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    0fps and 700ping help!

    Hello Everyone! I would like to ask some advice from you guys because i really don't understand what's happening. So I started playing WoWs yesterday and something weird happened. When the countdown timer starts my fps is around 20-30 but when I'm in the middle of the battle esp when aiming it drops to 0-2fps then rise to 20fps again and lags again! Im using AMD Radeon HD6570 2gb 128bit 2gb of RAM AMD athlon 2.6GHZ single core. I know that my specs are not fit in the minimum specs but I dont understand, Ican say that I got a mid level graphics card but why does it drop to as low as 0fps? Can anyone suggest what should I upgrade atleast to increase my fps. Another issue is my internet connection, I live in the Philippines and I am using a 4G LTE Modem Wired and according to speed test it reaches up to 40mbps and when i play games like dota 2 the ping is 40-90ms in the SEA server but why when I play WoWs ASIA it reaches 700ms at peak hours and 200-300ms in non peak hours and the LAG with red button keeps appearing. I would really appreciate any help and suggestions. Thank You