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  1. I have not given the code(((
  2. give the list of codes or whatever?
  3. CBT code

    many people are now playing in the closed beta test? because when people have little, we have to wait very long and in the end the game is very difficult testit. I know this because I took part in the beta test aircraft, sometimes waiting for 5-7 minutes that would enter the fray.
  4. CBT code

    Ok! Thanks to all
  5. CBT code

    what time?how many?when thewait?
  6. CBT code

    when will they be?
  7. CBT code

    I have access to the Russian server, butthere's a big Ping
  8. CBT code

    IGN what it?
  9. CBT code

    http://wowscbtgiveaway.hscampaigns.com/ what it?
  10. CBT code

    give me plz!