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  1. AcaleusKhan

    new orleans , any good ?

    I believe anything is better than the Pensacola! I pushed through Cleveland and was majorly ticked off with the light amour. If the Orleans is no better I'll just keep gunning with the cleaver
  2. AcaleusKhan

    Better GUI Assistance Please

    Will have to check on this. I thought I had selected everything I could and I'm still not sure of who my team mates are or ship types. But understand as GeneralPaps has said that the WOT sights configuration is of low priority when it comes to bug slapping. I don't understand though how you look through the zoomed sights at a target and you sometimes see their remaining health and then the majority of my time I see nothing to indicate what health is remaining and who I should be shelling. I see the health bars shown on some players videos and not on others so I just keep thinking its in the settings somewhere like it is in WoT. Unless its the ALT button option???