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  1. Cool
    Fire_Spy reacted to Gummilicious in Kii Camo not available   
    Look at your port
    Top right of ship selection,there a screw sign
    Click on that and tick on the Makoto Kabayashi camoflage and click on the eye too.
  2. Cool
    Fire_Spy got a reaction from spixys in Typical weekend rant for weekenders   
    If there are more potatoes out there, shouldn't you be kicking more ass? 
  3. Cool
    Fire_Spy reacted to Ordrazz in let's be simple/honest, what do you think of 'stealth firing'   
    what a load of codswhallop !
    If cruisers were already on death row, & removing invisi fire will kill them off, then how do you explain the high cruiser content & high cruiser kills & survival rate in the lower tier matches?
    They don't rely on this invisi fire cheat to be any good, they don't rely on any special game mechanics to be any good, I know this, because I have quite a few cruisers & play them too.
    We exist quite happily without invisi fire, & regularly sink all classes of ships, I myself concentrate on other cruisers & destroyers, when I am playing my cruisers, as that is their role, not to be heros & go attacking battleships & forget the smaller targets, I leave the BBs for the BBs, & I help my BBs by killing the cruisers & destroyers for them.
    To say that the world is ending, & you can't live or play without invisi fire, just demonstrates the lack of skill you possess in playing that class of ship, & you have to rely on this cheat to be any good.
    They require a thing called skill, you don't play them like a battleship, you don't play them like a destroyer, you LEARN their individual characteristics, then you wind up being skilled at that ship, & with your own changes in your game play, you can play different cruisers.
    If you are visible to other ships, allowing them to destroy you, what's the matter with that? The rest of the fleet is visible to the enemy at different times....
    If you don't want to be destroyed, then move out of the way, simple as that.
    So this concept of getting rid of invisi fire killing off the game, or of ship types is absolute tosh. 
  4. Cool
    Fire_Spy reacted to Syanda in A theory on how to aim with the dynamic crosshair   
    The Force is with me and I am one with the ForceThe Force is with me and I am one with the Force
    The Force is with me and I am one with the Force
  5. Cool
    Fire_Spy reacted to ragster in WG you need to seek better super testers!   
    sorry for having less than 150 battles..
    sorry for not playing too much
    sorry for having my WR so low
    sorry for being bad at the game
    sorry for having bad internet
    sorry for everything


  6. Cool
    Fire_Spy reacted to Sekba in See you again same time next year!   
    Because the evidence is now clear and deliberate consider me backing you up as of right now 
    Now for SEA marketing, we don't want a sudden, knee-jerk changes to SEA's Anniversary events due to the amount of flak you're getting from the players including those from overseas. Before that happen we wanted to know the reason why we got so much less compared to other server in the first place, because the information that has been disclosed recently puts SEA on the bottom of sea bed in terms of actual value. Where are our permanent purchasable premium ships on the shop? Why are we getting less? Why are you so reliant on expensive bundles ffs. Want that picture to be spammed again? Its a good meme though, it'll get popular soon, I can make that happen.
  7. Cool
    Fire_Spy got a reaction from Commander_Dusty in 0.5.1 Public TEST Patch Notes   
    No offense but I thought they were going to increase the range of the US DD torps? looks like a massive nerf to me... 
  8. Cool
    Fire_Spy got a reaction from Gorbon_Rubsay in Most Damage in one shot either by Gun damage or Torpedo...   
    I just one shotted a Yamato Battleship..  In my Fletcher Class DD..  1 torpedo did 75453 points of damage..  I nearly fell off my chair.. 
    I thought I had tagged a DD that was sitting still.. then when I saw it was the Yamato I thought it was very badly damaged and I had meerly finished it off.. 
    What's the most damage you've done in one shot?

  9. Cool
    Fire_Spy got a reaction from JollyGood in Ranked battles - the MOST stupid thing on WoW   
    I wont be bothering with w%$ked battles any more..  so random.. much crap.. 
  10. Cool
    Fire_Spy got a reaction from JollyGood in Ranked battles - the MOST stupid thing on WoW   
    When each battle is totally dependant on luck.. luck whether you get a good team.. yeah.. Ranks battles are crap