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  1. Juan_23

    Technical issues found.

    Having this issue still can't log on
  2. I believe the underwater cables are still broken due to that typhoon recently knocked them out and the ping will be like this till they are fixed. its been like this for a while now. I'm from Aus too and normally I get 60-80ms average ping but due to this issue its 170ms give or take. On the bright side Aus will soon have new underwater cables to the SEA region improving normal connections soon. https://www.itnews.com.au/news/aussie-internet-pain-after-asian-subsea-cables-cut-472070
  3. Juan_23

    my ship can't be repair

    I can repair now. How about you guys?
  4. Juan_23

    How to be come a super tester

    Me too I'm Aussie
  5. Juan_23

    Nikolai Nerfed

    Does Nikolai really needs buffs?
  6. Juan_23

    Who ****** ** the ***** filter?

    How about Es*** (Essex) . other clients NA, EU don't have this kinda harsh sensor in general, it makes no sense
  7. Juan_23

    Get reported on this game

    I've been reported by one guy about 5 times in a match by doing well in a Gremyashchy and probably sinking him as well, this kinda ruined my day back back then all due to the salt. I only now gotten the Karma points back. This is not first time this as happened to me nor will it be the last. I hear of some of the top players on this server (without naming names) having over 100 karma points which seems impossible due to the salt of some players.I'm cautious when playing anything really annoying now like the Russian DDs because how irritating they can be to the enemy BB players, one day you might "trigger" one player and they'll use all of there available reports to report that innocent player just for playing the ship correctly. I think of Karma points as your hard work playing he game and acknowledgement from other players, it's very disheartening when something like this happens below. Spoiler
  8. Juan_23

    SEA server and why it's horrible.

    sorta I guess games like Dota, League of Legends, Starcraft and new to the party Overwatch
  9. Juan_23

    New Damage Challenge question

    Its a Damage marathon, not a Damage sprint.. its a Typo.
  10. Juan_23


  11. Juan_23

    Should noob be a banned word?

    I just hate when that happens... I can't help it that it censors my sensible chat
  12. Juan_23

    Happiest Captain

    I don't really have a happy faced captain like that but if I could re-roll my old captains faces that I had since the launch of the game I would. I'll just sit here with my "Not Bad" faced captain
  13. Juan_23


    Question is will she appear as normal a Takeo for people with ARP mode off/No Yokosuka port on?