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  1. I CANT run WOW

    i will thx again
  2. I CANT run WOW

    could not find it see the pic
  3. I CANT run WOW

    can u tell me where to find it plz and thank you very very much for the help
  4. I CANT run WOW

    after click on download this shows i download the first one and install it the same problem
  5. I CANT run WOW

    i am sorry i dont know where is that i went to the game files in the C and i search , i did not found any thing called that
  6. I CANT run WOW

    this error shows after 5 mins when i tried to run WOWS and up there are the details
  7. I CANT run WOW

    sorry i don't understand what u mean
  8. I CANT run WOW

    just checked , it is up to date what the hell is this problem i am playing many online games with high graphics and it works perfectly one of them world of tanks which is the same company of wow
  9. I CANT run WOW

    i will not risk losing my Win 8 license to try win 10 ( Maybe, i talked to them they said not so sure ) also i not looking to upgrade it atm and i dont think this is the problem ! but thx for trying to help
  10. I CANT run WOW

    i think these what u r looking for about DirectX , install DirectX 9 too
  11. I CANT run WOW

    i have dont all what u said still not working
  12. I CANT run WOW

    win 8 64-bits my Laptop has more than the game requirements to start it after updating the game and click on playthis showsthis pic took with no internet connection . with internet the same * i am playing World of tanks and it works very well * Asia server * i reinstall it many time ( complete removed and install )