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  1. Balance Wg. Balance....

    If you dont sell overpowered ships and gimmicky consumables/upgrades that makes older line of ships almost unplayable and continuously sealclubbed on then where will you make the money from?
  2. Don't they know Russian DD?

    That seems to be the story off late for a lot many players it seems, including me. Something strange has happened with winning games these days. A lot of players were saying about this today in game chat too.
  3. idea,s for new german BB

    WG has to introduce a new tier to introduce this sheep.
  4. Wows in one sentence contest

    One sentence? I give you one picture. Decipher the sentence.
  5. Any Feel Good Stories ?

    Getting Dev strikes on RN CA's with your BB when you catch them stopping for smoke.
  6. Don't they know Russian DD?

    Hell, I never said that. My post was about you stereotyping RU DD's as non-cappers, which is not the case. Just because you have atrocious concealment as DD doesnt mean you should not contest caps. And other DD's fear going near the RU DD's, so even if your not capping, just by moving in and out of cap and spotting enemy DD and making him flee can leave the cap uncontested for a longer time which even though does not give your team any gain but at the same time does not let the enemy team gain too. And about the reports, honestly you should stop bothering about them. Players have there own way of thinking and defining good and bad karma, so its best to ignore them. Anyway they do not mean anything in-game. I mean I always compliment a friendly DD for laying a smoke for me/the team even if that DD is the lowest XP earner on the team. And I mostly tend to report DD's who forget there objective in the game and do weird things to get more damage and in the process makes us lose the game, even if he is the top xp earner.
  7. Don't they know Russian DD?

    Your right, but those same players have may be 80K+ average DMG on the RU DD's and the games they have shown on youtube were perhaps a 200K+ DMG game. So do you get 200K+ DMG games with your RU DD's? If yes, then you do not need to cap. You probably kill enough ships to keep your team in lead, even by not capping. If not, then get your ass into that cap and contest it when there is an opportunity. Also, I believe Flamu and Notser never mentioned that RU DD's are not for capping. All they say is RU DD's are not the best cap contestants. And, one should never miss an opportunity to cap no matter what class of ship your in be it BB, CA/CL or even CV.
  8. Missing torpedo anyone??

    This is a known bug and happens at times, enemy torpedus sailing entire length of the map.
  9. screw you WG

    Well we all have been on the receiving end of the wrath of the infamous RN Jesus from time to time. I am currently going through a loss streak for all my T8 and T9 ships and I can't seem to win no matter whatever I do. What intrigues me is does RN Jesus bestow better luck upon us if we open up our wallet more for WG's prosperity?
  10. I used to buy the 3 pointer captain along with the ship, every time I got a new ship and then specked him to suit the new ship. Used to keep the old captain in the reserve. By the time i had reached T4 I had more captains than ships.
  11. Well to me what the 1/63 number means is at that point of time there were 63 people in queue but only one in OP's MM tier range, which is OP himself. I can be totally wrong though.
  12. Well if you queue up alone at wee hour of the night to play random, how do you expect to get into a battle? It takes at least two to tango.
  13. Nueve de Healio

    Haha. Healio.
  14. Lowest damage record as well plz

    Bet nobody can beat this!
  15. Lowest damage record as well plz

    I think we should also post lowest non-zero damage results. I remember having a 64 dmg game with one kill lol. Will try to share screenshot once i'm back home.