noobie mistake in the Colorado.
  8. Tagnbag

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    The answer is always THE RUSSIAN SHIP. You will thank me later.
  9. Tagnbag

    A thought for submarines

    but imagine the dynamics it brings in .. people can't snipe unopposed on the back line. DDs get more choices to cap vs radar or protect the back line, further from air attack. The Cv has to move and either go after back line dds vs all the AA rather than just assume the dd will be capping. Everybody gets to use WASD and have less static gameplay. Or we can just stay with sniping and radar meta. That everyone screams on the forums about. You know in the real world battles didn't always happen where both sides lined up and hid behind islands shooting at things another ship spotted with no visual? Stuff got thrown together, stuff arrived late, there were surprises. There was no MM in the real world. Let the game become exciting again. Vote submarines deploy randomly on enemy back line. (Or make it a deployment choice, enhance the dynamics even more.)
  10. Tagnbag

    A thought for submarines

    Thou must infer good sir. I can only imply. Suggest would be more accurate. A submarine or two up the jacksy will surely create movement and reduce stagnation in the enemy fleet.
  11. Imagine if you will, a war where submarines traveled across vast oceans to strike suddenly at enemy shipping. Let's call that "World War Double-check", because .. well it came right after "The war to end all wars" . Imagine if you dare people playing a naval battle fantasy game with some folks liking to stay at the very back edge of the map and fire salvos with impunity because .. well because WASD doesn't seem to work on alot of battleships in said game. Now, if only there was a way to punish those (insert bleeps). If only submarines were faster. OR ... OR what if to simulate the fact that submarines patrolled far and wide, WHAT IF submarines deployed near the enemy back edge. Then the campers gotta move up or the DDs gotta move back and risk losing caps .... How deliciously spicy you say. YES.
  12. Tagnbag


    Smolensk needs buff to compensate. I demand Tesla coils. I remember this beast in beta. "Oh are they dolphin schools in the water?" ... no.. no they are not.
  13. What is the difference between a German CV and an Italian Cruiser? HP/Speed/Guns/Detection/Planes ... otherwise nothing. Both pixel ships in a Russian fantasy game.
  14. Hp, range, more guns, range detection, less speed ??? not too important???? Please tell me what you do think is important in a game based on speed, guns, hp, range detection.
  15. Tagnbag

    What is that ?

    Every thread from this guy hates on an aspect of CV/DD/CL/CA .. seriously if EVERYTHING in the game is so bad maybe choose a game you will enjoy. If you are gonna play 2 games then rage in forums and ask for advice you then ignore, rinse and repeat... dude...