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  1. 1 Lexi and 2 Shokaku focused me and the result is this. From CV perspective it has become too unfun. Go across the map by boring flight and all plane gone before any attack.
  2. Classified_1

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    But I found CVs are ruling this ranked
  3. My thought on CV rework. It has high skill floor and ceiling right now. A little difference between skill of player will be game breaking more than now. You cannot control your CV during flying is too much bad. I killed a CV here who was totally defence less and could not even use dam con and flooded to death. Rockets are too effective for hunting dds. I killed two here. And manual bomb drop was too lethal for BB. First run one fire. He repaired then I made second run, two fire. Yamato burned to death.
  4. Classified_1

    Musashi help

    Gun is OP for t9. That overmatching mechanics will give you lot more damage and so credits.
  5. Classified_1

    CV manual dropping

    Manual drop available from t6 and above
  6. Classified_1

    Is it still World of Destroyers?

    From 0.7.10 they will try to limit 4 dds per team max.
  7. Classified_1

    Looking for Tier VI Premium Cruiser

    tier 6 is full of battleship premiums. Cruisers are not great that much. But the Molotov, then that Italian cruiser you can look for.
  8. Classified_1

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    Installing, installing
  9. Classified_1

    Game freeze when timer counts down at the start of the game

    I am facing this problems too
  10. Classified_1

    Opening containers - game locks

    I am facing that same problem.
  11. After the update my game is crashing after every few times. The game become unplayable now. I checked the integrity and client shows its ok. And deleted the preference file but nothing worked. Now what can I do. Anybody else got this problem?
  12. Classified_1

    How can I access other servers from China?

    Ok guys i am now i China and WG sites are not blocked here. Thank you all.
  13. I am playing on SEA server for last three year. But for next year I have to be in China. I heard only China server works there. What is the easiest procedure to access SEA server from mainland china. Can anybody give me some light of suggestion.