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  1. Tagnbag

    Infuriating experiences on this server.

    the running away to lose rather than die is prevalent in co-ops and the senarios too, not just randoms. I'm not sure why it's got so bad lately, maybe the way xp is handed out needs to change from damage farming to team based? It is frustrating to have a great game, do a ton of work and after you die the last members of the team just run and hide untill time is up ...
  2. Can someone explain to me why in clan chat I cannot say "hit the battle button" because button is offensive? Butt also does not work, although for some strange reason the word arse is ok. If WG would like to employ me to correct their banned terminology so that non swear words can be used i'd be fine with that. Sometimes it is difficult to chat in chat when so many innocent words are ***** Of course if "button" is offensive for some reason i'd like to know .. and I apologize if that has offended anyone.
  3. Any info about IJN or Pan Asian commanders with the "enhancements" coming to the game?
  4. Tagnbag

    khaba/hargumo AA

    Not sure if its a bug but I lost an entire squadron to a Khaba from spotting it .. before i could even turn the planes they are ALL gone .. later same game Haragumo did the same thing, insta wiped the whole squadron (Graf Zep) ... pretty sure being able to at least abort with maybe a few losses would be acceptable, but losing everything in less than 3 seconds? From first spot? Just wow I managed to dive bomb a Desmoines with not even half the losses ... this cannot be right
  5. Tagnbag

    Yubari / Texas

    Can anyone explain the current state of the Yubari and Texas after the rework? I notice the Yubari now has less AA rating than a Myogi and no mid-range AA, is it in any shape an AA cruiser now? The Texas has no long range AA (according to the port stats) and remembering that it had trouble hitting a continent with it's main guns is it now viable at all? I assume the rework is still in progress, so just wondering, not slagging off the boatz. Cheers
  6. Tagnbag

    CV rework FAQ

    Prems in the rework ... Saipan and Enterprise will both be tier 8 ? What differences? (and thats a good question for Kaga as well) Prem ships with good AA bought with that in mind (Atlanta/Kidd/Sims/Yubari/Texas for example), will these ships continue to have decent AA ? Will there be refunds for prems no longer meeting original requirements? Captain skills on ships that have been AA enhanced (with skill changes like AFT) or if running dual/spotter planes that now will not spot torpedoes, will there be free respecs?
  7. Tagnbag

    CV test update but then denied

    Another update and same issue, test server updates then says locked ?? Kinda hard to test. If we are going to spend time testing at least explain what this means. 12345678
  8. Tagnbag

    CV test update but then denied

    Tried again says "locked permanently, reason 12345678" ... that's kinda vague.
  9. Tagnbag

    CV test update but then denied

    Just updated test client, went fine then on log in it says im permanently denied and reason 12345678, sends me to another WG RU site which wont let me log in ... ?
  10. Tagnbag

    Co-op earnings less than before

    A tiny increase so its not in negatives would be welcome, I don't expect it to come close to random. FYI plenty of higher tiers in co-op's yolo and fail, leaving the moogles to try and face mulitple yamatos with lowly tier 8 cruisers. Its not always a picnic. Not everybody plays randoms, PVPs or 360 no-scopes. 🙂 Spread the love WG, give us a viable option to toxicity that doesn't make us homeless.
  11. WG, sometimes players just like to chill in co-op, or maybe they are tired of the toxicity in randoms and need a break. Why are the earnings so low now? I know they have always been well below randoms but I used to be able to advance a little. Today I did 146K damage , in a prem ship, got the win, ran the plus 20% credit flag and the -10% repair cost and made 45k credits? I noticed huge changes to credit earnings after the Musashi was released (in both co-op and random) and now its impossible to go anywhere playing co-op. Often now can win and still lose credits in a prem ship . Please make it at least affordable for the players who chill in there otherwise whats the point of even having a co-op? Im sure you have plenty of players who choose co-op for various reasons. Next time randoms drive me nuts I guess ill just log off, not worth my time in co-op. Sad Panda.
  12. Tagnbag

    No ship horns after patch?

    Yes ship horns is checked. I don't hear them in port or game. I even unchecked and rechecked box. How will I play the halloween Nikolai without a horn? Forget the CV rework and submarines the game is unplayable without horns!
  13. is it just my client or are ship horns silent? I get the bar which acts as if the horn is going but no sound. Was fine before the patch.
  14. Tagnbag

    Bot task force

    Annnnd another one .. The most annoying thing is WG reply to bot ticket. "Our system detects AFK and team killers .... " These are bots that do not teamkill and are not AFK, so your system is not working against them. Sorry WG you give the worst response. Maybe its time to visit some other games until its sorted.
  15. Tagnbag

    Bot task force

    Already had 2 more games today with Bot Cvs, I think because the changes are coming they think they will get the free exchange stuff. Ruining the games for the team that's for sure. Its an epidemic!