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  1. pratik2311

    So many radar in game ...

    Hi, I am playing this game from 2015 That time 1 or 2 radar ships exist Now this days wg puting all radar ca + radar dd as well that ruins conventional dd play. Gearing dont have hydro or radar Z52 does have hydro but low dpm aginst yuyang + add this if you spoted then 6 ca will radar you even mino like to play radar and you know what when mino radar pops up you are so dead ... Plz that was not fun ...atleat that shuld be nurf .. and number of radar ship increase. I played this game in stealth fire but that time it was not that hard but now .... No explanation fan of this game since i started Now think wg ruins it day by day. Update is good chances are good but dont change that much.... Some of old player losing interest Regard Pratik2311
  2. pratik2311

    trop reload time issue

    hey guys I notice some issue with gearing trop reload time its must be 115.6 sec as per ship status and after mod , but in game torp reload takes 155 sec I don't know why 40 sec more ....... I notice this from last 3 or 4 days so I am uploading some image hope u guys notice too.. and plz tell me what is happening here ??
  3. hey guys , since last 3 update i found match making is not so balanced
  4. pratik2311

    Noob premium ship players

    Right ... But its free to play and wargaming making mony from primium stuff so I m not expect thay will put some rules on it.. but agree with you ... Seriously we'll need this