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  1. Soloun

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    Can you still trade the certificates for Santa Containers or is that over?
  2. Soloun

    It Finally Happened

    It finally happened... I bought into closed beta.... /sniff, been playing since then... /sniff.... never happened before ever... /small tear See the below, FIRST TIME EVER... kinda crappy drop rate all things considered but I'll take it 🙂 LOL
  3. Soloun

    Submarines are Cancer

    I love how peeps reply to this post by saying people bad at subs show how under powered they are lol. Yep torpedos that can home in on a target that can only clear one ping, of course that's fine, for the sub 🙂 Subs are just a cash grab by WG, one they will treat like CV rework, they've invested so much time and money the accountants now REQUIRE a profit, no matter what it might do to game play and general health of the game. Having subs in random is just that a cash grab and I would say stupid beyond belief, but considering the forum I'm posting in I won't say that 🙂 They are just another dumb players class like CV's since the rework.
  4. Soloun

    Super Drops

    Thanks all, sorry to hear it is as bad for others as myself, I have had luck on xmas containers one year, I got a couple ships that way. I used to enjoy the ship events each year where you had ages to complete it and even a casual could get them, the current dockyard stuff I'm lucky to even get half way through before I'm outa time. Grats to all who have had decent luck, hope never hurts 🙂
  5. Soloun

    Super Drops

    I only play casual so not many super containers but got one today with the below in it LOL, seriously WG? Standard camo flags but bad looking with bad specs lol. Imagine if WG "didn't" listen to the community lmao 🙂 6 years from buying into closed beta and while I'm just a casual player I have so far gotten ZERO ships from super containers 🙂 It's cause I "insert bad word here" to much huh? LOL
  6. HIYAS, Is it me or has it always been that when you access the premium shop direct from the game that the only options under premium to buy premium time are to buy WG Premium not WoWS Premium, or has this been changed? There is little difference, see attached screen shot, but it is better XP having the WoWS Premium. I see there's a button to buy premium WoWS in the result screen? ODD, to me at least. I've asked WG to change the purchase, bought the time last night, played a match, seemed like it hadn't worked, fig lag, log into today and actually pay attention and see what's happened.
  7. Soloun

    Reset Line

    Thanks all, the cheque is in the mail.
  8. Soloun

    Reset Line

    Anyone what happens if I reset a ship line where I have premium camo on a ship? I would assume it would still be available when I get back to that ship but have learnt not to assume anything in this game 🙂
  9. Got kicked out of game while trying to enter a match, got a message about running repair and such, this right after being told servers were maxed out play a different ship type, so I leave it and go do something else, come back awhile latter and log back in, I'm pink with a stern warning from WG about how if I keep doing this type of thing they will give me such a pinch... WG perhaps put an input box of some kind in the warning message, so peeps can give you some feedback, I don't care about being pink, no one does or ever will, great mechanic by the way, doing it under these circumstances just makes you look sillier then normal, I guess that's something at least 🙂 Anyway just a thought, I'm off to go wait for the game to be so busy I can't get a match, get booted when I do get one and then get more pink warnings for having the game crash 🙂 I am such a bad person lol.
  10. Soloun

    Remove Detonation

    Asked for this years ago for the same reason, back then it was fairly common not like nowadays, SO MANY "special" people posted to tell me it was realistic with comments about hello from ships like the Hood etc. as if that had some basis on the argument for removing a non fun mechanic in an arcade shooter LMAO 🙂 Anyway I hope they do remove it completely, it has been quite a few years so those people who wanted have probably died of old age by now 🙂
  11. How do others fair with these? I've been playing since closed beta and am actually lucky getting super containers as I've lost count of the number I've gotten randomly, as to the number of ships from these containers, ZERO, is an easy number to keep track of I find 🙂 LOL. This type of griefing by WG should see them perma banned I feel 🙂
  12. Been getting hammered with the new SAP at least I believe that's what it is, I assume as per normal all testing regarding this was carried out carefully, right now on the open server of your choice, as per standard WOWS crap 🙂 Anyway perhaps there's a thread for this or peeps are still enjoying it, but perhaps at some stage between counting money and giggling someone at WOWS could have a look? It seems a bit odd that I can be hit for 10k, salvo after salvo by them just shooting super structure on my BB regardless of angle, hard to angle the super structure 🙂 Anyway just a thought.
  13. Soloun

    Bugger This

    4 CV's now common New Skills encourage and reward passive play Bugger this
  14. LOL yea now that CV's require arcade experience to play instead of skill they are pretty annoying. In ranked just plain stupid for them to be included, but this IS war gaming . They are so well balanced as well, I just got hit twice by bombers, first hit, more then half hp gone, second, all hp gone, I think I fired my guns twice and it was less then a couple mins into the match. I guess its fun for the CV player and that's all the CV player will ever care about, themselves /shrug, part of the game. Play just don't pay, that's also part of the game 🙂 Ignore the griefers same as any game thats also why we have black list and report, not that they ever do anything hehe.
  15. Soloun

    Why this game sucks?

    It's CV's, just played a game where the CV was able to hit me for 25.5k in his first strike, then 2.5k, then he flew away and came right back and did 15.5k then killed me. It's so balanced for the arcade brain dead play style of CV's today but it was a pay to win CV, so you have to laugh at WG's obvious basis in all things money :)