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  1. Oh my..look at those turret movement..i guess this game getting weird and weird( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. i manage solved the critical error by reDL the game and install newest graphic driver & install Direct X again,later on...they introduce 0.6.10 on new page....might think about it will more error coming soon..massive frame rate drop...cos i turn off my dynamic lightning option all time..urgh...bad feeling about this 0.6.10 update...
  3. well..I uninstall the game 1st,then uninstall old ver. Nvidia graphic driver including all Nvidia related components(PhysX,3D Vision,HD audio,blah blah blah..) and install newest Nvidia driver..after that..i redownload the game (while installing..it say directX already install...hell yeah i still select it to install again..) install then click play button...the game work like a charm without any error...(FOR NOW =D)...0.6.10 Coming Soon XD....might be new error coming soon too..(Maybe) XD
  4. So i try run the game today with integrated graphic with ULTRA SUPER LOW SETTING...and successfully finish a match then i got another error when returning to port screen..........ARGH!!!!!@#$%^& SCREW THIS 0.6.9 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&
  5. thank for advice,well..already try it...don't work.....on the other hand...i submit my ticket on support site too...been 3 day too...no respond too...i think they going vacation or something @_@ maybe they just don't giv a shit about player who still using old window 7...who knws..right..
  6. Urgh,you still can get into the game to visit your ships a few minute,urgh... but i can't....haha...not a single chance...T_T,and update the newest graphic driver kind'of not work for me as well,especially all my driver working in stable condition and my graphic card too old for that,i done it before but got a lot graphic issue after update newest driver..,and..i won't think about reinstall the game...well..slow internet in my place...too slow for redownload...
  7. yeah...even if i can get into the game using integrated graphic,it will pop out the same crash around 1 - 5 minute..
  8. xKcVincentx

    Unable to Launch in Update 0.6.9

    Same Problem here....feel sad and angry..
  9. (First of all,my laptop got both graphic card)well,i can run the game with integrated graphics but with extreme low framerate average (2 ~ 3 fps),if i launch the game with (High performance nvidia processor)as default graphic processor and i got the error i mention above,but the game run no problem at all with this (High performance nvidia processor) default setting since i download the game back in 2015 until last night,the error show up after i install 0.6.9 update and click the BIG ORANGE COLOUR PLAY BUTTON!!!!!
  10. 1. Description Critical Error Occurred after update 0.6.9 2. Reproduction steps Start Game,Click [PLAY] Button 3. Result Right After install 0.6.9 update and click [play] button and this came out.. 4. Expected result The game should run normally since i play the game until [0.6.8] update without any trouble,this error pop out right after 0.6.9 been install. 5. Technical details crashes.zip DxDiag.txt