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  1. hi In 8.6 the summary results page (personal results, team summary, detailed report, credits) does not show up; I am taken directly back to port. I cannot access results from port and am given a message that detailed results are not available. i try re-login and repair Clint still the result are same. plz change report file to .wgc WoWS_report.doc
  2. pratik2311

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    i can post way batter then this ... in my dd but yeah some one told me do not go on fourm so .. last post from me
  3. pratik2311

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    dieselhead thanks man .. but pepole are enjoying free damage farming ...thy are not understanding my point thy just see my position ...lel
  4. pratik2311

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    well i am not arguing more .. you are experience player 19k battle. like me you are too old in this game we face many situation in wows like stealth fire remember ?? just look back with your dd and CA like you ambush a ship stealth with your div mate and all now what else you could do apart from stay together ... like sheep... tell me ... and yes for other guy... moskva is stationary ship build for tank damage not like Henri.. cant kite ether i know my game.. you adopt what ever wg gives you .. all i want just old tactical game play ... but fun in this game has just ruind by my point of view
  5. pratik2311

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    not agreed... position in this game but i take ss for damage count not for position
  6. HEllo to cv [content removed] i am getting frustrated day by day just played game with moskva and you know what hakuryu arrive with dive bombers and killed me with AP dive bombers .. ever time he hits me with citadel and damage 17 to 22 k each time in 6 to 7 minute i was dead focused by cv ...and AA is garbage until thy drop no plane shot down after drop 6 to 7 plane down by defensive AA ,, wow great rework ... whats the meaning of AA then if you cant shot down any incoming planes ... not even CA in yamato or GK or any other BB you play you always end-up by cv .. i am not against cv old cv was good thy has many things to do like fighters and all now this is completely target practice game. when this is going to be playable again?? no tactics worked here no stelth no team work after this patch i always found cv in game and experiance player knows what to do but can not do any thing bcoz that air [content removed] . now this game becomes like HUG with each other and stay alive. WE NEED CHANGES
  7. pratik2311

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    More bull shit ....already most of experience player playing less and less and now new cv line. .. .... Great .. time to find another game...
  8. pratik2311

    When it ends ??

    One simple question .. when this flying fish ends ?? .. annoying game play day by day.. midway drop 8 trop then again with same squad... I mean plane unload torp or rocket or bomb then it again strikes with same plans ... No need to reload ... Wow thats good rework .. ..always kiiled by cv no matter what i play bb ca .. in bb u can tank something but you know what if cv want u dead u are dead nothing gona save you .. this is not fun anymore we surface ships are fuking goat now... I hate this rework Dd is dream tho
  9. pratik2311

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    in my opinion .. only cowerd play cv this days .. no balls to play real world of warships .. i like old cv players .. this is bull shit
  10. pratik2311

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

  11. pratik2311

    0.8.0 is Chaotic, No CV Bots.

    Actually @Grygus_Triss Surface ship with unlimited shells face enemy ship like a boss .... Not some were edge of the map ... Consider this .. Cv is now like nuclear .... We can not find them and thay can shoot us anywhere in map .. I hate this update Thay just want few cv player happy . From my side thay ruined this game ...
  12. pratik2311

    Patch "CV Rework" Poll

    agreed ... after 3 year this is worst update ever
  13. in short after 0.8 this is shit 3 year in wows but .... very disappointing update ever cv work is garbage ... i am not a cv player and never gonna play dds has nowhere to hide cv dose more damage on them and can not dodge them ... AA defense is more painful not going to play this garbage .. i am out
  14. pratik2311

    So many radar in game ...

    Hi, I am playing this game from 2015 That time 1 or 2 radar ships exist Now this days wg puting all radar ca + radar dd as well that ruins conventional dd play. Gearing dont have hydro or radar Z52 does have hydro but low dpm aginst yuyang + add this if you spoted then 6 ca will radar you even mino like to play radar and you know what when mino radar pops up you are so dead ... Plz that was not fun ...atleat that shuld be nurf .. and number of radar ship increase. I played this game in stealth fire but that time it was not that hard but now .... No explanation fan of this game since i started Now think wg ruins it day by day. Update is good chances are good but dont change that much.... Some of old player losing interest Regard Pratik2311
  15. pratik2311

    trop reload time issue

    hey guys I notice some issue with gearing trop reload time its must be 115.6 sec as per ship status and after mod , but in game torp reload takes 155 sec I don't know why 40 sec more ....... I notice this from last 3 or 4 days so I am uploading some image hope u guys notice too.. and plz tell me what is happening here ??