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  1. Was thinking of hosting a giveaway during the (Now 6 days left as of this post) Lunar New Year package, but i'm not too sure where to start a thread on which part of the forum.
  2. Point agreed on what AkaNoPoi insisted, maybe it should have a review but if it was to be a replay function since WoWs Replays tend to fail after a new update causing the replays to not play at all, it could be quite differcult if you have a replay to prove your innocence or argument, if the replay wont play due to a sudden new update or the replay is pretty old.
  3. +1, Reminds me of the first time i blew up my Des Moines, I cried looking at the repairs.
  4. I find that a bit difficult to digest, doesn't occur to me when i play, unless your talking about Tier 1-4 since that Tier is when people are still warming up to the game.
  5. Tirpitz's plane is drunk

    There goes a charge on the consumable,
  6. Tirpitz's plane is drunk

    Perhaps the pilot left it there on purpose?
  7. Just a general question on team killing in a division. Lets say your with your mate in a division in a bot match or random battle, do the same penalties apply or are they different? I.e: Friend accidentally torp kills you, you secondaries set him on fire, or you both muck around etc. Are the penalties the same or there different (Slight?) when your in a division.
  8. Lower Battleships main guns dispersion.

    If one thing is nerfed, another thing is buffed.
  9. Practice makes perfection (Well close enough) Each aiming is different, be it a cruiser, destroyer, battleship or carrier. If your having a hard time firing you can always try firing one of your turrets and recalculate if that so misses. Battleships: Doesn't require very far estimation landing shots Cruisers: You may have to estimate your shots a bit more farther than Battleships Destroyer: The estimation is very far since DD are generally at full speed Though those things said applys generally at 10's or more. Just remember, even if you had a perfect shot at it, sometimes RNG isnt in your favor and shots just misses or bypasses :U
  10. Over confident perhaps?

    Was vsing a same cruiser of the same tier, got blown up by him and got called a noob just because we had a 1v1 and i died, but then an ally sinks him with a citadel shot, then starts losing it. -shrugs- im there thinking what?
  11. The feeling of satisfaction when you unlock your Tier 10 Cruiser

  12. The new ARPEGGIO mission are here

    Time for Atlanta's RPM to be placed into effect
  13. I LOVE x3 Events!

    The best ive ever done.