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  1. This mode encourage pushing, BUT very punishing if not go center, most of the time battle will end very quickly because one team not able to get cap. This mode punish flank move, either you go straight in to support your poor DD, or your team lose objective and enemy win by point. The encouragement of pushing is not a problem actually, but it just create too big skill gap on how to win in this mode. Why epicenter point tick very fast when it's the hardest mode to flip cap? Why the hell cyclone in middle of epicenter? it only strengthen the side that get the center (the winning team) If both team go all in brawl in middle it will be okay match, but most of the time it just one side get the cap and win too quickly by point, and everyone got very little exp.
  2. SakamotoCat

    CV experts

    you don't need to be a chef to have opinion about food. you don't need to be a CV player to have opinion about CVs.
  3. Share the result if done, we also want to know
  4. SakamotoCat

    Missouri with radar is OP

    Radar itself quite nice addition for Missouri, but not that game changing. Problem is Iowa-class not that powerful, there is more powerful BB in tier 9 like Musashi
  5. SakamotoCat


    you mean random MM that ignore skill? Let's imagine you get your skill based MM : - first you can't make average skill level of your team different than enemy. This will make harder to get match, if you too good or too bad you will NOT meet other opponent in matchmaking, then you can't play the game. - second if you play good you will face good enemy, basicly you get punished by playing good (because get to face harder opponent) your winrate will back to 50%
  6. SakamotoCat

    BUFF the AMERICAN BB line (MONTANA!!!)

    Montana is fine. Meanwhile other USN BB is already good, remember previously they receive buff? Have you ever play german line recently? or u just play USN BB and bad at it?
  7. SakamotoCat


    are you complaining about getting bad luck? seriously? take a break.
  8. SakamotoCat

    What a Great Matchmaking

    I think no special sauce for your MM problem, most likely it's just bad luck. World of RNG ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. SakamotoCat

    how to rank

    Working as intended This rank season is a joke You can just lose and save exp easily with CV
  10. SakamotoCat

    12th Ranked season is so stupid

    complain about rank 5 queue week later please. CV in rank right now very unbalanced, because CV can easily farm more damage and be top xp. Rental ships? hmm, yea it bit annoying to see people who never play that ship bring it to rank, but i think it should not be that big of the deal, personally i didn't bother that aspect, acutally more noobs player join is statistically good thing because make easier to rank up.
  11. you want only test server testing? that happen, called CV rework 🤣
  12. SakamotoCat

    So this is why sometimes AA doesn't do its job?

    RNG, that's why. i still hope someday AA will be manual fire (aim & shot directly), accurate, lethal, but need full attention. so if CV attack lone ship that have attention to sky, he will lose all planes from manual accurate AA fire. if ship is busy attacking/engaging other surface ship, or just not paying attention, CV able to drop because no manual AA fire. This will eliminate hopeless situation, if you get drop, it's your fault, if you want kill planes, you can do consistently.