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  1. Tagnbag

    Beta test

    I took a break from WOWS, hoping stuff would be fixed while I was away. I dunno if people don't notice the issues as much when they are playing regularly or whether there are a lot of issues. I jumped on tonight and the game honestly felt like it was in beta. DD torps going wonky, CV planes not dropping ordinance on several occasions, server is overloaded messages constantly. Wg sort your cr*p out .. this is not acceptable.
  2. Tagnbag

    Scenarios BXP issue? Stealth Nerf BXP?

    They can copy pasta ships but not lines of "untouched" data? That Ryujo got the biggest nerf by the look. well done that man.
  3. Tagnbag

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    Basically we are all giving concerns which instead of solid answers or fixes you brush off and then attack the opinion holder rather than the opinion. Either that or you are missing the valid points made. If its a site to show what a player is like it fails miserably, not on its premise or reason for being, as that would be great. It fails on the human aspect (the player), just like WG karma .. or Reddit etc. It fails its main point of existence, to let people see what a player is like. Whoever has the most friends wins. So ill explain in a simpler term because I cannot stress enough the dangers. 1* Player A enjoys WOWS, he has a friend or 2 he casually teams with on occasion, but generally plays alone. One day, player A is purposely teamkilled by player B. Player A is upset and decides to state the fact on your website. Player B belongs to a big Clan and has friends in many clans. He sees the single complaint against him and retaliates with all his friends against Player A. A few days go by and Player A decides to join a clan. Imagine his surprise when he gets rejected because nearly 40 people have rubbished his play since he reported Player B. Player A has done nothing wrong and is now the victim of vengeance and his enjoyment of the game diminished. Explain how, especially when you are recommending this type of payback that this will be resolved? And how exactly are your moderators to be watched to prevent abuse? You say you will kick them personally and I believe you, but how will they be caught? 2* If I play 8 games in a row with afk/bots/tkrs and complain on your site, will the site determine i'm just being vengeful or being legit? 3* if a player has issues with another Div and both parties decide to report on your site that's already 3 vs 1. There can never be a genuine look at the player (unlike the obvious alternative, team up with them for some games) 4* If a player has not been playing the game and gets bad remarks will the players that made the false remarks be banned? (Because that case is provable) And what constitutes (for you) harassment? If a player continually puts bad remarks on the same person? twice?/ 3 times/ 5 times? 5* You say you have no legal issues when I mention cyber bullying. Wrong. The internet has no borders and you will find many countries laws apply to websites/people in other countries due to this fact. Don't think because your local laws are lax you are free to do what you like. I can tell you if my neighbour's kid that plays WOWS casually saw his name on your site with abusive comments and it upset him into depression you would find out really fast that legally you are obligated to do everything possible to prevent the bullying. And again, even if that were untrue what kind of person would not care about the mental welfare of others? Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. I bet if you had the ability to actually see what caused complaints you would find CV players getting a ton of hate and bad reports, followed by DDs. Next you would find certain players that just wrote bad reports over and over about the players that legit killed them in battle. None of which makes the site of any use except as a toxic reservoir. (And I don't say that mockingly because again, the idea of having somewhere that was accurate and not abused is nice, but i'm not sure humans are capable of such a thing). 99% of this is solvable with an opt out. The fineprint being if you opt in you take responsibility for any misuse/abuse etc. I look forward to any "problem solved" to the above points.
  4. Tagnbag

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    I find it odd also that WG will allow a website that circumvents their own "Name and shame' policy .. you cannot name and shame on the forums, please go HERE to do that. Cyber bullying is not OK, so go HERE if you want to do that. Also if you do not wish to be bullied .. well tough luck its gonna happen, but its not on our forums so we don't care. I'd like a WG comment, because surely that cannot be correct.
  5. Tagnbag

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    That seems like cooking the books..which ruins the purpose of the whole thing? So people will join hands to make each other look better that they are and also join hands to decimate some individual they don't like. I don't understand why you recommend undermining the whole thing? This? So if WeeGee don't like what someone says you silence them? that seems to go against the free speech thing, unless there is a legitimate reason (IE bullying). How is this monitored? I would hate to think that WG then "own you" and you blindly follow. Is there transparency? Because WG are VERY bad at this part already. To avoid bullying (legally) you would have to remove any nasty comments, that's a big task. Because even without actual names, there are real people (sometimes kids or other emotionally at risk persons) that are still affected, and as I showed a few posts ago anything that can cause distress can be construed as cyberbullying. And even if you could get away with it I think we all agree its bad. If just ONE kid is badly affected because he got stupid comments for merely trying to enjoy a game, that's on you. And reflected on WG. WG you might want to pay attention, because if you want young new players to try the game, the last thing they want is to find out that if they are not instantly great (or maybe are because there's no actual proof that they played badly) that they will get shamed on a website. If I join a new game I don't expect to be the best at it, I may well suck for awhile until I learn how it all works. The last thing I want is a website saying im an idiot. There needs to be a default OPT OUT, and then you choose if you wish to participate and be judged. I thought that was the reason behind people being able to hide stats? They want to have fun without the pressure to perform.
  6. Tagnbag

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    So the bullying aspect? Because you may find even in Europe you can be prosecuted, and regardless bullying is not OK. So again, if some kid gets told he is a piece of **** when he thinks he is doing OK (and could well be, because we all lose karma by killing an angry enemy) and it affects him you are certainly liable under the law here. And our cyberbully laws have been used vs facebook, and I imagine they have a pretty good legal team. There is NO possible way that I can see a karma/comment system from being accurate or non abused by a lot of people. Who makes sure the mods don't have personal grudges or friends that do? .. I have yet to see any moderation system that has not been abused at some point. If I see some bad comments that I want to refute what happens? If you have no context of what happened and I can not refute it without the same information who is wrong and who is right? If I use a CV and get 10 negative reviews from the CV haters club ... then what? I have to have that on a semi permanent record that I don't even wish to be part of? For doing nothing more than playing the game in a hated ship type? YAY play world of warships and be ridiculed on a website just because. "Ive spent months on this im not gonna just quit" .. how about you get opinions on an idea BEFORE spending months on it? Too big to fail? And what is WG position on instances of harrassment/bullying? If you use their tools? These are legit concerns and need addressing. please no middle finger because that's really not professional.
  7. Tagnbag

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    Under the 2015 Harmful Digital Communications Act: it’s an offence to send messages and post material online that deliberately cause serious emotional distress. If found guilty you can be imprisoned for up to two years and fined up to $50,000 for individuals, or up to $200,000 for companies. the District Court can issue take-down notices and impose penalties on people who don’t comply with court orders (punishable by up to six months in prison or a $5,000 fine for individuals, and fines of up to $20,000 for companies) it’s an offence to incite someone to commit suicide, even the person does not attempt to take their own life Have you checked local laws? What is WGs part in this?
  8. Tagnbag

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    If this is how the creator discusses things I demand an opt out. Thankyou
  9. Tagnbag

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    So, what happens when a young person who maybe is not great at the game and is playing for fun sees malicious comments on his play? Online bullying is real. Who is responsible for the fallout? WG? You? Mods? At very least a replay showing the event leading to the comments so it is in context ? But again, even if someone is not a great player the bullying is there. If someone quits a clan, drives a CV, kills another player in battle it all gets bad karma. If a few people get together to "harass" another player ...? This needs to be addressed. Again online bullying is not ok. ever. I'd like to see WGs take on this aspect because I can already see it. There are legal ramifications for online bullying in many countries, so again I ask who becomes responsible? Things to think about
  10. Nope, it never is. Context context context. Balancing a ship by performance when mostly bad players use it? Balancing a ship when only the best players can use it? Balancing a ship on changing metas? Skills? Nope nope nope. Spreadsheets is literally the WORST way, it gives a picture. that's it. It's a start point.
  11. well who will buy a ship that may get screwed since we all know how terribad the balancing can be? Could it be they just got too lazy to balance even a bit so covering their ass? Could it be the ships are now more dependent on the captain skills which will be changed? It wouldn't be such a worry if we trusted WG balance dept not to absolutely kill a ship, but that ship sailed long ago.
  12. Tagnbag

    How to Make America Great Again? Their DD, that is.

    I find the US DD's to be meh. The Gearing Torps are OK, her guns are OK .. but the trouble with the US line is they can't decide which way to go. Should they be a torping platform? Should they be a gunbote? -(Benham aside) its a difficult call. Gearing is out-gunned by some and out torped by others. There has definitely been power creep since she was introduced. Doesn't have best detectability/torps/guns/speed/AA but not the worst of any either. Be interesting to hear what other people build this confused little bote to?
  13. Tagnbag

    Server broke again no offence intended

    Can't send in a ticket if you can't log in ...
  14. EU get compensation for a bad server day, we have had weeks of disconnects, desyncs, lags and this .. Who do we talk to in SEA ?
  15. Tagnbag

    In Freedom Server...

    Im pretty sure having a discussion about something you want to bring up is "start a new thread" .. that's how forums work. This one is about proving the fallacy of NA is better, yours is about shitposting on forums i gather. FYI You really don't understand how a forum works.