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  1. Tagnbag

    True or false?

    Just when you think something is done with no ulterior motive .... Want to start a political party? Need cash fast? Need goodwill? Is helping the right thing to do? YES .. absolutely. Unfortunately with WeeGees track record I would be very suspicious that goodwill was the sole reason. I hope i'm wrong. https://meduza.io/en/feature/2020/01/15/rise-of-the-spoiler-parties
  2. Tagnbag

    The New Invisible Soviet Railguns.

    so if we compare these to the new British line ....
  3. Tagnbag

    No teamwork

    Game mechanics ... In co-op the guy who yolo's past the DDs so they cannot torp and then rams a BB in his BB gets the most XP because the battle ends so fast. Basically if you don't you now miss out. Lots of damage and fast death the same in randoms ... Selfish play rewarded. "This enemy is about to die to DDs torps, but ill waste a salvo to kill it first and not shoot at the other threat" welcome to online. Not play for team to win = more xp and get to call everyone else noobs. Play for win but not top damage = less xp and not look as impressive. I have seen plenty of good team play that has turned a battle get no rewards, I look at score after and think how one person saved the win or tried to manage the loss, was very busy herding the enemy but they are bottom of team. At least they get a compliment.
  4. Tagnbag

    True or false?

    Is this the guy starting a new political party in Russia? I heard rumours ... adorn tinfoil hats. if true its a smart move. or I could be completely wrong.
  5. Tagnbag

    WG let us kill all the bots please

    I'm sure they will read this and take action to help make the game a better experience, they have said repeatedly they value our feedback.
  6. Co-op is well known as a next to no reward option in game but it could be a little better if it did not end till all the bots are dead. If for some reason its a potato night and you end up all alone vs all the bots you have to kill all of them alone. Easy if you are in a decent ship, not so much if you are playing a bottom tier piece of crap and the teammates that died were all in top tier BBs. When you get a normal-good group its hard to get any reward as the bots die in the first couple minutes and the game ends with more enemy still alive that you need to farm just to break even. I've lost count of how many games i'm in a slow ship and I just get into gun range, eyeing up a couple enemy BBs and the game ends due to points. I'm lucky to get off a couple salvos before it ends. NO reward for you !! If co-op just let you break even, let the bots fight to the death so we could all farm some damage I think more people would play ... that's more profit for WG. With the CV disaster (yes, CCs have commented on people telling them they started to play but got to tier 4 and were farmed by CVs, did not enjoy it and left the game), the unmentionable xmas debacle and Random being the least toxic option for earning xp and credits Weegee are bleeding players. Maybe, just maybe, making co-op a viable option (senario changes never gonna happen folks) might keep a few people in the game and spending money. My spreadsheet says better money if you have more players. Sekrit equations found in ancient text agree. Happy player also recruits friends.
  7. Tagnbag

    the death of CN_70

    does this mean botting is ok? So next event like PR we can all safely find bot programmes and get the ship of our dreams? Has there been any official word on it? I know CCs reported it and there were conversations at higher pay grades. What recourse do we have?
  8. Tagnbag

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    A new mode with balanced rewards would be nice. Some people prefer co-op but get no rewards (hey WG at least they are playing the game so breaking even would be beneficial to keeping players) Senario can give good rewards but is frustrating when you spend 15 minutes watching potatoes yolo off mission and die, leaving you with next to nothing for the effort. How about basing rewards a little more on the player so if you do well but the team is crap you get something worth the time. Random .. the place where the better you do the more karma points you lose .. but at least you get rewarded. I don't know why WG place all importance on this mode, a player spending cash is still cash no matter what mode they play. Maybe some single player missions that teach game mechanics and offer fair reward? On the matter of teams leaving you ablaze and WTF moments... never gonna change. People always gonna chase an enemy and let themselves be capped or hide behind islands so the entire team is blind and getting farmed one by one. Top ship always gonna yolo into a cap and wonder why he died. DD is always gonna get told to do all kinds of stuff and take abuse whichever way he plays it. CV will either spot well or ignore requests for help and then not move when the enemy are advancing, ignoring pings and warnings. Radar ships gonna radar from twice their radar distance, people gonna send 6km torps at targets 15 km away, prolly from behind you. Someone is gonna smash you out of your smoke/position and get you blapped. At least one will be AFK, another will run to back of map and leave the game. 1^ WG should sell anger meds in the premium store (ohh in the admiral bundles?) 2* Ive played this waaaay to long, i no longer have tight skin and hope for the future. Here's 15 minutes wasted for no reward .... usually an easy operation but we even lost a BB in first few minutes.
  9. Tagnbag

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    Last night I unlocked the Gearing after much salt enduring. Excitement was had. Today I see these changes. WG obviously love the long range sniping meta. Luckily the Yashima with her 510mm guns (Yes no ship will ever have bigger guns than Yamato) is on the horizon. DD removal from game almost complete. Just add the guided torp Submarines with infinite spotting power and its time for the after party. 2020 is the year of the DD.
  10. Tagnbag

    MM still ignores radar?

    PR's don"t count they haven't figured out how to Radar yet, under 100 battles ... <------- BOOM shots fired (is joke, I go gulag)
  11. Tagnbag

    Bot peedz

    So an enemy Bot (co-op) Amagi can avoid torps dropped at 2km but a friendly Bot (yes actual :Bot:) will gain speed and run into your torps that have been spotted for 10 minutes? And oh why the heck does the friendly bot program send out random torps in both directions when its nowhere near enemies? Friendly bot has different AI ? Maybe co-op needs the friendly fire turned off like senario? You can still see when you hit friendlies, and learn ... LEARN ... just like learning not to broadside in BBs ....
  12. Tagnbag

    MM still ignores radar?

    Alert: Incoming radar buff !! Well I guess I can be spanked harder. Please WG add a lube slot to DDs.
  13. For some reason I thought MM was incorporating Radar .. apparently not. Game with 3 DDs per side, but one side gets 3 radars, the other side NONE. Don't need a crystal ball or a psychic hotline to see where that game was headed. C'mon WG the game just isn't fun anymore. The deck is stacked from the launch button.
  14. Tagnbag

    2x CV 80% of my games

    You should drop into a tier 4 game and have the pleasure of a 6 CV game. I believe it's to make lower tiers more enjoyable and repopulate those tiers as this is a stated aim of WG.