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  1. Soloun

    Musashi Counter?

    Thanks for the idea, I'm often 1 of 2 BB's on a flank and if I run I feel we'll lose for sure. The HE does seem to work though, thanks for that. I must agree with WGing on this one, the Musashi population is now at epidemic levels, they will begin to all slowly stare soon, so kill one today and do you part :)
  2. Soloun

    i will regret this

    I bought 1 Huge and got the T6 German DD, so kewl a ship yay me. I thought they were always fairly decent value for money?
  3. Soloun

    WG, thanks for the free Perth, I guess

    Great fun ship with a good captain, it eats seals alive :)
  4. Soloun

    Musashi Counter?

    Hi All, I play the Missouri for money but I always encounter Musashi's that go bow in and just blast away, I'm after suggestions for countering this using the MO. No I don;t play a lot of BB games, I like Cruisers and DD's I'm like that, one of "those" people :) Whats the best tactic that is actually helpful? Thanks :)
  5. Soloun

    Ship Swap

    Thanks for the replies, I haven't asked WGing as I figure they will say no and I don't have a huge issue with that, just a pity about them being removed. I get that for Musashi, I don't think I had a game tonight without "some" in the lists, but Krond, naa saw 1 in all the games I played, it's not popular in my experience, I don't have WGing numbers though. I figure it is a bit of a lame attempt to remove Musashi and say no its not just that we're removing Krond as well, honest... :) We didn't make a mistake with Musashi.. /em nods head while saying no :)
  6. If the nerf it they have to pay us who have it so not likely to happen, but never say never. Its T7 so not a real worry.
  7. Soloun

    Ship Swap

    Is there anyway to swap the Musashi for the Krond? I prefer cruisers but allowed myself to be convinced the BB would be a better buy as it will be ages before they get rid of these ships.... Anyway I have 250k Free XP and climbing but won't get enough in time to buy the Krond so is there a way to swap them? Of the 2 I'd prefer to play the cruiser, I played one game in the Musashi and thought, yea that's right its a BB hehe. Anyways just a thought, it might make this easier to accept is all :) Or has their removal been revoked?
  8. Soloun

    MM'er and CV's

    When did I say this is the only time? I must have missed that lol. It seems an issue when you get 4-5 ships per side and I asked if that was really caused by CV's wait time in the cue. MY BAD asking for answers other then complete crap shouldn't be done her :)
  9. Soloun

    MM'er and CV's

    Of course such a great answer, if you can't accept some people don't like CV's that's your issue, and yes good idea spec all my ships in case I drop in a 5 man match with T10 CV's :) LOL what an answer LOL
  10. Soloun

    MM'er and CV's

    Just dropped into a game with: 1 x T10 CV per side 1 x T9 BB per side 1 x T8 BB per side 1 x T8 DD per side I asked in game WTF? Was told it's because CV's have such long cue waits? Anyone know if this is correct? The part about that causing this, I don't care if CV's have to wait 2 days for 1 match. I don;t get to choose if they are in my games so to bad so sad. I don't like playing with CV's, I've asked to have a way to not play with CV's and now my matches are going to be like this due to CV's? I pay for a premium account, it's cheap for 30days IMO, this is a fun game when it's ship V ship, could I please pay some more to have the option to not drop with CV's? Honestly here take my money as long as there are no CV's. If you want them in game go for it, I don't so why screw me? We lost, by the way, our CV sent his planes to the edge of the map and circled them, just in case we were attacked from another map I guess? They sat there for some time so the threat must have been huge :) Their CV ate everyone alive, I was in MO and could barely shoot down one or 2 planes per wave, against a Midway, our CV was using fighters for... well not really sure :) I was the last ship on our team and it was just pathetic, if matches will be like this in the future please say so I can go spend my money somewhere else, screen shots available on request.
  11. Soloun

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    T8 gets some crappy draws in MM'er as per everyone's already stated reasons. Many of us lower skilled players need an extreme OP advantage so when I play I can feel powerful and just never look at my personnel stats, cause then I don't :) Hence the need for T8 in T10. All kidding aside I get more T10 matches in T8 ships then T9, been grinding the cruisers and noticed it as I Tiered up. Much better MM in T9 then 8. If you put T8 into T9 and below you can't put T9 into T10 as well because if it can draw a T10 and a T8 it can't work, if that makes sense. You'd have to make T10 only T10, which would be fine I think, and no CV's of course :)
  12. Soloun

    Game problems & Bans

    I just tried to figure out how to report a player and gave up, the process atm sends me around and around and around, so kudos to anyone who figured it out at least :)
  13. There doesn't appear to be a way for me to turn of CV's and not have to play with them, could you please add this feature. While I'm glad you and a small minority enjoy CV's I don't and would like to see them continue in the game but ALSO have the choice to not have them in MY games. I play this game for Ship to Ship combat not Plane V Ship combat. If there was a counter to CV's other then another CV I wouldn't mind them but there isn't, I shot down almost 50 planes in a game the other day and their CV still dominated because ours suc... I mean ours wasn't as skilled, how much more of a counter can I be?? Please all ow choice or is this Soviet Russia or something? Thanks.
  14. Soloun


    They always sold T9 Premiums I thought, just go buy Gold and turn it into XP and purchase the MO etc? I thought a lot of peeps did that type of thing, perhaps I don't understand how it works though /shrug.
  15. Wow my best ship with secondaries is Bismark, I don't like BB's much so I have bugger all, and I got that one in a chicken raffle two towns over. I saw that the mission was almost over and decided to see why it wasn't finished, 500 secondary hits required.... everything else easy peasy but this? 400 in one match above is nice, I took out the Bismark with the best Cpt I had and managed 21.... thats only 24 games to get 500... yay.... I played suicide full get in range and turn broadside, I lived till the end of the game, 21 hits... So this whole mission relies on having a ship that will achieve good secondary hits per game? Why not just tell me to kill 3 DD's or do 40k dmg to CV's again :) Honestly what an idiot idea. But then beats me why I'm bothering with the mission anyway BUT it's there so my addiction requires that I try :)