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  1. How do others fair with these? I've been playing since closed beta and am actually lucky getting super containers as I've lost count of the number I've gotten randomly, as to the number of ships from these containers, ZERO, is an easy number to keep track of I find 🙂 LOL. This type of griefing by WG should see them perma banned I feel 🙂
  2. Been getting hammered with the new SAP at least I believe that's what it is, I assume as per normal all testing regarding this was carried out carefully, right now on the open server of your choice, as per standard WOWS crap 🙂 Anyway perhaps there's a thread for this or peeps are still enjoying it, but perhaps at some stage between counting money and giggling someone at WOWS could have a look? It seems a bit odd that I can be hit for 10k, salvo after salvo by them just shooting super structure on my BB regardless of angle, hard to angle the super structure 🙂 Anyway just a thought.
  3. Soloun

    Bugger This

    4 CV's now common New Skills encourage and reward passive play Bugger this
  4. LOL yea now that CV's require arcade experience to play instead of skill they are pretty annoying. In ranked just plain stupid for them to be included, but this IS war gaming . They are so well balanced as well, I just got hit twice by bombers, first hit, more then half hp gone, second, all hp gone, I think I fired my guns twice and it was less then a couple mins into the match. I guess its fun for the CV player and that's all the CV player will ever care about, themselves /shrug, part of the game. Play just don't pay, that's also part of the game 🙂 Ignore the griefers same as any game thats also why we have black list and report, not that they ever do anything hehe.
  5. Soloun

    Why this game sucks?

    It's CV's, just played a game where the CV was able to hit me for 25.5k in his first strike, then 2.5k, then he flew away and came right back and did 15.5k then killed me. It's so balanced for the arcade brain dead play style of CV's today but it was a pay to win CV, so you have to laugh at WG's obvious basis in all things money :)
  6. Negative Karma is what you give a CV player for playing a CV in any of you matches, I thought everyone knew that? It has no other use. If they play well, contribute and are polite and helpful, you give them negative karma because as a CV player they've sneaky and false, tricksy as some would say :) The MAIN issue with Karma is you only get 9 per day??? I mean whats with that?? I play a couple games, that's 1 Karma left after 4 CV per game, pointless :) Any CV player who thinks they got negative Karma because of a really good game and they dominated the reds, no its because your a CV player, you get negative karma, its part of the fun and engaging experience that is playing a CV, I'd type it slowly so someone with your specialness could grasp but I don't have that long :)
  7. Yea Wging don't care, you can report stuff they will tell its taken care of and see the same people the next battle. There's no interest in banning people because once banned they can't spend money on the game /shrug
  8. Soloun

    CV haku AP bombs

    If it happens all the time when your attacked its not being screwed over by rng, its working as intended I would think. I don't have the replay just a screen shot just after it happened, /shrug, even if I had a CV holding a bloody knife over a corpse the CV supporters would call it fake and point out how I doctored it. They hit way to hard, having 1 in a match per team is workable but 4 in a match sucks. OP threads go where they go, start a new one :)
  9. Soloun

    1 Game with No CV

    Black listing won't stop you dropping with CV's, its the same as Karma it does nothing. If you play a CV and you're in my match you are always muted, you have nothing to say that I want to hear, not anymore, and you are black listed, every CV, every game. It does nothing but makes me feel like I have some sort of control, an illusion I know. Why would I want to listen to or play with a griefer? I agree about the no CV's in a match being amusing and much more fun, every time that happens which is I think 5 games since rework without a CV, heaps of peeps on both sides have commented and the matches have been much more fun. People can use tactics and strat again, its good fun, your not perma spotted by the drones. Everyone is friendlier as well :) Its just a better game without CV's. With regards to them having WAY less impact on the match outcome, if a ship or floating stool lasts until the end of the match it MUST have a greater impact then a ship that does not, simply being in the match longer makes you have a higher impact unless you're afk? Granted required skill to play a CV seems to be close to afk levels. Add to that they get to spot the entire map with planes that seems to move faster and turn quicker then any UFOologist happy dream UFO, well, SURE they have limited impact they just spot everything can do damage without taking any and never run out of planes, and just keep going, only being at risk when they play dumber then most by moving forward, because they want MORE QUICKER EASIER damage :)
  10. Soloun

    CV haku AP bombs

    Yea so many good comments of how to counter CV's :) LMAO... Man what crap LOL. CV's are and always will be OP, their planes vs surface ships, all the arguments for CV's are just peeps who want the low skill high OP that is CV play today. The AP bomb crap is just more WG CV Love, they just love those little fellas :) I took one bomb drop tonight and that was 12k damage in my T9 French Cruiser with speed boost, sector set, turning and jinking and just got clipped on the edge of the drop, thanks that 12k, we can't have our precious little CV players having to earn their XP or damage LOL. Game later in my Mino, under 2mins into the game and I'm down from 43k to 30k, 1 rocket strike hit me, just the 1 again just clipped as I turned not a full hit, at least on the visuals. All the support talk for CV's to be like this are from peeps who want them as OP and low skill as possible to play, they're the same peeps that used to use manual drops on low tier matches so much that WG had to remove manual drop from low tier CV's :) Thats the type of people who support this, and anyone who speaks against them be the debil.
  11. Soloun

    Isn't Big Race is too small for t5 game?

    Yea its the issue of to many planes in the air in to small a space, it really should be 1 CV per team for smaller maps, but I doubt the game is able to factor the map size into MMer choices, probably safest to say NO CV's per side at T10 and below, but that's just me :)
  12. Soloun

    huge nerf in a WRONG way

    I've been playing my MO for Money, 11mill plus for a T9 Cruiser, on special, jebus wept :) Anyway I hate BB play but I don't have the ability to shoot down Aircraft, and that's against T8 CV's they attach as if I was doing nothing. They're still far to strong, please allow one strike per flight not 3, slow them down more and make then do less damaged and allow me to shoot them down as if putting them into a blender on high so I can feel OP and powerful like a CV player in a normal game :) Thanks. Less balance more CV nerfs pls, WGing you have to agree that by now the CV cash cow is pretty much done, time to switch back to the majority and make the game great again so I can wear my MWoWSGA hat with pride :)
  13. I don't see the low CV games or NO CV games as remotely common, the main issue was to many planes in the air at once, forgetting the absolute joke the early rework was. Which CV was it that Notser showed spamming torp drop after drop after drop LOL they really tested that baby hehe, and CV players liked it :) Of course, nothing wrong here. I just took several days off and just came back, every game T9 and below has been 4 CV, granted they're T8 when I'm T9, every game bar 1 at T10 has been 2 CV. Since rework I've now had 3 games without a CV, every other game as stated. I've tried as low as T6 and its the same, 4 CV's. Everyone is diff though, more power to you if you're getting less CV's, luck of the draw I guess. The fact that people will talk about being grateful for less CV matches shows just how great they are to have in game :) The comments during the no CV games were vastly amusing though :) They are a truly blessed class of ship, beloved by all... :)
  14. Soloun

    In Game Survey Crash

    Ahh thanks was hoping it was for some feedback on the game etc. but yea with the way things are it makes sense to stay away from anything game mechanics related :) Whats your fav color? If you have 4 pepsi and drink 2 of them how many pepsi do you have? Important info to help improve the game :)
  15. Soloun

    In Game Survey Crash

    A survey poped up in game when I logged in, when I went into it crashed and turned into a single line of Russian writing, is there anyway to get it back I would like to complete it?