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  1. I suggest the moderator lock this thread.
  2. Cannot enter WoWs Asia facebook page

    ^Thanks. That link works.
  3. Cannot enter WoWs Asia facebook page

    Same here. I can't go to the WoW FB page. I used the link posted above by FLS. I am accessing from Malaysia.
  4. You do not talk for the rest of South East Asia. The big bully in the region is China. The islands China took from the Philippines. The Spratlys Islands dispute. China threathening to make South China Sea its terrritory just because the name "China" is in South China Sea. China constructed military observation posts on islands in Vietnam waters. That was what China wanted to do at Senkaku Islands but they will have to face Taiwan and Japan. We have all been bullied by China. Only Japan dares to stand up to them.
  5. [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    ^Yes I just saw the announcement it this morning. But when I went to pre-order, there was an error with my creditcard payment. I checked with my bank and there was no problem on their side. I already inform wargaming customer service and they are looking into it. Anyone else face a similar problem? This sucks. Just when I get the chance to get into the game this happens.
  6. [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    Thank you for the answer. I'm just making sure that I need to download something before I can play the game LOL. I figured that I can download only when I have access The CBT access with the pre-order was during that special offering last weekend right. Its over already.
  7. [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    Thank you for respoding. Next question XD When is the OBT? Is there a client to download before we can play the game. I tried to find this info but I can't find it anywhere, so far.
  8. [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    Is CBT application still open for Malaysian server? I heard that in general it is already closed.
  9. Night Battle?

    Night battle will be interesting. You will get to use star burst shells before you can start shooting at the enemy. Edit: I just read the last 2 pages and no one mentioned star burst shells. I'll explain. It works just like a shot from a flare gun. A warship will fire one shot of star burst shell using its main gun in an area where it suspects there will be enemy ships. The star burst shell will burn above the target area and light up the whole area like a mini sun. I am not sure how long the light lasts. In this way you can see the enemy but the enemy still couldn't see you. There is a chance that they might spot your gun fire from a distance but thats the gamble you have to take.
  10. Great Naval Battles

    I wan't suggesting historical battles. How could anyone setup a historical battle when you have 4 Kongos running around My suggestion is geared more towards gameplay. I noticed how testers are having a hard time dividing attention between shooting and sailing their warships. One tester pointed out a "tunnel vision" effect when you are focused on shooting at another ship, that you forget where your ship is heading and ends up sailing into an island or the map's edge. My suggestion was aimmed at solving this issue. But some people acted childish towards it.
  11. Great Naval Battles

    Oh wow. That is how you make people feel welcomed. Before the game opens, you are already killing it. May I remind you that you are just a tester and not the developer. My suggestions are for the developer. Edit: I just realise that you are a moderator in training. You do not fit to be a moderator the way you responded to my post.
  12. Great Naval Battles

    ^Apparetly you have not played GNB. GNB is not a sailing simulation, it is a warship simulation. GNB have scenarios just like WoW with instant action. Like it or not, WoW is still a simulation at its simplest form.
  13. Great Naval Battles

    It should be visible in the game so we know how bad that ship is leaking LOL
  14. Great Naval Battles

    ^Damage Control can be automatted. The player just set the priority of which type of damage to fix first. I forgot to add something. When ships get damage I notice in WoW there is no flooding. Ships do not list ^_^;;
  15. Great Naval Battles

    Unlike tanks and warplanes, warships are manned by hundreds of people. I understand the arcade approach, that is why I said this might not be implemented now. But later they could release a version that has this option. @Windforce - I'm glad to see a follow GNB fan