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  1. Shavo

    Help with British Battleships?

    Whoa, thanks for all the help guys. Much appreciated. I intend to do some more research and look around. I'm only on the Orion at the moment. Finding what everyone has said to be super helpful. Thank you all!
  2. I've recently gotten back into this game and I decided yesterday I'd work my way up the RN BB line. Is there any general advice people could give? Any specific commander skills? I've previously only played IJN and US battleships, so am not too certain on strengths/weaknesses and tactics. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Shavo

    Losing credits at higher tiers

    Yeah, I've seen the profit from a battle slim down as I worked up the tiers, but it seems like there is a hard ceiling here. It's just all of a sudden like it's out of balance in a massive way. There's nothing subtle about it. And I know that WG needs to make money to provide the game for us, and they have already seen my cash. Making the assumption I've played this much without giving WG anything back is a little rough. I've bought a premium ship and purchased gold in both this and WoT. I play a few "free to play" games and I don't mind throwing some money their way every now and then for their work and as an appreciation. But I find that completely different to having to continually throwing cash at them hand over fist to just stay out of the red. Hell, I've been gaming for a long time now (I'm 40, and been gaming since owning an Atari 2600 as a kid), and buying games outright is now cheaper than "free to play" games. And I just had a battle that had 9 battleships on the opposing team, 4 of which were tier X's (3 Yamato's and 1 Montana). There was one cruiser, which was tier X, a tier IX destroyer and a tier X carrier, to round it out. I was vastly outgunned, but luckily in this case, I was playing my Atago. If I was in the New Orleans, I don't know how useful I would have been (and I was playing a support role out of necessity) or how much it would have cost me.
  4. I upgraded from the Pensacola to a New Orleans in the last day or so. I wasn't a fan of the Pensacola...It wasn't bad, per se, but I do prefer playing the Myoko over it without taking into account the Myoko has torps. Anyways, playing with a stock New Orleans hasn't been all that fun, particularly at the end of a battle to see I've lost a heap of credits. It makes me want to play more cautious to mitigate the loss after playing a crap battle, but that's not particularly useful to either earning credits or XP, not to mention it's not helpful to the team. And I can't do much sitting back when my stock ship only has a 14.7km firing range. I'm left wondering how to play the ship effectively when I don't want to lose a tonne of credits, so I was wondering what people thought when it comes to the thought of something like capping loss of credits or something. I want to continue progressing up the tiers, but at the same time, playing and having to pay for it so steeply doesn't seem so fun. Hell, this is just a tier VIII cruiser, so of course it's going to get steeper if you get yourself in a bad position or cop a detonation or whatever. The grind to get modules and commander skills already seems daunting at times (even more than WoT at a glance), without another obstacle. And I don't want to have to keep lower tier ships to for the sole purpose of farming credits (let alone having to pay for port slots to both keep ships and move up) as that doesn't seem like fun. And yeah, I know...."Learn to play" and "don't be a noob" and all that crap, but I'm wondering how to keep my head above water at the higher tiers, let alone just treading water. Thoughts? Strategies? What do other people do? And do you enjoy the higher tiers over the lower/mid tiers?
  5. So I log on to play a few quick battles with the new ships and damn, it left me speechless. From the guys going up the middle of the map yolo style, to being team killed by torps that never had a chance of hitting anything but teammates. It was just so different to the tiers I usually play as (tier 7 or so). That was to be expected, of course. I just didn't expect it to be so "night and day" different. Now I need to work up the tiers again. And likely get torped repeatedly by Tenryu's on my own team a lot.
  6. Shavo

    we dont want these players

    Unfortunately, that'd never happen since it would result in people unable to play the game, something the devs would try to not ever happen. I wish, though.
  7. Shavo

    we dont want these players

    Damn, someone else with this!!! I got torped by so many Tenryu's while playing around that tier, it got to the point where I'd actively avoid going in the same direction they sailed in when teamed with them.
  8. Shavo

    Planning for new maps as well

    So would Pearl Harbor be one side all docked and the other side all CV's?
  9. The term "noob" is thrown around so frequently and easily now, that, to me at least, it's lost any "potency" that it might once have had. I'll see it and think little of it, other than "can't you think of anything better?". And if I'm subjected to, or even see someone throw all sorts of abuse in chat, I'll simply reply with a "Have a nice day" (Usually occurred in WoT by enemy tanks when I'd take them out using arty). Nine times out of ten, they'll go off even more mad. Hook, line and sinker!
  10. Well said. +1 from me.....if that even does anything. And yup, that first sentence! Logic and common [Redacted] sense is all that is needed. Reading this thread again reminded me a few days back and on Straits (I think the map is called), the battle starts and I start off in my Myoko and within about 20 seconds (ok, maybe slightly longer - ie however long it takes to load them in the first place) of the battle starting, I hear a torp alarm to see an Atlanta behind me has released his set with the enemy 20kms away in the distance. He released them so close to me, I caught 2 of them. I didn't lose it, but did ask "What gives, dude?". I manage to seek shelter and try to be of help to the team when I see him lined up right alongside a friendly BB. He starts firing and they all go into the side of the BB who also, but maybe not so politely, asks what his deal was. He gives a "my bad" and then was off again. So, from what I saw, he torped a friendly, shot a friendly....The only thing he seemingly didn't do, not that I saw anyways, was collide with a friendly to make sure he won the internet.
  11. Ha, reminds me of a game on North where a DD loads in late and starts off and T-bones right into the middle of my ship, a Fuso, giving me a "wtf man?!". I'm in a BB, he's in a DD, and I'd set course 30 seconds before he even moves, yet I'm to blame for him running into me. Yeah, sometimes there's confusion but since I can't exactly stop or turn without using half a map, I was again wondering what people are thinking at times.
  12. Yeah, new to me as well, which is why I was dumbfounded and had to post. I've copped friendly torps before (in lower tiers, seemed to always be from Tenryu's) and although extremely frustrating and stupid, I've just never /facepalmed like I did in this situation.
  13. So I just had a game and I see an Omaha moving forward and then from behind, before we can even see the enemy, someone sets some torps his way. The Omaha gets hit by one. He turns back and then proceeds to head to the back of the fleet. I'm guessing that when he gets hit, he looks around for the culprit and I'm the closest ship to him. So, he does the "logical" thing....He starts firing on me, setting me aflame. I ask him why he's shooting at me, only to be called a "noob", of course. The only problem....I'm in my damn Cleveland! I try to explain that I don't even have torps, to which I'm called a "noob" again. And this was my first battle of the day. Oh, I hope this isn't an indicator for the evening I have ahead of me....
  14. Shavo


    I got a small shock when I went to fit some flags to my ship and found they have moved them around some. For a minute, I thought I had lost all my +50% signal flags when I was sure I had a good bunch of them and then noticed that for some reason, they've rearranged the order a little. Doesn't change anything, but as I said, I got a small shock the first time I went to "Exterior" since the update.