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  1. Classified_1

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    But I found CVs are ruling this ranked
  2. My thought on CV rework. It has high skill floor and ceiling right now. A little difference between skill of player will be game breaking more than now. You cannot control your CV during flying is too much bad. I killed a CV here who was totally defence less and could not even use dam con and flooded to death. Rockets are too effective for hunting dds. I killed two here. And manual bomb drop was too lethal for BB. First run one fire. He repaired then I made second run, two fire. Yamato burned to death.
  3. Classified_1

    Musashi help

    Gun is OP for t9. That overmatching mechanics will give you lot more damage and so credits.
  4. Classified_1

    CV manual dropping

    Manual drop available from t6 and above
  5. Classified_1

    Is it still World of Destroyers?

    From 0.7.10 they will try to limit 4 dds per team max.
  6. Classified_1

    Looking for Tier VI Premium Cruiser

    tier 6 is full of battleship premiums. Cruisers are not great that much. But the Molotov, then that Italian cruiser you can look for.
  7. Classified_1

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    Installing, installing
  8. Classified_1

    Game freeze when timer counts down at the start of the game

    I am facing this problems too
  9. Classified_1

    Opening containers - game locks

    I am facing that same problem.
  10. After the update my game is crashing after every few times. The game become unplayable now. I checked the integrity and client shows its ok. And deleted the preference file but nothing worked. Now what can I do. Anybody else got this problem?
  11. Classified_1

    How can I access other servers from China?

    Ok guys i am now i China and WG sites are not blocked here. Thank you all.
  12. I am playing on SEA server for last three year. But for next year I have to be in China. I heard only China server works there. What is the easiest procedure to access SEA server from mainland china. Can anybody give me some light of suggestion.