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  1. Right Click Report Options

    Those aren't very good suggestions :) For those who have issues or simply didn't get it, the thread was meant in fun, with the idea that others might post interesting / amusing ideas for right click complaints about other players, or themselves even :) WGing says there is no way to poke fun at people in public? Just post a thread in jest and watch the responses by people complaining about the thread wasting their time but still taking the time to not only read it but post a response AND find gif's /em giggle, thanks peeps I needed that :) Unintentional plus, my thanks :) As for trying to seriously make karma something useful, I'm not sure how you could get that from my post, but hey it takes all types /shrug.
  2. Hi, any chance we could get a few extra choices on the right click report? Things like: "Gutless Wonder" "You played a CV so what do you expect??" "How much real cash did you pay for the gold needed to get enough free XP so you could skip to T10 from T3 with that ship?" Lets face it the karma system doesn't seem to have any real impact, affect or serve any purpose, just like real life karma, other then to vent and say to someone good job, so some more descriptive options would be good, for fun only of course :) Of course this would remain annon as this is the intra webby thingy and we don't want to take the blame for our behavior, naturally. PC of course. I'm sure others would have good suggestions as well, or not?
  3. Super Container Amazing

    Nice SC's grats, always good to see peeps still get ships :)
  4. Super Container Amazing

    Nice to see there are some ships, I do appreciate the free stuff but I can't recall a SC that made me go WOW, ever, /shrug, maybe I expect to much? They feel like a nice bonus, then I open it and bang, haha, we got ya, again, type of feeling :) I've been choosing resources for coal myself, I figure if I stare at it long enough it might become steel :) Anyways good to see peeps do get good stuff at times, hope is always a good thing, I might win the lotto as well :)
  5. Super Container Amazing

    Hehe, the topic maybe a little bit sarcastic :) Is there anyway I can get the resource container I asked for instead of this super container? The resource one is better, just IMO. I've been playing since closed beta where I bought my way in, I have received many and I mean many super containers, I seem to be lucky with the "getting" them part :) Guess how many have had ships in them...To date I have received, NOT ONE DAM SHIP :) WG, please, fellas, buddies, mates :) Could you stop trolling me? I believe it is against the ULA or some such somewhere, I'm sorry for all the bad stuff I said over the years, honest :) LOL, honestly just who do I have to kill around here to get a free ship? Man, if its not plane flags it spotting aircraft modules, 4 in a row at one stage, enough with the trolling please :) Play nice all and good luck :)
  6. What time is it in Russia?

    Thanks for the hours info, I wasn't sure if they based the server 24hr clock on the area it's located / serves or the home office time clock, hence the Russian part. Good to know.
  7. Key Mapping

    Thanks, figured this was the case, I would think its common sense to allow players to set keys, we used to be able to do it back in the 80's in games and often since then, so why not now? They are probably busy designing yet another port or new Russian Premium ship to have time :)
  8. Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

    Why does the game even penalize this? So your losing get annoyed and quit out early, what did you just save yourself from? Where is the exploit? Your team is going to lose anyway so who is being harmed except you? Assuming it gives gold and +1 invincibility for 10mins next match, wouldn't it be best to A remove those buffs :), or B give players the benefit of the doubt and allow this once a month once a fortnight? If it's to hurt afk players I thought afk meant you didn't move all game?
  9. Hurray, CV Rework!

    Not many trees on the ocean or buildings to hide in, and that's a proven model as well :)
  10. Hurray, CV Rework!

    I was hoping the new change would see CV's become a mission or PVE ship, ONLY. Each to their own but I don't want them in random or ranked. This is supposed to be a ship vs ship game, there isn't a balanced way to include something like a CV, you might as well include guided missiles :) That's basically what CV planes are in this game, it was stupid to include them in the beginning.
  11. Key Mapping

    Is it possible to map the same consumables to the same key across all my ships? So that radar is always the same key regardless and smoke is always the same etc? I assume not and can't find anything to allow that but I figure with all the friendly and helpful peeps on the forum I'll be able to get an answer, of some kind anyways :)
  12. HI, I'm an Aussie, last night I got the 24hrs premium time from ranked and I logged in tonight earlier then when I got it to find my 24hrs had expired, yes sad I know, I wept as well :) Does that mean 24hours starting from the beginning of the day or what? ALSO, the change over for missions seems to occur sometime during my early evening, 7:30pm ACST, I'm trying to work out when "end of day" occurs on our server? I would have thought it would occur when midnight occurs within our region or close to, it doesn't seem that way, is the oceanic server located in Siberia or something? Just curious if anyone knows what time in Aussie time these things all occur?
  13. WoWS Update 0.7.8

    I now can't get the game to even display, it brings up an error message and I have to alt tab out to close that box then can't get back into the game. I'd start a support thingy but whats the point? Play another game screw this crap, sorry edited to get rid of the bad word /shakes head. Got it to kinda work now as well, good stuff, not.
  14. Flag for Gold Auto Refill

    Thanks all, I understand about the re supply box, trouble is I'd like it to use the flags until they're gone then stop, not have to go in each match and put them back on. I believe, could be wrong, that this used to happen with auto-resupply enabled, you'd use them and when you ran out that was that. I'll check the in game currency box, not sure if that means silver or gold?
  15. Hi All, I have flags set to auto re equip as I figure most do, is there anyway to stop the game from buying flags for gold if I run out? I don't want to spend the gold on flags but unless I check each battle it automatically buys one for gold and slaps it on. I don't want to turn auto equip off I just want to use the flags I have and when I run out I run out.