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  1. Thanks for all replies. I gave up on it now xD cuz i have 3hrs a day at best (actually 4-5 but my head/eyes/sanity will start to hurt). I don't have prem acc or ships but do have flags (rarely used them until recently). My main ships are Takao, Ibuki with secondaries being Ranger and Omaha.
  2. I just looked through the Hunt campaign and Convoy campaign, and noticed that to do the convoy campaign, I'll need to do it in 10 days (actually less, because I have to go on a school trip on 19th and have to pack things+sleep early on the 18th). I don't want to spend money on this game (at least until I can find steady income). Can I complete the whole Convoy campaign in time?
  3. Chaos_Emperor_TTK

    Bug Report: Aircraft was kept circling.

    I got the same bug, sadly didn't think of screenshotting it at that moment. Ship: Bogue. Map: Strait Seems to occur when a squadron of Torpedo Bombers is in "orange" (going-to-release-torps) state (manual mode) while chased by a fighter, after that it continued to circled infinitely. Severity: High. I can't do a thing about that squadron, and it's my only bomber squadron.
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    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #2