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  1. LOL no interaction required LMAO... I like that :). It's not a bad idea but after Indi missions ends I'm probably going to have a break, the plane mission has annoyed me :) I'm really sick of the broken parts of the game, enemy has 4 radars and you get none, its a domination match, YAY that's a good balance way to go WG :) WG says we don't want to add a module to sorting criteria cause it never happens to us :) Anyway enough of my interactions :) LOL I really did get a chuckle from that one mate, thanks, I may apply who knows hehehe. LOL still laughing hehe thanks for the chuckle, I appreciate it :)
  2. Potato famine?

    Wow I thought here was an over supply, some of the true brilliance I've seen in the last week or two has been staggering. Entire Team goes to bottom of map in a 3 cap game, T9 match, they outnumber the enemy at the bottom cap by 2 to 1, the enemy gets all 3 caps and wins in less then 10min, I'm in a T7 and get top XP for the match :/ I assumed there was an influx of special people, not dumb or anything else that might be construed as a personal attack, or whatever, just really bad players, I mean OMG, game after game, my skills are low so I notice it more as I can't carry probably.
  3. I demand an explanation.

    Gave up with 4 planes to go, so stupid having a plane mission when CV's are so rare. That said good to see CV's are so rare, as they should be. Just silly to call for plane kills in this day and age.
  4. Only play CV's against bot teams.
  5. Yep an extra OP Russian ships is really what this games needs atm, several in fact :)
  6. Well done WG

    I gave up DD's after the last big Nerf, /shrug, when a BB can hit me from 20km away and take most my hp well understood, don't play your DD's. BUT if you're going to have so many radar's, which makes game play just horrible by the way, truly horrible regardless of class, well at least balance the dam MM. I just played 2 games, in one we had 1 radar to their 4, in the 2nd we had no radar to their 2, both were domination games, guess what happened. Does WG seriously have anyone who can think past tomorrow? How hard is it to consider this type of thing or to think about what the outcome of actions may be? Are they all fairly young and not exactly, call it experienced in life as this is a forum where free thought and expression is not allowed shall we? There are other games thankfully.
  7. Aigle Missions

    I think its the fun of doing the missions with a goal that is good, the ship might not ever get more then one run but still keeps me wanting to log in to complete it. Each to their own I guess.
  8. Aigle Missions

    No mission today for the Aigle Marathon? Or is my client crapping out? It sometimes bugs out and says my progress is zero until I log out and back. I missed some of the early ones and need all the remaining to get enough done, although I'm not sure how many remaining there are. I do enjoy these long term missions where you get a ship, even if I never play it much it's still fun to have this as a goal.
  9. Tears of the Desert - EPI

    Island loc is A4 on that map above, it is a small triangle shape with the southern west edge almost perfectly inline with the angle of the spawns. To the north the enemy has to go into the open to fire into that area, in the south similar if not further before you can effectively hit anything in there. The whole time your fully exposed to fire from a large portion of their team unless they are special players :) If this was a cap game other then EPI then OK but as it stands you can run in there at the start and sit there capping centre out and the enemy has to flank to engage you and go out into the open etc. You can rush the other side but you can be engaged from much safer positions by the enemy team both south and north due to the angles of the northern side of the island. It seems to be a bit much of an advantage, but that's just me. Perhaps rotate the entire island 90 degress to address this? OR stop putting EPI as a possible match type for this map :) We still call it tears of the cruisers for a reason :) Although the changes do help and are decent and well considered, mostly.
  10. CV-get rid of them already.

    I could be wrong I don't play CV's but I always thought the reason manual drops were removed on low tier cv's was to address the seal clubbing problems? I totally agree this must have been crap for new cv players because they go up a few tiers and suddenly they have to learn to play again. I assumed perhaps incorrectly that the issue was so bad that WG did this knowing the harm it would cause, because they had no other fix for it and needed to do something?
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the new map for Tears allows you to go into the center and own it if you spawn south and get in behind the island with the town? I keep seeing it in almost every game of epi on this map, the enemy has to go a full 180 degree past the center line to even see you and then be in the open to engage you while you can hide behind the island and shoot over it, it's amazing as a Mino, you need to spawn south though, on the north side you can be hit from exterior areas. WG may, or may not, want to have a look at this, I think it's a issue, could just be me though, please consider this as intended as "helpful" info, NOT OMG OMG drama crap :) Thanks.
  12. CV-get rid of them already.

    So if allowing people to chose NO CV's would mean most people use it, would it follow that most people would prefer CV's weren't in the game, given a choice? Not trying to say that's the case just could be onto something there, perhaps ASK the players via the game with a simple popup question and actually consider the results, plus let us know so we bury this dead and very stinky horse. As for other classes having NO switches, sure, I'm happy with that, go for it, turn em all off by all means :) You may have extended drop times, IT"S YOUR CHOICE, were as with NO CV's it would have low impact on your wait times, and still be the players choice. The CV class can never be balanced due to player skill, plus they had to remove manual drops from low tiers to prevent seal clubbers from seal clubbing, such a drastic requirement suggest that a lot of people who play CV's LIKE to seal club, it must have been common to require such a drastic fix and that the player skill issue has no other balance. HOWEVER I'd agree with keeping CV's in game, but remove manual drops for all tiers, that way the player skill issue is addressed, crappy way to do it for those players but hey they can still play but if one sucks and the other doesn't well no major issue, you can still spot etc, give CV's better rewards for spotting etc. make them less dmg focused. A good spotting CV can win the battle, and in a "real" situation of a 20min window that's a more realistic role for them, in case anyone wants to talk about realism in relation to this game :)
  13. Is the mobile dry dock photo real? Just curious. I'd like a port that has no animations or delays, I click get chest and chest appears, I click open and it's open. Something that speeds things up, no eye candy, not likely to happen but still fairly simple to code and implement?
  14. CV-get rid of them already.

    So does anyone think it would be UNFAIR to give players a choice? A setting where I can set, NO CV GAMES? That way people who want to play with them can, and those that don't, don't, and we all get along, we all get a choice? Would this really screw up drop times? Maybe for CV's? If there was a viable counter to CV's that wasn't another CV then kewl, but after 5k plus games I haven't anything that can beat a good CV player other then the nerf bat. If your CV sucks and their doesn't, you generally lose, if they are the same they cancel each other out and if yours is better it's a walkover. All of these = not much fun. Making them weaker through some form of "balance" simply isn't going to work, the balance issue is the skill level of the players combined with the potential of the class, it's a can of worms and we're currently chewing on it, it's doesn't taste at all like I thought Gagh would :) Remove them or let the players decide with an option in settings.
  15. I wish it would consider Radar Ships, I find it annoying when we have 0 and they have 3. I agree with Pocket_Fox above, they are busy making things like April Fools and don't have time to work on the game.