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  1. Mirrored matchmaking introduced in 0.7.4

    If the old MM is not broken and most players are good with how it matches up ships, then why do we have to wait for an increased time now in the queue? IMO the the most impactful change this will bring is increased wait times to enter a battle.
  2. constantly being demoralise

    Grinding through T8's can become very difficult at times. Recently i got my NC and oh boy 8/10 games are with Yammy's and Monty's on the enemy side. Not to mention HE spam from Zao's and Hindy's. Makes life very tough especially when your stock and enemy T10 BB is like "eat my superior AP you puny little sheep". But you do get a good game once in a while, get a triple citadel on a Yammy or dev strike a DM. Keep those as the motivating factors and move on from humiliating defeats.
  3. Khabarovsk suitable for cruiser player?

    The play style of Khaba is not different then its predecessors - Udaloi, Kiev & Minsk. Keep your gun barrels hot and keep maneuvering like crazy at blistering speeds to throw off enemy aim. Hunt down enemy dd's whenever there spotted, ward off pushing cruisers else harass BB's. Nothing similar to any high tier CA, IMO.
  4. Automatically added containers

    Why? Cuz WG wants you to do this.
  5. The Unsung Brave Fool Heroes

    Hmmm, seems like the story of every weekend mid tier - semi high tier game.
  6. And BB's should have a hit ratio of 2% on main guns.
  7. Thanks much Icy. I am sucker for any free stuff.
  8. With the recent posts on islands absorbing ships, methink WG has tried to re-create the bermuda triangle thing in certain are of some maps. Yo know to be historically accurate.
  9. Torpedo backwards launch bug

    Haha if they dont fix this bug before the next release then prepare to grind through coop in pink/orange. Will be fun!
  10. Ships stuck on rocks

    I have seen this happen to some players in my team only a couple of times but never happened to me. There are certain formations of islands which "trap" you into it, meaning if you are deft enough to fit your ship into the gap you might have trouble coming out. But from the looks of your screenshots, there doesn't seem to be any land mass towards the aft end of the ship.
  11. Believe me RN BBs breathe out more fire then any cruiser on earth. Honestly i have started specking FP more so after RN BBs were released.
  12. DW Torpedoes for CV

    Why need DW torps on cv when you cant hit dds with them? Also DW torps are used by dds due to very high concealment and being able to catch large ships by surprise. With cv drops, the concealment quotient will be nullified because it will be obvious where torps are dropped. Also at higher tiers, cvs often go after dds with torps. If you cant hit dds no point of DW torps. IMO if I were a cv player i would choose shallow water torps on my planes for there versatility.
  13. It's taken until 0.7.4 but finally.....

    Yeah lets hope WG can actually target the ones who cause all the trouble rather than making the life of the average gamer miserable.