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  1. How to avoid trolls?

    Thats sad. Whats even sadder is that you have to carry pink status for next few games instead of the troll div.And the saddest part is that WG will not do anything about punishing the real culprits.
  2. Arson award unreachable now??

    Nobody mentions the RN BB line? I got more arsonists with my Iron Duke than any other ship. Just keep track of who is using up there damage con and re-ignite them.
  3. Controlling the Spotter

    I believe the catapult fighter also deals damage to enemy aircraft when in range and It also helps panic enemy CV drops on your ship which the spotter plane does not.
  4. Ridiculous Anti AFK System 0.7.4 >_<

    The real problem with this new penalty system is WOWS has tried to be a pain in the arse for general players who face some kind of problem with there pc/connectivity instead of actually targeting the "griefers" of the game. Great job at irritating potential players in a game which already has player base retention issues.
  5. EU server stats, in graphics.

    But whats the point of appointing bots/other users to play your game? Is he after some kinda record or something? Or just the gratification of being in the top of the leader board? I thought people play this game for there personal self. Also, on another thought can multiple users log into the same account in WOWS at the same time from different pc's?
  6. EU server stats, in graphics.

    He must love WOWS more than his wife/gf or for than matter anything/anyone else in his life. 33,900 games = 508,500 mins (considering 15 mins per game) = 8,475 hrs = 530 days (assuming he sleeps 6 hrs per day and spends 2 hrs eating, bathing, etc) = 1.5 yrs of uninterrupted gaming!!! Holy SHEEP!
  7. Is it easy to hack a game server?

    Ram them at sight! Thats the only way.
  8. Stop abusing DD's

    OMG, cant help but post this again. WG be like - Thanks for the info @dejiko_nyo.
  9. As Good As It Gets

    Ahh I see it now; WG be like -
  10. EU server stats, in graphics.

    I can relate to that. There are dedicated sealclubbers for tiers 1 & 2. Recently i faced one such div when i started grinding through my french cruiser line. Going by there playstyle and shooting accuracy it was evident that they were not noobs. When i looked up there stats my doubt was confirmed, these players have dedicated a good amount of there time sealclubbing at lower tiers. My god, the sadomasochism!
  11. Stop abusing DD's

    What kind of sorcery is this? Why am i not able to see who all has reacted to my posts? For christs sake, dont tell me they have mods for forums too. How do enable this feature? Please help.
  12. As Good As It Gets

    It means you will be awared +250% to XP for that battle which you win and be among the top three in terms of XP earned. Can be completed multiple times during the mentioned period.
  13. Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    More often that not whenever WG has teased some news from there Dev dept, it has been implemented in the game in some form or the other. Though my memory is as good as a goldfish , I dont remember any such tease which did not make it to the game earlier.