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  1. KevinFE8284

    screw thunderers

    If only they pull out Thunderer from the shop as fast as they pull out Smaland
  2. The match currently feels like it filled with bots. Not just one or two, but I see 4-5 people charging in and die less than 5 minutes. Most of these people I see are at high tier (T8-10) It's so bad that for me, that I can feel the difference between previous patch and current patch matches. Soviet tokens must have brought up these hordes of bots. What do you think? Is it just me? Do note that I play mostly at night to morning i.e. arounf 11PM - 5PM UTC+8 On the side note, players that die less than 5 minutes at high tier should get pink name, excluding detonation.
  3. KevinFE8284

    The game's actual minimum specs?

    Once I ran world of warships without any GPU on my laptop. My GPU (Nvidia GT 610M) was fried and therefore I must disable the driver, since any use of said graphic card will result in BSOD. My CPU was Intel i3-2350M, rated a bit higher than yours. 25-30fps in minimum settings. So it might be not enough for you. Also this was back before CV rework.
  4. KevinFE8284

    So IEarlGrey is "SACKE- i mean resigning "

    He got what he deserved. Plenty of days to apologize and retract his statements, but nope keeps doubling down and pouring gasoline into the fire. Even in the end, he didn't admit his mistake and blames the community reaction on his tweet. Yeah won't miss him
  5. KevinFE8284

    Hayate vote result.

    We all know most people who voted Research Points are trolls or people who only want to watch the world burn
  6. KevinFE8284

    WG : Sorry, but no Sorry

    What a joke from Sub_O. It's not "We are sorry", it's " We are sorry you feel that way"
  7. KevinFE8284

    Sinop..... Most OP T7 ship in the game ?

    You can't spell Sinop without OP
  8. KevinFE8284

    Twilight Battle " PVE "

    If you guys agreed in No PvP then good for you, but if someone wants to go PvP against others then you cannot blame them. The news clearly said that "In the new mode, three teams of three players each fight against each other and a horde of dark forces controlled by AI. It’s possible to participate in the Raid for the Filth as part of a Division." This mode is clearly a mix of PvP and PvE (or PvPvE to simplify), so if someone doesn't answer your peace offer, expect them to kill you.
  9. KevinFE8284

    What to do with CV in low tier?

    Tier 4 CVs in the current state is broken, especially with Hosho. Great strike potential with fast regenerating planes, on top of little to no AA on surface ships, you just bend your knees and kiss your *** goodbye if you're in that situation. My advice, quickly grind out of Tier 3 and 4 to Tier 5.
  10. KevinFE8284

    How to aim my AA?

    AA mechanic divided into two, Continuous Damage and Burst Damage. Continuous Damage, as its name will always deal damage. This is unavoidable and will bring down a plane HP every tick. Continuous DPS can be buffed by hitting the AA sector reinforcement (Using the ' or O key by default) Burst Damage in this game are inflicted by a flak cloud. Flak cloud can be seen as a black smoke puff in the sky. Burst damage only deals damage to the planes if they fly into these flak clouds. Burst Damage deals much more damage than Continuous Damage, and unlike Continuous Damage that deals damage to the last plane in a squadron, Burst damage spreads them into the whole squadron. Burst Damage also applies when you activate the AA sector reinforcement. This burst damage is different than the one above. When a plane enters your AA range, you can activate your AA sector reinforcement. The selected AA sector will deal instant burst damage to the squadron in the said sector. This instant damage is unavoidable. However, this burst damage is much lower than flak cloud's burst damage. TL;DR Continuous Damage and AA sector reinforcement's instant damage always hit, Flak Burst Damage only hit if planes enter a flak cloud
  11. KevinFE8284

    Crash Tester? What is that?

    Crash Tester"Any port in a storm." Can be obtained only once. Destroy enemy ships by at least 4 different means. I guess destroy enemy ships by main battery, secondary, torpedoes, flooding, fire, or ramming (plus rockets and bombs for CV)
  12. KevinFE8284

    First team kill

    Accidentally ramming 30hp teammate to death always give me chuckles
  13. KevinFE8284


    Did you check the Co-op battle count? Battle counts are splitted among the game modes
  14. KevinFE8284

    PT, Research bureau

    This. Make Free EXP not allowed in re-researching, or just scrap the whole idea.
  15. I am alright with the current Research Bureau as long as you can't use Free EXP to re-research the line