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  1. Kiroth

    Supercontainer Rewards

    I think wargaming has to make some trinket items for ships other than paint jobs to increase the amount of things that one might enjoy to receive (aside from gold and premium ships which are obviously the most desired). Not everything needs to be useful.... maybe something like being given the ability to write something on one of your ships hulls? hmm.. maybe SAM the pussy cat sitting on you're closest viewed turret? Stuff like that..
  2. Kiroth

    Sea monster random event

    In the official video 'UNSINKABLE SAM' it shows a sea creature with tentacles attacking the ship the cat Sam is in and it made me wonder if there was any plans to have PVE fights against sea monsters implemented into the game? I hope this is a tease to plans in the process of being developed. I would think you could even have it as a feature in random battles to spice things up a bit. A rarity, something that pops up in a battle (at the beginning or during a PVP fight) on average every 30 or so fights? or even more to emphasize the importance of this event... like a treasure goblin (though his goblin could destroy all if not careful!) with the promise of rare loot (an automatic epic chest drop or paint jobs only from this event etc) When it happens, the players on opposite ends for the fight either automatically merge into one team and begin fighting the monster (or smaller monsters or combination?). I feel something like this would definitely add dynamic of PVE and/or random games.
  3. Thanks Land Lubber, explains the difference satisfactorily.
  4. Hi, I've fully upgraded the Svetlana Cruiser but it didn't seem to graphically show the upgrading at all. If you look at the ship here http://worldofwarships.asia/RUCA2016/#soviet under the 'Soviet Cruiser' tab on the right side then pick Sveltlana, the graphic shows a different and much larger bridge and tower on it, plus it looks like it has a new turret more to the bow. Is this image what I should be seeing with a fully upgraded Svetlana or a mistake? I hope the Svetlana does indeed upgrade visually to that image in the above link. (not working or not implemented?)