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  1. some keys only work when you type it don't copy and paste try to type full as that was happen to weekend players winner latter he type and his key work.
  2. yes he is officer as all keys are given by shar to winners.
  3. that is true lol as mod did not notice the pics are of same page but posts and winners name different lol
  4. Viper_Killer

    Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    same I naver though I can win on facebook really we was lucky and easy win as asia server have 3 pages
  5. Viper_Killer

    Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    hi, few codes are working but you can't copy and past the code you need to type it fully and try it again if that did not work quickly send support ticket to world of warships or they will give it to someone else and 2nd this matter can not be solve by administrator in pm.
  6. this is my 2nd account I used both keys as I don't like my old name and now downloading awesome game
  7. Viper_Killer

    Have they stopped letting people into the BETA?

    mabe they divide server into 2 Asia server and you can't see it or players are bored with world of warships as in past people were very happy as they were new to game and getting alot of keys and now they are bored
  8. by the way you won on which page lol as there are alot of pages of asia server
  9. Viper_Killer

    Open Beta or CBT invite warning

    finally I got my beta code !! and for weekend test keep checking facebook and twitter and specially portal