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  1. Soloun

    In Game Survey Crash

    Ahh thanks was hoping it was for some feedback on the game etc. but yea with the way things are it makes sense to stay away from anything game mechanics related :) Whats your fav color? If you have 4 pepsi and drink 2 of them how many pepsi do you have? Important info to help improve the game :)
  2. Soloun

    In Game Survey Crash

    A survey poped up in game when I logged in, when I went into it crashed and turned into a single line of Russian writing, is there anyway to get it back I would like to complete it?
  3. Hi Sir Feather Alot, I don;t get wrecked left and right all the time, I often am there till the last few ships, like 4 x CV and a couple of us cruisers, THEN I get wrecked but the CV sending wave after wave after wave 🙂 As for suggesting I have autism that's really a personnel isn't it? 🙂 I guess thats why we have the ability to report people who try to use others unfortunate circumstances to make someone they have a personnel issue with appear bad, it's obvious you need some counselling. Take you crappy insults elsewhere. Use facts figures and opinions and agree to disagree but leave disadvantaged people out of it (EDITED). That was intended as personnel by me towards you, in case you missed it. Insults, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  4. Soloun

    Carrier Suggestions (Constructive Please)

    Limit to one per side per match, regardless of Tier Increase plane spawn time Reduce plane speed, they seem to be able to launch and cross the map and strike the enemy fleet at its spawn, in less then a min from match start, seems excessive :) Jet engines are bad for the environment after all :) Decrease bomb and rocket damage, 50% Increase Torp damage, 25% Never up tier them, no T8 CV in T10 matches OR see next one Give them the ability spec anti air / spotting and reward it properly MY thoughts, probably better ones above, I've never played a CV, and have no desire to but I have played AGAINST them, all but 2 games since rework, so I have some experience fighting them :)
  5. Soloun

    If you think CV are OP

    It would be good if something did address the CV meta as 10 -11 out of 12 players have been found to be playing a ship OTHER then a CV :) So making the game fun for the majority would be good :)
  6. So if you have enough planes to always be able to send more out for the length of the game, which I believe is what you've reported here, not how many planes but how many planes you have based on game duration, isn't that the same as unlimited? Perhaps I miss understand your post? If I'm correct all your showing is the diff between various CV's plane amounts per match but its CV so beyond my wish or desire to understand :)
  7. Soloun

    I suggest a 2nd season of CV Refund

    News flash buddy, those of us who played surface ships and put up with the crap that is CV's are THE ONLY REASON you CV players we able to "test" CV's. Without us there is no "test" and actually no game. Without CV players there is a better game from many many peoples points of view :) It's something many of you self involved CV players don't seem to be able to grasp :) But considering the low skill easy mode that is CV play, it's not a surprise at all.
  8. Soloun

    I’m Good, Very Good!

    Looking at peeps profiles there are more low experience players, I often see CV players with around 200 - 500 games with T8-10 CV's who also play a few surface ships and probably get hammered. My percentage seemed to increase all by itself recently and I am getting nuked by CV's alot, /shrug I may express my thoughts in open channel in games about CV's :) Which may have been resulting in extra attacks but still I thought they would go down. Also the player base IS obviously getting less smart (can't say dumber as that may be seen as an attack :)) so many play CV's and CV players aren't not less smart :)
  9. Soloun

    I love my carrier

    Great games, you must have actual skill. It would be good to see this if there were fewer CV's out in game atm, but its like fly's in summer here in Aus, there everywhere :) Well done, NERF PLS :) Seriously though whats with the damage from Rockets and Bombs? Do they have a x10 bouns to dmg or are they +5 with enchantments of never miss or some such, man they hit hard. The plane torps need a damage boost and the bombs and rockets need a reduction, plus 1 per match max limit. :)
  10. Soloun

    Why is it like this

    We seem to have more CV players here then other servers so this is bound to reflect in overall ability as the CV is an easy mode OP ship class played mostly by low skill people with griefing tendencies, you have to expect that :)
  11. Soloun

    CV's too OP and broken - Im out

    Sorry your going, if they would limit 1 CV per match it would be a start but not even that. People on the forums like those above are part of the problem, good with the bad I guess. I've been looking at their profiles, the CV peeps I mean, many are low number of games it seems, I wonder how it will go once they get sick of it or decide to try another ship type? /whoosh they're gone :) along with all the peeps who decide this is just crap and then numbers might drop everywhere, time will tell. CV's are the class for the lower skilled less experienced players, they need that quick rush from the OP easy mode play style ship, hopefully it becomes boring quickly like most of that. I suggest rather then leaving, stop paying and just play a bit as you want and whenever possible make sure CV players have a "suitable" game experience :)
  12. Soloun

    Too many carriers!

    I agree there are to many CV's in any match that has more then 1 per side. You could probably fix all the issues, hate and angst by limiting them to 1 per game, BUT CV players are in general a whinny little bunch of, well everyone knows what they're like :) CV FIRST CV SECOND CV ALWAYSSSSSsssss.... LOL even a sensible compromise is sneered at and belittled, its all they have. The 12 v 12 CV only would be great IMO, ALSO a match that spawns Bots with real seeming names, just don't tell the CV players, they won't notice and they get to go grief their brains out and we have less in randoms, it kinda fits as well since many CV's play like bots :)
  13. Soloun

    Goodbye Everyone

    Seeya Mate, all the best :) Giving up is never the answer but always your choice :) The hate responses are typical of the CV plus crowd or whatever you call those peeps :) One day we will change things for the better, and if we have to kick this dead horse until it turns to dust scatters into the universe, becomes a star, novas, settles out on another planet and eventually becomes a 4 legged animal similar to a horse that we can kill and kick, well, WE WILL :) Something for everyone to look forward to, as always :) We all need goals :) Popcorn is optional :)
  14. Soloun

    On coming back after a 1 week break ...

    Yea the CV issues aren't the changes to CV game play as I see it, yes their bombs and rockets hurt like hell but their torps are not a big deal and the game play is now simple enough that a retarded any could do well in a CV, it's easy mode while still being OP. The issue is that almost every game is 4 x CV below T10 and 1 at T10. Since the changes I have and 1 game in the entire time without a CV, that game was fun :) The surface ships could actually go back to using tactics, you couldn't see the entire map almost all the time as there weren't any planes :) The sheer number of planes that are suddenly on the map is just crazy, it is now common to see your BB's (and I often get it as a cruiser) get dropped by the CV's as they try to move out of spawn, the CV can spawn in planes and get them across the map and hit a target in around 1 min depending on their spawns, I've heard rumors this will change but yea right. You have to remember its not about fun its about short term profits for WGing, they don't consider the long term just the short term money incoming.
  15. Soloun

    Musashi Krond Affect

    LOL I'm debunking my own post by suggesting that his Unicum abilities may be why he finds the CV so easy to play :) I'm also spreading Myths? Wow, OF COURSE my view will be bias the same as a CV supporters will be, except they're special and shinning white as they play a CV? What dribble :)