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  1. Fire_Spy

    How is your British CA event going?

    I have all but the tier 6 one.. The only one I wanted was the tier 8 and I got that completing the first directive.. I like it just fine 🙂
  2. Fire_Spy

    the life of a CV player

    Of course by posting this, you've kinda made anyone who does this happy as all hell.. At one point I had high karma, now it is almost zero.. it means nothing.. but it does mean you miss out on their salty tears cause they could have abused you using the in game chat, you should feel good that they felt enough about you to vote your karma down 😉
  3. Fire_Spy

    Is the server down?

    Got kicked out of a battle because of this.. I was in my Des Moine and the screen went black and I was briefly back in port, with my ship there, then the connect button.. which did nothing.. I had to use the task manager to stop the game from running..
  4. Fire_Spy

    World of cleverland 🍀

    Not to mention the kronkshat.. the hell that ship come from? there are an awful lot of them about
  5. Fire_Spy

    World of cleverland 🍀

    No, this is a bad time.. you want a dd to cap, they wont, why? too many radars n crap about.. laugh it up bb and cruiser players.. you wont when your the ones who have to cap..
  6. Fire_Spy

    Radar needs the following reforms

    It's actually irrelevant whether or not smoke cool down is longer, there are far more radars in the game and their activation is far more devastating than some dd or cruiser popping smoke.. and with every match sporting 3 or 4 clevelands per side.. not much fun either..
  7. Fire_Spy

    World of cleverland 🍀

    HE spam world.. no dd's capping because of all the radars.. tis indeed a great time
  8. Fire_Spy

    Kii Camo not available

    Thank you so much, I didn't realise you had to do that to be able to see it.. anyway.. all fixed..
  9. Fire_Spy

    Kii Camo not available

    Hi, I purchased the BB Kii a couple of weeks ago, the one with the special camouflage, and whilst I can see the Camo in my inventory, I can not use it with the ship.. Just wondering if there is any way to fix this?
  10. Still getting horrific pings, 180-300+ , makes the game unplayable.. is this a result of the patch or something else?
  11. I bought it and can't find it.. It's in my inventory.. but I can't apply the camo.. ..
  12. Fire_Spy

    Potato server broken again.

    Somebody must have broken something
  13. Fire_Spy

    Potato server broken again.

    I hope those 6 players are having fun
  14. Fire_Spy

    server is down??

    Must have.. I guess we'll hear soon enough
  15. Fire_Spy

    Typical weekend rant for weekenders

    If there are more potatoes out there, shouldn't you be kicking more ass?