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  1. Able to dodge half of the entire teams firing in my Trashcan but then ................. This happened. Though got Dreadnought in the last.
  2. Classified_1

    Port - Azur Lane - Unlocked

    how to use it?
  3. I could not able to hit much thing but still got 2nd highest xp
  4. Classified_1

    Soviet Battleship trailer (USSR CVs confirmed?!)

    but when subs? i want them first.
  5. Classified_1

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    is everyone who applied will be reviewed or not? is everything ended four month passing now? in spreadsheet we can see only a very few person are marked red or green.
  6. Classified_1

    AA is too OP now. CV is unplayable.

    CV is too OP as well. Nuking Stalingrad, killing dd, ca, bbs. Even contesting caps and cap it.
  7. Classified_1

    AA is too OP now. CV is unplayable.

    Actually myself and ibuki all alone one flank. Ibuki got other 38 plane kill. But it is shows that cvs are not op in general. Two down tier ca not running aa build can hold avg cv player quite well.
  8. Two t10 CV game. Midway and Audacious. My buffalo did 100k ship damage and 122k plane damage. lol
  9. Classified_1

    Naval Battle Results in a draw???

    You cannot defeat mother russia
  10. In my asashio, 60% of my kills are DD using guns lol. Cause from my flank all bbs just run away
  11. Classified_1

    How to deal with RADAR campers in DD

    Back to back 4 victory in shima. This 16km shima torps are working quite very good. I sold this torps 1 yr ago. But for this RADAR ships now I cannot go near to torp anybody. But today bought the torps for fun. and the results are amazing.
  12. Just use 16 km shima torps not following the white markers
  13. Classified_1

    Why is smokescreen camping the focus?

    See a smoke camper. Press ++++ Minimap increases size. Just see the last known position in minimap Aim by minimap. Send full salvo. Deleted many dds in DS like this
  14. Classified_1

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Grind completed

    I have upto GK. But tier for tier I may pick up Bayern over PEF for german line.
  15. Classified_1

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Grind completed

    To me she is felt undergunned. She is very hard and solid hull. Maneuveribility is good. But guns feel inadequat.