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    Hello TTK's
    I'm arcwinolivirus and quite new in this game that is all about warships. To be honest, I do not have interest in sea ships until it was introduced to me by my friend.

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  1. As the title says, also if possible, on a 4:3 ratio. It just I cannot adjust the size lower than the default 1280xNNN. Borderless would be good too.
  2. arcwinolivirus

    Just a quick question

    I'm pretty sure there are no wipe outs anymore after CBT (also applied in other online games).
  3. arcwinolivirus

    Leisure Time! (。・ω・。)

    That Yamato doe <3 Playin kancolle when there's no WoWs :v
  4. arcwinolivirus

    Imbalanced Matchmaker Tier 4

    I hope they fix the number of CVs included in a match. Like for example, if there are 2 CVs in the blue side, there should be 2 CVs in the other side as well. Meaning Team1 No. of CVs = Team2 No.of CVs.
  5. I think he means that a ship just went out of border / edge? Need more explanation. Also what map is it?