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  1. Ratdoto

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    This is the problem I didn't know what's the main issue.. I have contacted my ISP, and found they also didn't know what's the issue.. For information, I have played this game a long time ago with same ISP...
  2. Ratdoto

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    Hmmm, strange. Mine looks normal tho..
  3. Ratdoto

    Technical issues found.

    which one is the standard installer, I have downloaded the installer from the game website (not the wgc installer). instead, the installer install Wargaming Game Center after I open it.. Edit: Nevermind. I've found it... I'll try to re-install the game..
  4. Ratdoto

    Technical issues found.

    can you log into the game with standard client? or same situation? I'm assuming the client is not the problem... or is it?
  5. Ratdoto

    Technical issues found.

    Hello, I have the same issue. Seems like there's a problem to the server... I can't connect in to the game, and the game center also...when I want to install additional game instances, its just loading in a long time resulting nothing to show...
  6. Ratdoto

    How to git gud

    Watch how pro players play.. Imitate them.. dis is how I become, well. Not really "pro" because there are still player that more pro than me (xdxdxdxdxd) Basically if i were playing as battleships, I'm trying "not" to move alone. Well, you can say that you'll take a lead then your teammate will follow you (not all players, because they didn't really want to hear you xdxdxdxdxd, you can take a lead or help your teammate by following them) as cruisers, nothing much... just trying to group pushing with teammate, and trying not to be alone so battleships cannot devastate meh, instead they'll devastate your teammate. As destroyer, nothin much too, I'm playing yolo. Searching enemy weakness and start full spood ahead. well the other way is.. Try to dodge.
  7. Ratdoto


    Can I post memes here
  8. Even though you don't want to see your ship when you're zoomed in. Its just feels strangely not logic xd. But yeah, different taste..
  9. whoops.. sorry if you're misunderstand. Yes you can see all the ships, enemy warships and allies warships EXCEPT your warship that you being use. The view shows from back turret. You should see "your" warship from that view. Edit: I bet you already see strange wave but not your warship.
  10. Ratdoto

    Patch 0.6.10 - Great new graphics effects

    We need sum flyin turrets upon explosions
  11. 1. Description Warships strangely invisible when entering "snipe mode" / Binocular POV. 2. Reproduction Steps 1. Enter any battles with any warships from any nations, 2. Press "Shift" or "scroll" (middle mouse) until you enter "snipe mode" / Binocular POV, 3. Press C to change POV position from front turrets to rear/back turrets. (for clear view) 3. Result When you enter the "snipe mode" / Binocular Point of View, you can see theres a wave from your warships, but you can see your warships because its strangely invisible whenever you enter binocular POV. ----> Invisible Warships <---- -----> Invisible Warships 2 <----- 4. Expected Result Your warships should also be seen when you enter the binocular POV / "snipe mode". 5. Technical Details python.log python_1.log DxDiag.txt
  12. Ratdoto

    3000 Ribbons too OP

    well.. if you have arp myoko... you can do it ezly