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  1. Tomoebi

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    A laughable "decrease" not even 10% off. people on steam client have much more discount than this so called "decreases"
  2. Tomoebi

    IJN DD changes

    that mod reply tho. wow, i rarely open forum and seeing their replies makes you wonder does wg really care about their customer, aka the people who throw money at them.
  3. ya, it's my provider's fault, they already fix it. i just find it funny because it's too dammn high... :p it's already stable now, around 30-50ms. grinding for my burning love....
  4. I already change the cable, not activating anti-virus. But still happen, the previous one is 200k ping. I dont even feel mad, it's so funny and magical. lol I got kicked out of the server after that, and after relogin they just sent me to the port although my ship hasn't been destroyed. There's something wrong with my ISP and probably my adsl connection, and i already ask them to fix the connection.
  5. Tomoebi

    Colorado is worst ship.

    and here i think kawachi is the worst. well, 1 out of 10 i can have a good game with her, but the other 9 is hell.
  6. Tomoebi

    indonesian WoWs community

    Greetings, im from Indonesia too. struggling with kawachi now, what a fantastic shipt.
  7. Tomoebi

    Does the Aslain's mod pack requires a computer ?

    the title is so misleading. hahahaaa... u should try it first, then report it to us. but i dont think using a mod pack in wot increase your ping, probably the same thing with wow.